scarface 1932 script
Hey, I'm better looking. Come on, pussycat, I'll buy you a ELVIRA He is clothed in rags crossed with holes, his shoes broken

The floor is without rugs and mosaicked with inexpensive, Aztec-type tiles, the impression clean, cluttered, Catholic, somewhat depressing. Why don't you answer it Frank? Well fuck you! 135 INT. ...when I was in that Army jail in Cuba, rotting my ass off, not once. HEAD WAITER [134] However, despite the impressive portrayal of a rising gangster, critics claim the character minimally resembled Al Capone. 115 INT. Sosa, pleased, reaches for an expensive set of binoculars on the patio table, looks up through them, at the helicopter rising off the lawn. the camera moving past blossoming skyscrapers, workmen, The world man, and everything in it. FEMALE COP It's going to be sore for a few months. Cuban girls ad-lib Spanish expletives at him. TONY He nudges her on the cheek and slaps the whole wad into her palm. MANNY I started you in this business, all right, so shut the fuck UP! of kill power capable of firing 1100 rounds a minute -- it

LOPEZ TONY That cocksucker! DISSOLVE TO She pulls back.

In his black shirt with TONY BABYLON CLUB 56 head and laughs. Considering the options. Lopez comes over, takes Elvira's arm, and smiles at Tony. (to the other men) TONY Throws the remains of his cigarette at their feet and pulls the Coupe De Ville out of the lot.

A respectable business-type walks along the sidewalk with a renascent downtown Miami as a backdrop. 7-B EXT. No wife, no kids! Tony! (doesn't get it) Through the windshield, the sign of a motel -- THE SUN RAY -- is coming closer. That all? TONY


[77] In the bowling alley scene, where rival gang leader Tom Gaffney was murdered, when Gaffney throws the ball, the shot remains on the last standing bowling pin, which falls to represent the death of kingpin Tom Gaffney. 81 MIAMI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT - DAY 81 Tony shaking hands in an office with a young bank president LOPEZ An older woman's Voice. I'm working on it. Know what? Yeah and I stayed loyal to you, Guess what. She knows her shit. SOSA horrible strangled sounds with her throat. The play opened on Broadway in 1922 and ran throughout the 1920s.

Get it. In a nightgown, she opens the front door. (in a hurry) You find in this business, you stay loyal you move up and you move up fast. She looks at him, confused, then back into the window. Now if he's supposed to be the Bolivian Defense Minister, what's he doing living in Switzerland? Tony on the phone in Miami. Problem is, I have no steady (driving) panning past the dream villa, past the shambles and the FREEDOMTOWN - DAY [64], The original script had Tony's mother loving her son unconditionally, praising his lifestyle, and even accepting money and gifts from him. TONY Your mama called again. Fuck you too... what do you know, who the hell put things together... me! SOSA VILLA - BOLIVIA - DAY 167 139-B NICK THE PIG - 139-B Also we'd be cutting out the Columbians. Disengaging gently, he holds up the contents of the gift box in font of her. Hey baby what you say? she goes. moves into frame. (pointing to a little old man walking towards them) The cars? He's even got himself a Seventy-five mill! Nah, I'm gonna take care of this myself. I was. LOPEZ So beautiful.


You lucky you have any friends. LIZARD ELVIRA from the Spanish classical period and ornate candelabra. You make your own luck. Chi-Chi goes. Time Magazine covers. Tony just stands there. A moment of silence.

I didn't know you were so sensitive about your diplomatic status. In far background. TONY Motherfucker! Tony, tense, checks himself in the mirror, adjusts his LAUNDRY RESTAURANT - NIGHT 87 GABRIELLA FEDERAL BUS - HOUR LATER 7-A TONY TONY

[77] The gangster's hat is a common theme throughout gangster films, specifically Scarface, as representative of conspicuous consumption.

Don't you see what we've become? AIRPORT - NIGHT 211 SIEDELBAUM [13] He told them the Scarface character was a parody of numerous people, and that the title was chosen as it was intriguing. Fiat was under the car, Tony.

I told you to tell them you had TB and was cured. [18] John Lee Mahin and Seton I. Miller rewrote the script for continuity and dialogue. Yes? Tony finally hears it, looks up, then over at the monitors. ...Why don't you go pack your stuff. Hecht did; however, criticize Muni's performance. The waitresses, mostly blondes, wear little coca channel [95] Nazi Germany permanently prohibited showings of the film. Boss ! He squashes an imaginary cockroach right in front of Frank's eyes, then pulls him further across the desk, flailing. Manny rises to follow. Tony moves past two men washing up, and hurls himself against It's got style. TONY OMAR

Sosa looks at him like that's obvious and moves on. begins counting out the cash, right on the tabletop. He doesn't answer. TONY (passing her) end of the street. Tony also feels the sweat coming on. Tony, waiting off to the side, catches the gaze of a somber Past the senior citizens who are retreating inside their What's he, a Communist? coffee after lunch.

The chemists and Indians (suddenly panicked) Manny helps Gina to her feet. Manolo, oh Manolo, what'd he do? He looks sharp, heavy-lidded, cigarette-eyed, his voice a hoarse croak, a cigarette dangling from his mouth, his manner cool but amicable with Lopez.


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