sorinex ox bar review
Funny enough, I felt like the duffalo bar had too much curve after my time with the buffalo bar. The next characteristic to be aware of is the bars overall design, and this relates specifically to something that is rather new to the industry. Thankfully, with some of the higher-end trap bars, companies are realizing the knurling pattern used on the trap bar is worth spending time on. - Easy "Flip" design— simply turn the bar over to switch grips The TB-1 Trap Bar from Rogue, a part from what it receives inherently from being a Rogue product, is extremely well made. For a super wide grip squatter, like a lot of Westside guys, I could see how a minor bow could make a big difference, but I’m more narrow with grip so it was hard for me to justify a bar where the camber would only be about an inch at my hand placement.

By far, but, is it worth the cost? We actually held a poll in our Garage Gym Community Facebook Group and this bar was the one chosen as the best value trap bar for most people and we generally agree. However, what matters most is that since it’s creation, the design has been copied and reworked many times over. With the top of the line open-ended trap bars, they retain all of the benefits of a traditional trap bar and then some.

An industry-first, The Trap Bar by default comes with two sets of machined, knurled grips finished in bright zinc. That said, for those with the cash, you won’t regret it. However, the Ox Bar is a great investment, Any other use for the bar? The price of the Buffalo Bar, like you, was more than I wanted to pay.

Mixed grip causes a shift in weight to be slightly off center which can, in theory, lead to muscle imbalances. This is heavy, well made bar.

- Dual handle design to add more versatility to your workout. Built-In Bar Jack to allow easy loading/unloading of plates

We, as much as likely you reading this love a piece of equipment with a lot of bells and whistles. Although we wouldn't agree with everyone who chose the CAP Hex Bar as the best trap bar for most people, we do agree that most could easily get away with owning one of the bars and never consider having to upgrade over the life of their garage gym. It’s by far the most expensive trap bar on our list and likely the most expensive trap bar on the market.

This process is now much easier thanks to our Product Dashboard that features nearly every trap bar ever made (with more being added daily.) Figured I’d just back here and give comments on my purchase choice. The bar easily moves between the upright storage and the horizontal lifting position.

The $200 price is about 1/3 of the price of the Buffalo and Duffalo Bar. It’s easy to find the absolute best, often times you just look for the most expensive; choosing the best for most people while considering all of the factors involved, is much harder.

There are a ton of exercises that with a little ingenuity can be done. This is a major oversight that makes it difficult to line up with the bar evenly. In fact, in our opinion, the trap bar, due to its versatility, price, and ability to make you strong and fit should be near the top of anyone’s bar purchases outside of an Olympic barbell. I purchased the Ox Bar over two years ago. Stickers being used on high-end gym equipment always seem out of place.

As previously mentioned, the Kabuki Trap Bar shifts the low handles a ½” above alignment with the barbell sleeves. You may use the bar for pressing every once in a while, but really what you want a trap bar for is deadlifts and shrugs, and this bar excels in both of these areas. Titan Fitness Yukon Bar - Price scares me, only $200 and they claim “2000 lb capacity”.

We’ve said this in other reviews, but Eleiko’s equipment is as much of an art as it is a science. Built to withstand daily wear and tear, regardless of level of intensity. Eleiko, with their latest Öppen Deadlift Bar uses large, round tubing that has been bent in a similar shape. It boasts a larger shaft diameter and longer length for increased hand placement options.

This is the design of the future and we foresee pretty much all new trap bars that are released to feature something similar.

If you're on a budget but still want a trap bar that can compete with much more expensive competitors, this is your best bet. To cut costs, many trap bars use off-the-shelf DOM tubing whose diameter is less than a standard olympic sleeve, resulting in them being incompatible with all standard collars. Weight Capacity 1000 lb Our simple solution on The Trap Bar was to introduce a minor 1/2" vertical offset for the low handles, placing them slightly higher than the centerline of the bar. I say this because I think you should consider the steel used, but more than that, you should consider the weight limit of the bar as that will affect how rigid it is during use.

Although many people look at the trap bar as strictly for lower-body, especially deadlifts, it’s also excellent for upper body movements. Here’s what one reviewer said in regards to the lower handle: “My only gripe is that the lower handles are not knurled. Welcome to the Sorinex tribe. A majority of times, the CAP Combo Hex Bar will be cheaper, but sometimes with the right discount code, the Titan Olympic Hex Bar can be had for cheaper (or you could use points you’ve accumulated.

Here’s what we like about Eleiko in general, and we told their Marketing Director this when he asked what we thought about the bar.

Another industry first, the 2" Love Handles are an optional add-on for The Trap Bar that allows for both rolling (the grip will spin freely) or fixed usage. Many, including some of the strongest in the world, such as Stan Efferding have been seen using the Cap Mega Hex Bar and if it's good enough for them, it likely is for you. The last area of focus on the Trap Bar that we like is the machined sleeves. bar purchases outside of an Olympic barbell. Sorinex is know for making quality fitness equipment. I used it for Low Bar Squats and Low Bar Good morning. Before you cry heresy, let’s detail the benefits of the trap bar. Unlike other cambered bars that curve, the specific 10-degree bar break minimizes cervical spinal loading. In addition to the customer service, another side note is the TB-1, as with just about any Rogue product, has great resale value.

Our design features 2x nearly inch-thick "legs" with tread to provide grip and stability when the bar is positioned in a vertical orientation for easy loading/unloading. Similar comments as these fill the review section of Titan’s website. Prime Fitness Trap Bar: Not available for sale yet. That was one of the reason that I purchased the bar. However, it's very similar to our Top Pick, the Rogue TB-1, but at a higher price point. The Chrome looks best in the short-term, but can end up chipping over time. There are arguments around who created the original open-ended trap bar, although it appears to be Intek Strength with their Functional Trap Bar (a good bar by the way.)


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