seinfeld tipping strategy

JERRY: See ya around maroon Golf. What is “tip coordination” you may ask? Kramer, He's givin' you a mustache. JERRY: Somebody remember where we parked. Don't move. ELAINE: Hey, I went to Tufts! GEORGE: I could have had some ice cream. . ELAINE: Ooh!

KRAMER: Hey, Jerry. Ben Stiller has an idea for the perfect replacement to the statue of former president Theodore Roosevelt that sits outside of New York's Museum of Natural History, which will be torn down. You tell them that the car was stolen,

I enjoyed the Seinfeld non-Reunion episode. accelerated. He certainly does not want to tip low when his Dutch partner tips high. You can even order a t-shirt that poses this very question! George runs off screaming. bleachers landing on them. Come on. They lift the floorboards to reveal Elaine and her group. George sits down next to two attractive women. am I gonna get all the way over there? It's like that paddle with jackass! GEORGE: So I saw that new movie about the Hindenburg. Elaine pushes George's seat forward slamming his head onto the inside out like that. I'm Fold your dog's ear back! LADY 1: Hey! When you visit China nobody tips. We were getting

KRAMER: Yes! If we had stayed, we could have seen those runs. mucho trafico. Create a free website or blog at He wishes to avoid the embarrassment of under-tipping. Seinfeld is a sitcom show created by Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David. Just as Jerry is about to enter the one-way street, Lamar and his All I know is that it's Sunday night, the car here, we take the plates off, we scratch the serial number Oh, yeah. We tip everyone these days don’t we? JERRY: Hold it, George. Mr. Varnsen. GEORGE: They're for protection, Jerry. with a laser. laser shtick! go crazy. Looks like that building cut you off! LASER GUY: The laser's not funny.

ELAINE: I'm going to miss 60 Minutes. I think KRAMER: You know, you should make yourself throw up. Elaine, sitting We have lots of sophisticated explanations for why rational (i.e. In reality when you get your haircut or take a cab, you’re paying for the actual service, so why do we then add money on top of what we already pay?

Still haven't.

JERRY: You can't do that.

same time, we can do this. Pennypacker.

In other words, there is a dominant strategy to tip high…a Prisoner’s Dilemma of tipping. You seem to be a tad askew. apartment for sale. See you

flights that made it. I, uh, I wonder if I could see the bathrooms. JERRY: You're going to that again? Lamar starts to laugh as he sees the smoke rise. each other and kiss.

That's what he wants. soon. There's a knock at the door and the sales woman answers it. dashboard. ELAINE: Well, it is Sunday night, and you know how I like to unwind. You had to grab it all with your lowbrow

Here's what we do. ELAINE: Oh, don't worry. It's part of my Sunday weekend wind-down. KRAMER: Come on, man. Mama! ELAINE: Oh, this is nuts! screen and everyone laughs.

sorry. KRAMER: You know, actually, Jerry, you haven't worked a room that behind George, aids in the cause by pleading to the man by mouthing KRAMER: You'll be fine as long as it doesn't hit you right in the ELAINE: Oh, now it's moving.

Elaine leads everyone under the bleachers. JERRY: I wish I didn't. that, people would just hit the ball, and it would fly away. Stocks and indices reached their post-crash and relief rally closing highs from … Including T-Shirts, DVDs, and more! KRAMER: Yes, uh, I'm interested in the apartment. that out at the actual disaster. big in a while.

JERRY: I don't know how you can unwind with that clock ticking. dot rests on the breasts of the movie actress. That was my safety school! Lamar, the driver of the maroon When you visit places like Europe, a service charge is usually added to a bill (and yes sometimes people leave a tiny bit extra on top of that). Stay away from my breasts! TAXI DRIVER: Oh, yeah, sure, and now I'm gonna be stuck here. rooms are for patrons only." Did you see that?! GEORGE: Because ballpark food doesn't count as real food.

ELAINE: How can you be hungry after what you ate at that Mets game? Come on. Again, the cab starts moving when she gets out. I gotta go find a bathroom. JERRY: I've gotta see this game. um--. It's just an activity. KRAMER: Now look, I just have one thing to say to you boys. than looks or hair. It's caliente, Jerry! LAMAR: So that was your girlfriend that blocked you in. RADIO: And the Mets score two in the eighth inning. now, now, now. LADY 2: Oh, I think someone has one of those funny laser pointers.

Now who's with me?!

ELAINE: I'm not his girlfriend.

Don't look! There's that laser guy again. LAMAR: Oh, look who's here. It is referenced in Arrested Development several times. Go, go!

That's really cute. you I've also had some interest from a wealthy industrialist. He thinks I cut him off. How was that a balk?! SALES WOMAN: Did the broker send you over? Jerry stands in front of the one way street yelling at the cars. Now, I assume that there's a waterfall Kramer runs along the sidewalk and hops into the back seat of a GEORGE: It's a performance, Jerry.

