sirius in natal chart
Fixed star Sirius is of the nature of Jupiter and Mars (high ambition, pride, love of power, grandeur of view.) my chiron is 14 degrees cancer. The Ancient Egyptians didn’t originally connect Sirius with dogs (though love the Inuits called it the ‘Moon Dog’ – avatar name anyone?!)

There are people out there obsessed with Fixed Stars & they’re insanely erudite on the subject. BUT I have Ubasti and Sekhmet both conjunct my sun. DOJ alums: Trump reelection could be 'point of no return', 4 different ways votes are being cast and counted, Iconic restaurant chain files for bankruptcy, For a closing argument, Trump attacks LeBron, Fox ratchets up parenting spat with estranged husband, Don't know how you caught COVID-19? Also Uranus conjunct Mars at 14 degree Kataka in the 11th house.

I Love my K9 companions , feline just fine too ! His scorp rising gives him teeth though if he is stirred up enough. [2], Midheaven conjunct Sirius: High office under Government giving great profit and reputation. Then it’s your guide star! . Tejat Posterior …. heh .

I am libra. My Venus and moon are both on his Mars, Chiron and Uranus. In my Draconic chart the Moon is at 13 degrees Cancer in 8th. Our Davidson Saturn is in the 7th house too and both of us have mars in each other’s eighth house. It is said to give good qualities, charity and a faithful heart, but violent and dangerous passions.

With Moon: Plough, sow, but do not travel. This causes a restriction in the digestive juices in the stomach that leads to bloating. If Saturn be with the Moon, death by wild beasts or soldiers. After I was intro’d to kitties, well, the kitties wouldn’t allow a dog into the mix unless said dog was extremely admiring of the cats. As a kid I used to behave like a authorative princess.

This is exciting news. Image: Vincent Peters – Amber Valletta – Vogue Italia September 2005, Join the thousands of happy Mega Mystic members, who are enjoying Mystic’s unique, modern and empowering take on the ancient art of horoscopes & all things Astrology.

So everyone would have Sirius somewhere in an astrological chart. That makes me smile. He probably had some kind of major Sirius action in his chart. So was the USA born on that day ? 2. Sorry, but the link of the 22nd Chinese Xiu refers to the fixed star Tejat Posterior, not Sirius. They connect Sirius with the annual flooding of the precious Nile and its rise marked the beginning of the New Year. Consumption of oranges helps to balance the energy and oranges should be an important part of the diet. Never had very good luck with them . I’m not but I kind of swing back into being interested in them every few years or so. Tejat Posterior marks the beginning of the 22nd mansion. Once I even saw my whole view in blue during the day, which now makes sense. This woman gives all good mystical folk a bad name. being born at 14 degrees in Kataka…. It forms a t-square to sun/moon opposition.

. but , special destiny, no i dont think so.. Gee, me too.

Compatibility of Venus in Sagittarius girl with Mars in Sagittarius guy?

official was 'distracted' during fatal crash, Betting markets see Trump losing as battlegrounds shift, Terry Bradshaw helps stranger in viral video, Poll: Biden holds strong lead, voters fear chaotic Election Day. As I mentioned via Twitter, I’ve got Venus conjunct Sirius. Oh boy do I know how to party!

My son was born on the 6/7/1995 and he is the only one of my three kids that wanted a dog (a german shepherd has always been his request). Then it’s your guide star!

special destiny eh? I can’t wait to spread my message for a wider audience and radiate as much love as I’m capable of. It gives honor, renown, wealth, ardor, faithfulness, devotion, passion and resentment, and makes its natives custodians, curators and guardians.

interesting! Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923, p.34, 208, 235. Well maybe see you later at a UN conference or something haha :’), Hi i have serius conjunct my lilith in the end of tenth house, what does this mean, My natals: Born July 6, 1982 It keeps them tied to the family circle, including all the relatives.

[4], Sirius rules the nipple of the right breast in the human body. Ooh my sun is at exactly 14 degrees of Cancer / Kataka!

Always been obsessed with ancient Egypt since I was a kid.

Canopus Yes, that is correct. According to tradition, Sirius will give a famous death with honors beyond the grave, if positioned in the 8th house.


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