sidemen rap lyrics
Can't compete on the mic, you'll try and get me in the ring On 9 August, KSI uploaded a video of himself reacting to the aforementioned diss track created by Ethan. KSI said that he would be making a response diss track against Adam which would "ruin" him. I ain't seen that much red since Jake handled your face I warned you man, no lie W2S - KSI Sucks (RiceGum & KSI Diss Track) Official Video, Deji - Sidemen Diss Track (Official Music Video), KSI ft Ricegum - Earthquake (Official Music Video), KSI'S LITTLE BROTHER - DEJI DISS TRACK (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO), THE END - SIDEMEN DISS TRACK REPLY (Official Music Video), W2S - KSI Exposed (Official Music Video) Diss Track, Jake Paul, KSI & The Sidemen - STOP THE DISS TRACKS! Pick your genre: Romantic. There is a separate article on the beef between Joe Weller and KSI. The events of the beef also led to the NetNobody/KSI feud. He was "ambushed" by Callux at the airport and it was evident that they were still on good terms. [Interlude] The same day (6 August), Ethan uploaded a video titled "REPLACING KSI IN THE SIDEMEN HOUSE". Only get your dick sucked at strip clubs He reacted to Adam's "leaked" track alongside his brother in a video titled "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA".

He instead launched "Team SKRRR" (implying that they avoid any involvement in any drama). You're the poorest rich man that I know It's just you and your boner The following day, Harry and his mum "reacted" to "Little Boy". Fuck the Sidemen, I can't stand them Literally a bitch made group, I don't rate them Shit version of VanossG.. ... First of all, I'm tired of the stupid YouTube rap Im'a show you how to do this shit, minus all the crap First press play, then we’ll play.. It’s the same old game, just cut, next frame.. Shakespeare first, then Moli ère.. Tragedy to comedy, an act so raw to me. You went to war with the wrong guy There was clearly no bad blood between them and Simon adamantly stated that he has no problem with KSI. Way too busy getting high The "war" is split into many battles: the original beef between Ethan and JJ, the feud between Deji and Simon, the surprise conflict between Harry and JJ, as well as details of how the other members of the Sidemen fit into the events. In the video, KSI said that Sky first congratulated him for finally doing what he really feels and wants to do on YouTube. This track featured Adam's ex-wife Alesa and exposed a lot of personal information. Didn't get your own way so ran back to your pa On 19 August, Caspar released his own parody diss track (which he called a "compliment track") on KSI, the Sidemen, Deji and Jake Paul named "STOP THE DISS TRACKS!!".

On 15 August, Vikkstar123 dropped his own diss track against Deji - something Deji said would never happen - called "THE END". You're rich but can't get bitches Ethan later stated in a vlog that his relationship with JJ can still be rebuilt and the disses were just banter. Didn't get your own way so ran back to your pa, Gave you a roof, gave you a chef, gave you a coach, Alex Wassabi, acting like he's Muhammad Ali, Can't compete on the mic, you'll try and get me in the ring, Said you're losing subs cause you changed your name, nah. It began on 3 August 2017 and concluded around a month and a half later. Cause you ain't paying rent, you couldn't find the cash No grit, no heart, no fight Ten minutes with you and they bounce 'Soon as the figure out what you're about This is in homage to the lyric breakdown series done by the site Genius; however, Josh acknowledges this. Callux and Zerkaa later revealed that JJ didn't inform anybody or consult the rest of the Sidemen before announcing he was leaving the group - it is unknown if they were telling the truth here. This shit elementary

The day after that (15 August), KSI reacted to Harry's reaction video - within his own video titled "I'm Getting Deported". Deji took his "compliment" sarcastically. JJ ended the video with a segment of him "rapping" comments which dissed the Sidemen, in particular Ethan. Alex Wassabi, acting like he's Muhammad Ali

Giant robots have invaded, and they want one thing: to set the city ablaze with their best verses. It is believed that the feud between Harry and JJ - although escalating much higher than originally intended - has concluded, with Harry still having won despite JJ being the last one to diss the other. That's the story of your life, right? This started a war-within-a-war between Deji and Simon. Pop.

[Verse 2] But it's all good, at least you got paid, oh wait... Losing your name, this is your end Now Deji, tell me are you braindead? The song was so fire, many people have said there was no coming back from it and that the war is over. Remember that girl from Tinder? [Verse 1: Randolph & Jake Paul]

Harry reacted to this track and provided no evidence that he would respond again. TBJZL vowed from the beginning that he wouldn't get involved in the drama. Zerkaa had very little involvement in the whole "war", aside from featuring in the odd reaction video and joking about the events in GTA V sessions. On 20 August, Deji uploaded a second diss track directed solely at Miniminter, called "Ungrateful". KSI replied that the beef between himself and Harry was indeed real and that they were on bad terms...however a few days later the two made up and the Sidemen regrouped in an old house in Wales for a "secret" event (see video above). Half-way through, ain't even spoke on your channel But still thinking that's an easy fight, hardly NOTE: Titles are not transferable between platforms (i.e. So sad, you're a loner He "roasted" all five remaining members of the group. these lyrics are submitted by BURKUL4 browse other artists under S:S2 S3 S4 S5 S6 S7 S8 S9 S10 S11 S12 Songwriter(s): Joshua Bradley, Miniminter, TBJZL, KSI, S-X Record Label(s): 2019 Sidemen Official lyrics …

The rivalry between Deji and the other Sidemen was also real, as was the NetNobody/KSI beef. Deji subsequently "reacted" to Simon's diss track on 13 August. We'll also create you an album cover and rap title. [Outro] Simon uploaded a "reaction video" to Deji's Sidemen diss - alongside Vik, Josh and Ethan - on 11 August (the day Deji originally uploaded it and a few hours before Simon uploaded his own aforementioned diss track).

On 20 August, SkyDoesMinecraft (real name Adam and now going by the name NetNobody) released his own diss track on KSI out of nowhere named "'Diss Track ED". You gotta learn to take jokes better Deji On 5 August, Deji "jokingly" announced he wanted to join the Sidemen.

On 13 September 2017, when KSI had an interview answering fan questions at the Upload event, one of the fans asked if the beef was real or fake. Yeah. On 8 August, he uploaded a 3-minute diss track titled "KSI Sucks". Gave you the cheques, but you bit the hand that feeds you Many speculated that the entire ordeal was a publicity stunt to boost Ethan's fame. On 11 November, DramaAlert uploaded a brand new video in which he said that if they both like his tweet, that they made up. This featured Harry's "second verse", although wasn't the "proper diss track". In the video, Ethan joked that he was taking JJ's place in the Sidemen House, and proceeded to mess up JJ's old room. The Song Lyrics Generator from will help you generate a cool rap song instantly based on keywords of your choice. This video shows all 7 Sidemen back together. Gave you a roof, gave you a chef, gave you a coach You're just a poor man, I can't lie The video was brutal and many people have suggested he took it too far. Giant robots have invaded, and they want one thing: to set the city ablaze with their best verses. Children. The video was hilarious but incredibly awkward.

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