science advances vs nature communications
If researchers or the editors at Nature don’t think the work is significant enough for their journal they may suggest going one step down, and for molecular biologists like me that might be Nature Genetics. What is Science Advances?. Another megajournal, Scientific Reports, surpassed PLOS ONE in size in 2017 but saw its article count drop by 30% the next year, according to data in publisher Elsevier’s Scopus database. But what is its long-term plan? India still has a long way to go, scientists say, Denisovan DNA found in cave on Tibetan Plateau, American Association for the Advancement of Science. Late last century as electronic publishing was just beginning Nature did something remarkable. everything that we get asked. Things like evidence that Neanderthals bred with humans, or the cloning of Dolly the sheep. The reality is that, although the editors try their best to be fair, if you are in a big lab, with a long record of contributions in the Western hemisphere your work probably is more likely to be taken seriously by the editors and sent out for peer review.

lift the burden of the societies for managing their journals, it can also decrease income that could potentially be used to fund academic activities.

Science Advances 28 Oct 2020: eabb0025 Open Access Antibacterial and immune-evasive coating for orthopedic implants reduce infection and infection-induced immune response. Select journals that fit well within your discipline and use the opportunity of having more printing pages available “Megajournal publishers clearly have yet to persuade many researchers that their approach adds significant value to the scholarly communications ecosystem,” information scientist Stephen Pinfield of the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom and colleagues wrote in a July study in the Journal of Documentation. strong control on scientists’ carriers, and even steer the direction in which we work by biasing their acceptance to specific ‘hot topics’. Similarly, APC for Scientific Reports are between $1400 (UK) and $1650 (China). Some journal editors say it's OK, How an immunologist pivoted to tackle COVID-19, Herd immunity?

Nevertheless, even then the work is thoroughly reviewed by top peers in the field and many extra control experiments are suggested. Europe is locking down a second time. Here is a templeate of the answer you can give to Nature when asked about reviewing for them. But if we are to value publications in top journals, it’s important to keep some things in mind. Thank you for your request to review this manuscript, which I must decline on personal grounds. In other cases, factors like hype or political networks, come together and some stuff, that glitters but is not gold, ends up making the cut. To complete the story I should say that Nature also launched a journal called Scientific Reports, which like another newish journal, Public Library of Science One, or PLoSONE, takes papers that are sound and are professionally done but may not quickly change the world. If the editors of Nature Genetics feel the work is not of broad enough interest for them – perhaps it would not make it onto page two of the New York Times – they might suggest Nature Communications. Understandably people point out that scientists can not control whether their hypothesis is right or not, and doing solid, rather than flashy, science should be the goal, or put another way, journal rankings and Impact Factors shouldn’t matter. Other specialist journals are run by academic societies, which make a major high quality contribution, but have been unable to keep up with the volume of modern publishing. Consequently, this publishing cascade has become hugely important and savvy researchers carefully balance their activities to ensure they hit a six sometimes and at other times take an easier quick single. However, I do not think all this will change easily. And even if you do, limitations with respect to resources may make it harder for you to complete all the new control experiments required by the reviewers. I find difficult to believe that the operating budget of two OA journals is so high to justify such a high price in APC. They each publish about fifteen papers a week. The former is older and more established, so it remains to be seen how things plan out in practice. of their ‘family’ of journals so you end up paying large amounts of money to be a member of the distant family. Unfortunately, some scientific societies have moved in recent years to publish their journals under contracts with commercial (for profit) partners.

Both Heber and Butcher blame the logistical difficulties of handling large volumes and say they have improved staffing and operations to shrink the lags.

Meanwhile Science took a similar approach and created Science Advances, and another top journal Cell, created Cell Reports. The journals are also Open Access (OA), a very profitable scheme that takes advantage of the situation. For instance, the annual operating budget of a Max Planck Institute may be around 10 million dollars annually, so But I disagree and point out that you have to do both and you can judge cricketers by how often they have played at the MCG and how much they scored when appearing on the top grounds. I acknowledge that there are examples where it isn’t. It was the first multidisciplinary, large-volume, open-access journal that published technically sound science without consideration of novelty. They constantly reject our work on the grounds of creating an elite, so I think Occasionally people get carried away with excitement. But megajournals still occupy a unique and important niche in scientific publishing, some analysts say. This is a lot of money!

I lead the group on Theoretical Ecosystem Ecology TEE. Taking an average of APC for all countries/regions, and multiplying by the total numbers of papers published, one finds that Nature Communications In 2018, PLOS ONE, Scientific Reports, and 11 smaller megajournals collectively published about 3% of the global papers total. Scientists are under pressure of not only doing good research, aquiring external funding, and teaching, but also to publish in elite journals. PNAS would likely make an OA move in the future, and hopefully they will do things better. Other megajournals’ citations to the three elite journals also plummeted. In the past if your work wasn’t accepted in Nature or Science researchers would often try the respected general journal, Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, USA, or PNAS – which wags dubbed “Probably Not Accepted in Science”. Early on, PLOS ONE and Scientific Reports published papers an average of 3 months after submission, compared with traditional journals’ average of about 5 months. By Jeffrey BrainardSep. Meanwhile Nature-Springer makes millions in profit.

So, in general, the work published in these top journals is reliable. Meanwhile, the megajournals have lost one source of their appeal: rapid publication. For PLOS ONE, both measures fell significantly between 2008 and 2016, approaching zero, Heneberg reported in the August issue of Scientometrics. The metric, which many authors follow closely, usually declines when a journal expands rapidly, as Scientific Reports did until recently. This, together with pre-existing academic competition and even vanity, means that many researchers would like to publish their work in Nature or Science if they can. AAAS is a partner of HINARI, AGORA, OARE, CHORUS, CLOCKSS, CrossRef and COUNTER. Journals from scientific societies are always good places to publish our work. He covers an array of topics and edits the In Brief section in the print magazine. And when the reviewers’ comments come in people in big well-funded labs will be better placed to tackle the many, many additional control experiments that are required. These are the top two journals in the world. I think there are a few things that we as individual scientists can do: One place to start is rejecting as much as possible request reviews from Nature.

If your work is good, people will find it. So, in general Nature and Science are highly regarded and that is why papers in these journals count in the Academic Ranking of World Universities (once known as the Shanghai Jiao Tong League Table). Researchers were happy to publish there because again the journal leveraged the Nature name. Publishing in these journals is not as prestigious as publishing in Nature but it is still impressive, and the whole Nature stable has managed to retain its prestige. Once again, new Antarctic reserves fail to win backing, United Kingdom lights up its unusual fusion reactor, Newly discovered reef is taller than a skyscraper, Ultrawhite paint could cool buildings and combat climate change, You may have a new organ lurking in the middle of your head, Pig fat can be used to grow jawbones for humans, This tiny device harvests energy from a simple breeze, Efforts to control monkey brains get a boost, Edit reviews without permission? Our own way to value each other’s work has created a system in which publishers make large economic profit, have (Science’s news department is editorially independent.). only because they are from the Nature brand.

In some cases, the editors expect it will, but just not yet. Abstract invest publishing profits in relevant scientific or educational programs. So, what is Nature Genetics?

net profit for the publisher. Short cuts are taken in an effort to get into print first, errors are missed, or very rarely, deliberate fraud is used by authors to squeeze their work past the gate keepers.


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