samoan malu tattoo
I’m sure this information is in one of Tanuvasa’s books, though. When they emerged, their song had changed, the lyrics now saying that only men get the tattoo and not women. I think that’s what matters the most: that you make yourself useful and earn a voice amongst your (father’s) people.

Your grandfather said the same thing my grandmother said. I agree only samoans should get it… but realize their are white samoans out there, im welsh and I married a samoan and my boys are fair, my eldest is as white as me, and if he wanyed one I think he should get one. The Australian Museum respects and acknowledges the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation as the First Peoples and Traditional Custodians of the land and waterways on which the Museum stands. A line of tattooing typically starts at one wrist and runs up the arm to cross the chest above the breasts to the upper shoulder, and from there runs down the length of the other arm. The father passes his skills and knowledge on ensuring that the tatau ritual continued. The tattoo starts on the back and finishes on the belly button. I wouldn’t say this tradition is dead or has lost its meaning. The "sausau" mallet was shaped from a length of hardwood approximately as long as the forearm and about the diameter of the thumb. You are Samoan by heart and blood so why not!

We can not stop change however we can preserve our culture by making sure it does not die or become an antique on a shelf for display. As I mentioned in another comment, I’ve seen quite a few palagi with a malofie or a malu without even basic knowledge about the fa’aSamoa or the gagana Samoa (the Samoan language). The artwork and designs go beyond being skin deep—there is history and deep meanings behind them. She got her dad’s blessing for him to have it done as an honorary member of our family… and I think doing it like that demonstrated the necessary respect for our culture so that he wasn’t immediately rejected by the tufuga…, The ONLY problem is that the guy got violently ill during the procedure and couldn’t finish it. It’s because when you journey through anything that is painful, you don’t journey alone. This article is amazing, thanks so much. Meredith described the malu, Samoa’s female tattoo, as the “main print or tattoo on the back of the legs” and readily showed off her own. Sāmoan independence led to a revival of tā tatau, and in the 1960s and 1970s, Sāmoans arriving in New Zealand in search of work introduced it to this country. HI is there anyone that knows about how the 2 girls mentioned were mermaid spirit’s? Sorry to hear about your natural father but I think you getting a Tatau is awesome.

FAAFETAI! You gave me the whole lot and more! Getting a pe'a is an intense and painful experience compared to tattoos made by modern tools—the tattoo machine. Other tattoos may take the form of little stars on the cheeks, legs or hands, depending on taste. Lagi and hamogeekgirl….Thank you for your replies…Trust me they do mean alot and now, I fell less discouraged. However time has change and our culture have grown with our people. Asian Pacific National Heritage Month - River Linguistics Inc. Then she had to lie on her back before the old woman who concocted in a coco-nut shell the liquid used for the staining. A graduate journalist from Auckland University of Technology, she also completed her Honours year in Communication Studies. In my time with Tanuvasa, this is what I learned about the Samoan tattoo: We call it ‘Tatau‘, and according to legend, it was brought to Samoa by two sisters.

they get tattoo on stickers but not on da real tattoo. I know there’s been recent talk on FB about tatau (that references this article) but as far as I’ve seen, the debate has been about tatau in general – how ethical the practice is, etc. [Bonus post] The Truth about the Samoan Tattoo – Part 3. Kerosene soot or Indian ink was substituted for the traditional burned candlenut-soot pigment, turtle shell was replaced by Perspex and other plastics, and sennit by nylon fishing line. Thus, if you know as a woman of another race that the Samoan man you love is a kind of man that loves his Samoan family very much and would do everything that his family back home would want him to do, then you better show that same love to his family as well as he’s got responsibilities to his family to fulfil. Umaga- on the navel and abdomen 3. The tufuga ta tatau works with two assistants, called 'au toso, who are often apprentice tattooists and they stretch the skin, wipe the excess ink and blood and generally support the tattooist in their work. Would it be considered to the Samoan people if a white person were to get the malofie tattoo? Western missionaries took a dim view of such things, and from the 1850s actively suppressed the practice of tā tatau. So I’m just realizing how long this post is getting… and how much more I’ve got to report (i.e. I don’t mean to discourage you, though… In my next article on this topic (which I will get to soon, I promise lol) I was going to talk about variations of our tatau. Tattoos for males. Meredith highlighted how the process of traditional tattooing involved three apprentices to the tattooist, some who begin training as young as seven or eight years. Our children and their children’s children will lost the most important thing that defines them !! I sure do miss her. some of them no that the bible says not to have marks in our bodies. It is awesome to see others outside of the culture learning about Tatau. How much does it cost to get a malu done please . Keep up the great work . Family members of the person getting the tattoo are often in attendance at a respectful distance to provide words of encouragement, sometimes through song. Just wondering if what would happen 20 or 30 yrs from now when it gets out of hands. She could see where “traditionalists” were coming from, however. I’m afakasi, and was raised pretty much like a palagi, and getting to know this part of the 60% of my ethnic/cultural heritage is of great importance to me, especially now, as a parent. It’s as if the malu is not as important and sacred as the malofie.


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