signs of an emotionally broken woman

Then you might need some physiotherapy to be able to function better again once they’d mended sufficiently. Learning to recognize the signs of damaged emotions allows you to identify problems sooner and alter the behaviors that perpetuate them. But still, it seems too hard to share what you’re really feeling with someone else. Or that once you’re at work, you just stare at whatever it is you’re supposed to be working on and can’t bring yourself to do it because it just seems pointless and awful? Is it any wonder why there’s no energy to spare after trying to maintain that charade? While blind trust can be dangerous in some situations, an inability to trust loved ones can be a sign of emotional damage. When we’re being sucked dry of all our mental and emotional strength, the effects manifest physically as well as spiritually. Nothing physical, nothing that taxes the vehicle of flesh and sinew that houses the person you are. Eating disorders, substance abuse and self-mutilation are examples of self-destructive behavior. Are you walking on eggshells to avoid upsetting someone – like a megalomaniacal boss or emotionally unstable romantic partner? This can result in you failing classes or getting warnings at work – if not fired outright – but if you’re feeling numb, you really won’t care much about that, will you?

Counseling or group therapy can help patients work through unpleasant emotions and get to the heart of their issues. Existence on this planet can be unbelievably beautiful, full of joy and wonder, but there will inevitably be times when it’s also full of overwhelming stress… sometimes for prolonged periods of time. Long-term suppression of unpleasant emotions like anger can lead to inappropriate behaviors, reinforcing the need to handle anger as it arises. In trying to gain approval, one often believes that only being “perfect” in said person’s eyes will make them show love, appreciation, even respect. Self-esteem refers to the way in which people view themselves and their worth. Life is a never-ending rollercoaster that can offer us the highest highs and the lowest lows. If you react this way to the people close to you, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate their role in your world.

When managed improperly, anger is capable of tearing apart relationships and leading to frequent altercations between individuals.

This is especially difficult to contend with at one’s workplace or school, since there are inevitably due dates for various tasks or assignments. You might have lost weight because you can’t bring yourself to eat (it’s not like you have much of an appetite anyway). Trained mental health professionals offer solutions by teaching patients stress management techniques and coping skills to help deal with daily problems. That’s why you repeatedly relive all of the bad memories searching for the answer. When emotional damage affects married couples or families, couples counseling and family therapy may be helpful. It activates all kinds of areas in our brains, and you might find that you’re passively problem solving while you’re sketching or playing some guitar. You probably spend far more time than is needed making everything you do as “perfect” as possible, causing yourself all manner of anxieties and utterly wearing yourself out in the process. Whatever it is that you’re dealing with has drained your light to the point where you literally can’t feel the emotions you’d normally feel when you encounter a situation or subject. Its not that you are sad all the time, it just doesn't come out naturally. But there are signs that men can spot before they jump into a relationship with a woman who doesn’t know she is emotionally out-of-sync. Not facing issues just means that you’ll continue to burn out until you have literally nothing left to give, and that’s a dire situation for you as well as those you love. You may resign yourself to answering with a deep sigh, bracing yourself for whatever may ensue, but wishing that they’d just leave you alone. Try a small project that you really enjoy and can complete quickly and easily for a small burst of accomplishment. Day in, day out.

Perhaps your relationship has been in the hole for years and it’s time to have a serious talk with your partner.

© Copyright A Conscious Rethink. The best thing you can do in those moments of hopelessness is to reach out to the people who really love and care about you. You just don’t have it in you to stem the tide of emotion and you’ve probably found yourself crying in front of colleagues, friends, and random strangers. This page contains affiliate links.

While your emotional wounds are still open, being alone with your thoughts can be extremely overwhelming.

You may need to reevaluate all the aspects of your situation and then take informed steps to bring about long-lasting change. When you’ve been deeply wounded, you can’t stop searching for the reason why all of this happened to you. The pain you’ve experienced, and the wounds after it will make you build walls higher than the highest skyscraper around you. When you’ve been hurt right in the feelings, you question everything you see and feel. In cases of mental illness, medications like antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs may be prescribed in conjunction with talk therapy. Shifting moods are common for anyone, but when they frequently happen at the snap of the finger, it may be a sign someone is struggling with emotional balance. Signs of low self-esteem include shyness, anxiety about one’s appearance or competence, feelings of worthlessness and unnecessary guilt or shame. That's A Recipe For A Broken Heart In A Relationship. If you’re a perfectionist, you’re likely your own worst enemy as far as energy loss is concerned. A strong woman would never leave herself behind for the sake of a relationship, 7 types of rest your mind and your body need, besides sleeping, The Right One Won’t Mind Your Imperfections, Weirdness, And Overthinking, Women with big hearts and overthinking minds are hard to love.


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