saint denis robbery

Kill him and then you can focus on the boat coming from the river. Especially if you need something. He'll complain, but it doesn't negatively effect the mission in anyway, and enemies will continuously run from offscreen to some predetermined spots on the other side of the street.

You'll likely be halfway down it before he even finishes telling you about it. The kid is always in the same location, so once you know where he is you can just skip the search part and run right to him. Interact with him to save him. The gang attacks Bronte's mansion from the river to get rid of the threat of Bronte's men and take revenge for the trolley station setup.

Additionally, you need to follow the servant without being detected. Pull out your gun and ride after the man in the back. Make sure you keep ducking back into cover to ensure you don't take any damage.

Jump out of the giant hole you just created in the wall and climb the ladder just on the other side. Just point your gun at him and he'll be more than intimidated, going right over to open up the vault. The 90% accuracy requirement basically means you can't miss a shot here at all, because there are only five possible enemies in the entire level. It messes with the timer and you will not be able to complete it.

He'll tell you when pursuers are coming, and immediately locate them using your mini-map and go into Dead Eye to score some quick kills. SHERIFFS SEARCHING FOR BOODLE.

Your goal here is to take out four targets with headshots. Several suspects were killed, including alleged mastermind Abdelhamid Abaaoud. Unfortunately, you won't even be able to enjoy it because the Pinkertons show up right after. Since there is no accuracy, you can do this over and over as often as you need to. The guy on the balcony can be hard to get, but you should get the other two easily. Carefully look at the lock as you're turning it to make sure you can see what you need to get to. If you're fast (and didn't have to chase the grave robbers around too much), you can get there before John is even done talking to you. Once everyone exits the building, run after Dutch until he stops in front of a train. Wait for him to move to the back of the room and then go inside and grab the ledger when the game tells you to.

As soon as you get on the trolley, there will be one lawmen directly ahead of you. You'll need to watch for clues from Strauss and the dealer though to do as well as possible.

Note that an immigrant may have acquired French citizenship since moving to France, but is still considered an immigrant in French statistics. Saint-Denis is a subprefecture (French: sous-préfecture) of the department of Seine-Saint-Denis, being the seat of the arrondissement of Saint-Denis. They do take a little while to catch up so as long as you are vigilant you will have a decent amount of time to get off a good shot at them before they can reach you. We've written about mysteries like the missing person Gavin, the Rhodes Gunsmith prisoner, the locked door at Valentine doctor. As soon as you see one, enter Dead Eye and line up a headshot. Pull out your rope because we're going to lasso him. While Lenny drives you and Dutch will need to hold off any lawmen riding up on you. Some think they may have fled the country. Eagle Flies thanks you for your help, and hands over the cash you were promised before riding off. And then the grave robbers start shooting at you from behind. Check the stairs in the back of the room and you will see two more lawmen at the top of the stairs and a final one near the bottom (shown on the right in image below). Great then! Wait until it narrows a bit and then take your shot. The gang attend a party hosted by the Mayor of Saint Denis. The shopkeeper’s boy disappeared and he misses him very much.

Continue to the west until you reach the gate you came in from. Run up past their corpse to the first little stone block you can see in front of the mansion. Find Trelawny at his objective marker, but he won't be ready to rob the riverboat just yet. Follow Thomas around as he checks his traps. She's still outside, so climb out the window and run to her position to help her. In 2005 it had 150.71 criminal incidents per 1000 inhabitants, far higher than the national average (83 per 1000) and higher than its department of Seine-Saint-Denis (95.67 per 1000). These guys are particularly easy targets because you are in good cover and most of them won't even bother to get into cover. Against his will, obviously. Again, pop out of cover and aim to lock onto a target. User Info: huyi. Going For Gold: This is another extremely simple gold medal, and the lone requirement here is to find the kid that stole the crucifix within 19 seconds. He points you to the direction of the urchins, but you can keep on walking. Dead Eye is very useful during this segment, and if you're trying to conserve it this first part is probably the best time to use it just because of how many enemies are here. Finish looting the safe afterwards and then follow Javier.

Looks like the doctor is running an underground business.

If you are sure you have the numbers though, just go for safe shots and you will get the gold medal once the mission ends. Lenny finds almost nothing over on his side.

This isn't just to help you with the headshot requirement either, as it will help you get through things quickly.

Once you're upstairs, explore the rooms on the right and left first.

There are three rooms you could search to look for Bronte, but the only one you need to check is the one directly in front of you. Approach the store owner and point your gun at him. This will fulfill the requirement and you will get the gold medal once the boat returns to shore. The first time he stops to inspect one, move to the trap right next to him and inspect it as well. That’s the only evidence you need to complete this RDR2 Shop Robbery. Move outside of the safe and go up to the front window. I pointed a gun at the guy blocking the safe, when he said he was going to open it, he just ran away, I tried everything and couldn’t get it open… Thing that pissed me off is I don’t think I can go back. If you miss him there, you still have a chance later on. Some areas of the city are dark, covered in a blanket of fog with the sky being blocked out by smoke from the factories. After your cover is blown, escape the boat in under 35 seconds. unfortunately there is nothing there but it is a cool detail to see. Saint Denis gunsmith is one of the potential side business robberies in Red Dead Redemption 2. Now that you finally know where your target is, maybe you can finally get Jack back.


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