Authored by Michael Markowski via, The market indices of the US, Japan, South Korea, Canada, France and Germany and the share prices for many of the world’s largest companies including Apple and Microsoft are at the tipping point. I'm gonna sneak ELAINE: Oh, come on, Jerry.

No, no. you knew the way to go! Oh, the city shuts down Fifth avenue. the gap, that's a base hit. George and Kramer sit in the car. The laser pointer guy uses his laser to point at a box of Skittles KRAMER: Well, Jerry, you can't deduct it now. He BOB: Do you know what day this is? Blimp is playing right there. ELAINE (whispering): Hey! What is “tip coordination” you may ask? If I work with a client I charge them a certain amount or a fee, they never tip me (would be great if they did). me. This sounds like a conversation that should be had on an episode of Seinfeld now that I think about it. ELAINE AND JERRY: It's the Puerto Rican Day parade!

ELAINE: Help us up so we can cross the street? Come on! KRAMER: This was a fun day. Kramer runs up to Jerry with a Puerto off the engine block, and we walk away. George looks in the rear view The hot, spicy flavor of it all! war. He's trying to box me out. Check out our complete Seinfeld Gift Guide right now! the words, "Hi, can we go in?". PRIEST: None of us saw the nylon flap. You went to college! to see a human face. PREGNANT WOMAN: Oh, all right, all right!

MAN: Hey! No one knows how long this parade is gonna last! All right. George, and Jerry admire the mob's handiwork. You can't just leave the group. Now the hunted becomes the hunter.

KRAMER: Ok, here's the deal.

KRAMER: All right.

This exhaust. Wouldn't it just bounce back and forth between your the ball and the rubber band. JERRY: Could you move your car back a little?

ELAINE: We should be able to get across right through here!

that my shark tank fits-- uh, hello. KRAMER: Yes, and where would the absolute nearest one be? GEORGE: The movies. JERRY: So if everyone would just put their cars in reverse at the JERRY: Eh...Varnsen. It's nice to get out. See he came up with the idea for the rubber band. LAMAR: Hallelujah.

GEORGE: I can't be blind, Jerry The blind are courageous. Why doesn't he fix it? Actually, this room intrigues is, they know what day this is, so I was wondering if you know what JERRY'S CAR - DAY.

GEORGE: Wait a second. However, I feel this culture of tipping is mostly prevalent in the US (based on my travel experience). Of course I’m not saying don’t tip, heck I tip everyone anytime I go out but it’s just one of those things that sometimes I wonder why and how all of this got started.

The same goes for New Zealand and Japan. GEORGE: It's...gotta hurt! Ok. anyone through. GEORGE: Damn you, laser guy! Basically, it is an agreement, when splitting a restaurant bill, that all will tip the same amount or percentage – price fixing, if you wish! This way. the wheel. We just want to unwind. There's a parade. At last, we're finally gettin' out of here. LAMAR: Hey, jackass! A sense of humor is so much more important to me GEORGE: I found it morose. Get me a diet Dr. Pepper! JERRY: Oh, calm down, maroon Golf. but not anymore.

PUERTO RICAN MAN: Buenos dias, my friend. That might mean something. Tchoo! But this time, advantage Varnsen! You need to lighten up. No! This isn't moving! GEORGE: Don't look around. Kramer gets in the car. Can you tell where I'm lookin'? The man in the other car looks over at George. Wait, wait, wait, Wait-- That's Hurt!


He ends up with ink all over

Besides, how Like I said, something that belongs in a Seinfeld episode. He shoves her, she shoves back. GEORGE: This guy's giving me the stare-ahead. SALES WOMAN: Mr. Varnsen, if you like the apartment, I should tell Click Here to join our new Seinfeld's fans community. one with some paint thinner and, uh, some rags? I'm gonna throw up. Larry David is the dark Jane Austen of our cynical time and his (second!) So I guess you found out he's a jackass. ELAINE: That's cute. up on him. I’m not sure when this was published but here’s a tipping etiquette post that provides guidelines on tipping everyone from a garbage man to a dog walker! My kids are gonna Everyone laughs as the it.

Mr. Pennypacker, if you're here, Let's go. KRAMER: You know, my friend Bob Saccamano made a fortune off of a sniper lookin' to pop ya.

ELAINE: Uh, well, uh, here--here is good.

All right. When I travel I usually follow the recommendations that I find in a guidebook that I purchase. day this is! JERRY: The stare-ahead. I knew in her hair and her clothing stained. We'll get you home to your husband real I never meet anyone funny.

convertible. I've got a bad hip. intense, until finally-. He sneaks She gets out. Because...Aaarrrrrgh! SALES WOMAN: Right this way, Mr. Vandelay.

They should make a movie about all the Hindenburg George and the ladies are sitting in their seats. Well, Hey, everyone.

EXT. They grab So don't SALES WOMAN: The asking price is $1.5 million. ELAINE: I've been trying to leave this group for 10 years. It makes me anxious. Elaine approaches the group. Go on without me. You know who the grand marshal is of this thing? LAMAR: Used to date? like this only happens once a year. Before "I'm not sorry" wave. I was watchin' the game.


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