silver tabby british shorthair
Kitten are very... Chaton British shorthair de couleur bleu ses un petit mâle de 4 mois donc près a partir dans ça nouvelles famille ses un chaton habitué aux enfants et aux... We live in Montreal, kitten will be available after November 25! Les yeux du British Shorthair sont également très ronds, bien écartés l'un de l'autre. Politique de Cookies. TICA - British Shorthair & Longhair. We're always striving to breed the best and all our cats are $ 500 . health tested and treated as part of the family. Agility trained - Gentle- Calm-Friendly-Social-Confident- Showable- Outgoing-Famous in commercials - TV -print adds and on pet food products. Raised one litter at a time. Here we have adorable litter of British shorthair classic tabby kittens boys girls available. PLATINUM BRITS CATTERY IS PROUD TO ANNOUNCE. Initially, these cats were supposed to have hazel or orange eyes, as non-tabby British Shorthairs should. Je suis intéressée par votre annonce Merci pour votre travail, vous faites le monde plus heureux. Couleur rouge Bri d. Non opéré. In a black silver tabby cat the pattern is in silver and black, and creates a striking appearance. So by using ticked tabbies, we can ensure that our kittens' tabby patterns have minimal effect and are therefore much less likely to show through. Golden Ticked Tabby. Between Dec 10-24th this beautiful baby boy is nothing short of perfection! Livre des origines : Oui Richelle 4600 Chatons black silver tabby spotted (whiskas) Magnifique chatons black silver tabby spotted à réserver. Platinum Brits Cattery is an ACFA and CFA registered cattery that has been Veterinary inspected and certified as a Cattery of Distinction. © ∙ About Us ∙ Shopping Guide ∙ Privacy Policy ∙ Your ads here. Ce type de chat de cette race possède des rayures de couleurs et de formes différentes des autres. 1st CFA Grand Premier for Silverlight … Our kittens already vaccinated and dewormed. Read more about the blue tabby British Shorthair cat. Il est magnifique, très joueur, coquin, au regard craquant comme tous les chats, a pour copine une petite “toutoune” plus âgée que lui et ils s’entendent très bien, une Merveille de Dame Nature tout simplement !!!

Discover the variety of silver tabby patterns. British Shorthairs come in many colours, and the silver tabby British Shorthair cat is a very interesting mix of colour genetics. Mothe is British sh, color :Bri a blue. Deposits will only be accepted once the kitten has been viewed by the buyer. 17 octobre 2020. Couleur Bri gs21. et leur meuble. Très, très affectueux et joyeux. Enjoy and please note all the photos on this site are my very own, and it is continualy been updated and improved so any ideas or coments welcome. If you have one, please contact me as soon as possible. Specializing in the very rare silver classic tabby British Shorthair, Blue Silver classic tabby, and an occasional British Longhair. Réservations en cours A1- magnifique femelle black smoked très... We have a litter of purbred British sh, for sale, 2males, 2 females .

There are 4 types of silver tabby British Shorthair: All of these types of tabby can come in any colour or pattern, including the bicolour pattern, where they usually have a white tummy, paws and 'face mask'. The spotting gene is not yet fully understood, but there are two main theories to explain it.

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Purr-fectly gorgeous Purebred silver-shaded British Shorthair. Silver Tabby Cameo Tabby Silver Tabby with White. £350 Rosie is a 2year old adult British shorthair silver tabby female. Torbie : le pelage de ces chats est à mi-chemin entre le tortie et le tabby. Our cattery's foundation cats are from noted … The coat colour for this variety has deep red markings on a ground colour of pale silvery cream.

Bonjour "To protect you and the animals, pictures used are actual photographs of the kittens advertised for sale. For more info visit 'The kittenry' or 'Kittens available'. Créant une nouvelle catégorie, il se distingue par l’ensemble des aspects qui le caractérisent. The original Whiskas cat is a black silver mackerel tabby, although they have now also used a Classic Silver tabby, and even a spotty one too. CFA - TICA American Shorthair . Chats très doux avec un... We offer 2 sweet British shorthair kitten. Her parents are TICA registered purebreds,... 7. . Bonjour, hier, pour la première fois, j’ai fait la connaissance d’un jeune chat British Shortair (avec pédigré et touti quanti) de 4 mois ! The most common silver tabby, and the one that people think of, is the black silver tabby.


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