salt river kayaking map
Alternatively, you can set up a “reverse” car shuttle—more on that below. At the 0.5 mile mark from Water Users, you’ll encounter Snaggletooth Rapid. The key to enjoying your time on the river is to either start very early, or to arrive well after the party has dissipated, or to find yourself there mid-week. At the top of the off-ramp, turn south and follow the road past Saguaro Lake. If mornings aren’t your thing and you’d rather paddle at sunset, be sure to check out the sunset and moonrise times when you’re planning your trip. This is a flowing river, and shuttle must be run.

Upper Salt River. Redline Rentals and Sales is conveniently located in Mesa, Arizona and 8 minutes away from the beautiful Lower Salt River. Sit-on-tops seem to be the most common, followed by sit-ins, followed by inflatables. You want these to be bright enough that others can see where your boat is, but not so bright as to impair your night vision. The Colorado River cuts through the state to make The Grand Canyon, and other smaller rivers create gorgeous mountain passes that you will be amazed by. Each of these passes is issued to one individual who must sign the back of the pass. You’ll avoid both the worst of the summer heat and the worst of the tubers.

Salt River Kayak Trip. Arizona is one of the most beautiful places in the world as it mixes canyons, reservoirs, and lakes to make the most wonderful kayaking spots.

Note: There is NO physical address for our Arizona whitewater rafting office. Home.

If your plans change for any reason, please be sure to call at least 7 days prior to the day of your tour to avoid charges. Single-person kayaks run $35/day while doubles are $45/day. SALT RIVER: The Salt River is a winding, sycamore-lined stream often bordered by medium-sized hills and ridges on one bank and by broad fields or grazing land on the other. Gorgeous views of the water and unequalled peace.

Even when the gauge looks too low for a full run, you might be able to kayak further down the river. I try to rely on these only as a last resort, however, since the machines aren’t always working and there is a convenience fee added to the charge. Primary species seen: Lesser Yellow Legs, Harris’ Hawk, Gila Woodpecker, Phainopepla, Great Blue Heron, Aberts Towhee, Bald Eagle, Snowy Egret, Kingfisher, Gambel’s Quail, Black Phoebe, Curve-billed Thrasher, Western Bluebird, Cooper’s Hawk. Lower Section available year round; Upper Section available May through September. *$5.50/person river usage fee due at booking (for guided tours ONLY), Season:  This tour is available year round. Try to keep your head tilted so you can see downriver, put your arms out to help balance and steer yourself, and hold your butt up a bit to avoid hitting any rocks.

Phon D Sutton has pit toilets, picnic shelters, and both a large parking lot and a secondary lot further back. A white light is required by law, and it’s important to have if something goes wrong. The Salt River sits northeast of Phoenix in the middle of a national forest, and it is a tributary of the Gila River.

The best part of launching from the ranch is the first 3 minutes: you almost immediately hit some fun rapids as the river turns hard right under some magnificent cliffs. Traveling north from Globe, turn LEFT just after the bridge that crosses the Salt River, just after mile marker 293. This is a wonderful EASY kayaking trip. You will enjoy a little more river action on this 5.5 mile tour as well as views that only the river can offer. Photo Credit: Arizona Wildscape via Flickr CC2.0 . Tubing Information: HERE Check the Salt River CFS here: River … You may ride here to simply survey the forests that sit on the edges of the area, and you may come here if you wish to hike or camp on the edges of the river as the kayak makes its way around the perimeter. Knoll Lake has a wonderful location that you will enjoy because you need not go too far to get here. This lake sits in the canyon as you would expect, and you have a view of some lovely higher elevations because of the location of the lake. The first is to drive north on Power Road from the Loop-101 freeway in northeast Mesa. Cancellation Policy:  All half and full day tours have a 7-day cancelation policy. Home Search Events Forum. You will pass a McDonald’s restaurant on the right, after which you will see signage directing you to turn left on US Hwy 60 EAST / AZ Hwy 77 NORTH toward Show Low/Springerville at the next intersection. Single kayaks rent for $45/day ($40 if paying in cash), while doubles cost $65/day ($60 if paying in cash). There are two primary options for Tonto Passes: a $8 Daily Pass and a $80 Discovery Pass, which is good for one year. Launch your boats and enjoy your paddle down the river. Consider going farther south as you find new places to kayak on this list. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from May until September. Photo Credit: Arizona Wildscape via Flickr CC2.0.

If it’s July or August, you’ll also want to keep your eye on any monsoon storms—it’s a good idea to avoid the river during or immediately after one of these storms. Go Kayaking and Canoeing near Salt Lake City - Where to Kayak and Canoe near Salt Lake City UT We rent our kayaks through King Bee adventures so we go longer than 6 miles. We are 20 minutes from Saguaro Lake and a favorite Arizona Lake of ours to kayak  and paddle board is Canyon Lake which we are about 30 minutes from. Salt River Kayak Trip is a 6.3 mile moderately trafficked point-to-point trail located near Mesa, Arizona that features a river and is good for all skill levels.

They have both sit-on-top kayaks and inflatable kayaks available for rent as either single-person or doubles. CLICK ON THE RED LOCATION MARKER ON THE MAP ABOVE! Two miles before you reach Globe, you will arrive at the intersection of Hwy 77 and Hwy 70. Duration:  Approximately 2-3 hours on the water. Make this trip every August. Remember that you must show up 30-45 minutes before your trip departure time. Pebble Beach is also known as Stop 2 by the tubers. Unlike other native wildlife, these horses did not evolve with the Salt River landscape, but are descendants of domesticated horses. It’s my favorite stretch of the entire river, even though it’s just a few minutes upstream from the first public launching spot. In previous years, there was substantial confusion, even among some Tonto National Forest rangers and staff, on whether the America the Beautiful pass covered kayakers on the Salt River. A great place to go kayaking and paddle boarding close to the Phoenix Metro Area. If you’re in one of those spots, the first thing to do is to alert others (a great reason to attach a waterproof whistle to your pfd). If you have any questions about kayaking the Salt River or Saguaro Lake, please call us at 480-984-2194. Indeed, it’s a favorite of the metro Phoenix paddling community. the foxtail route was perfect and if course we saw horses and birds. Ideal tool to track and analyse your canoeing / kayaking stats. This adds a bit of difficulty in that you’ll need to transport all of the boats up to the put-in using fewer vehicles than they arrived in, but it’s one way to deal with the lack of parking spaces at Granite Reef. There is a medium-sized palm tree on the north bank—river right—that you should keep an eye out for. Also offering tube river trips. The quick guide below gives you all the basics to enjoy a successful paddle down the Lower Salt River.But if you want to upgrade your experience even more, grab the Complete Guide to Kayaking the Salt River—which is 6x more detailed and offers insider tips that will improve your trip experience. Luckily, performance isn’t much of a concern on a river like this. The water is more lake-like down near the dam, so it’s possible to paddle up river up a bit and then float back down to your car. There are pit toilets at both sites, but no running water. As you can imagine, I usually prefer to end at Phon D Sutton to avoid these logistical challenges. In fact, the take-out can be a bit hard to find from the river. All Rights Reserved Wilderness Aware Rafting © 2020 | | Web Design by. If you’re desperate for a paddle but the Salt River isn’t cooperating, you can just as easily continue up the road to Saguaro Lake. When you stop paddling, the kayak slows down, often turns to one side, and then you run into the problem above. Feel free to take photos, but please don’t disturb them. Share. I booked a trip through Saguaro Lake Ranch after seeing another comment mentioning their services and it was an amazing time! CoolerMost paddlers bring a cooler to keep their beverages cold. Because this launch starts at a private guest ranch, you’ll need to pay for the privilege. Generally this is a beginner/novice trip with only Class I rapids, two of which approach Class II during certain flow rates (and occasionally reaching Class II after some flash flood events). These lakes all provide you with wonderful vacations, and you may choose to venture through massive national forests or down long rivers to get to where you want to go. Everything you need to know to paddle the Lower Salt River. SnacksMost groups take a break halfway through the paddle, which makes for a perfect time for a quick snack.WhistleFederal regulations require every boat, including kayaks, to have a signaling device on board—and a whistle is your best option on the Lower Salt River. During our season, we offer private permit holders vehicle shuttle from Hwy 60 to the Hwy 288 take out. Not only do people lose many items, but each of these becomes trash in the river. Canoeing on the Saco River is great family fun. This is the fiercest of the entire Lower Salt River, but shouldn’t give you much trouble. 3. Buy one that’s comfy so you’re more inclined to use it.Hat or visorUnless you’re paddling at night, you’ll probably want a hat or visor. The bad part of kayaking a river is that you’re heading downstream, so you’ll need to arrange a car shuttle. I’ll take them in order, starting at the furthest upstream put-in. Our office is located just after the rest stop, over the bridge and to the left. Where most paddlers get into trouble is by hitting an obstacle like submerged rock with the side of their boat, tipping them to one side, and thereby allowing the force of the flowing water to flood the cockpit or otherwise capsize the boat. However, that confusion was finally remedied and everyone now seems to be on the same page—the America the Beautiful annual pass is indeed accepted at all the Lower Salt River recreation sites. Salt River kayaking map. You must plan your trip around this river to last many days because you may kayak the upper river for quite a while before making your way to the lower part of the river and the river basin. The lake has many camping areas, and you will find that the outer edges fo the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest are even more remote and quiet. And keep in mind that you’ll need to reapply it when you stop for a break. The easiest way to find people to paddle with is by joining a Phoenix-area Meetup group. On average, it takes roughly 4 hours to paddle the whole stretch, though that depends on how fast you paddle and how fast the river is running.

Black Canyon Lake sits on the far southern edge of the Apache-Sitgreaves National forest, and it punches even farther to the edge of the forest where the high plains and deserts begin. There are a few kayaking-focused groups, including Paddle Arizona, Phoenix Kayak Club, and Just Add Water Paddlers, among others. The great thing about kayaking a river is that the water does half the work for you—whether or not you paddle, you’re heading downstream. Traveling south of Flagstaff may be quite difficult because the forests are so large, but Knoll Lake catches your attention early in the trip. There are three ways to get to the Lower Salt River, which is accessible solely via the Bush Highway. Power Road heads north for a few miles before turns east and becomes Bush Highway, passing each of the river’s main recreation areas and roughly paralleling the river until reaching Saguaro Lake.


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