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[35] However, Antony Beevor disagreed with Glantz's comment. 150–158). Soviet casualties during the war at Rzhev Salient. М.: Яуза, Эксмо, 2007. The attempted rescue of 2nd Shock Army (13 May 1942 – 10 July 1942) by the soviet forces failed. Vol 2. After 14 months pointing "the Rzhev-Vyazma pistol" to Moscow, the Germans finally had to abandon that "pistol" in March 1943, losing a strategically important bridgehead, which Horst Grossman described as "the base of the Eastern Front". [32], The role of Zhukov in this infamous offensive is also a debated topic. — Мн. In these cases, only the troops of 11th Cavalry Corps and 6th Tank Corps managed to escape successfully. "Modern history" Magazine, July 2012, Trang web chính thức mang tên "Người lính" của Viện lịch sử quân sự Nga, Cuốn sách chính thức "Tổn thất của quân đội Liên Xô và Nga trong các cuộc chiến ở thế kỷ XX" do NXB Olma. Rendering of the memorial complex. — М.: Яуза, Эксмо, 2005. Поворот, http://www.history.army.mil/books/wwii/milimprov/ch01.htm, Гудериан Гейнц. Rather than stabilize the front and create defensive positions, the Germans pushed their forces forward and left them poorly prepared for the Soviet winter counteroffensive. The intent was for the 22nd Army, 29th Army and 39th Armies supported by the 11th Cavalry Corps to attack West of Rzhev, and penetrate deep into the western flank of the AG Centre's 9th Army. — М.: Воениздат, 1963. — М.: Воениздат, 1993. Although Nazi Germany still possessed many other "bases" on the Eastern Front, such as the Donbass industrial area, the huge granaries of Ukraine, the strategical importance of the Rzhev - Vyazma salient made its loss severe. But the reserves and the strength created were mostly used up in the costly offensive directed at Kursk in 1943. According to Grossmann, during Operation Mars, the German suffered 40,000 casualties. 269-270. Краткий курс истории ВОВ. Erinnerungen eines Soldaten. Modern History magazine. The Stavka used this as an opportunity to unsuccessfully pursue the retreating Wehrmacht troops. The "famine" of munitions in firearms and artillery pieces forced the Soviet army commanders, in many cases, to use tanks in the role of artillery; such inappropriate usage together with the outdated military thinking (which did not pay enough attention to the assault role of tank forces) sharply reduced the effectiveness of the tank units, rendered them from conducting deep penetration into the German defensive line. In every offensive, the aims and scale have to be correlative with the army's strength, but at the battles of Rzhev, the Soviet commanders demanded too much from their subordinates. In the Bryansk, Western and Kalinin Front, the proportion of low quality tanks was 69% and the rate of damaged tanks were about 41-55%. These forces maintained a hold on the primitive forested swamp region between Rzhev and Bely.

[20] The Front commanders also learned some important experiences about commanding and coordinating a combined force. (Boris Vadimovich Sokolov. Moskva ấn hành năm 2001 thuộc bản quyền của Grigoriy Krivosheev. [Military improvisations during the Russian Campaign. 10 фатальных ошибок Гитлера. Yauza & Penguin Books. Among 5,443 houses, only 297 remained. [27] The escape of 33rd and 41st Army was conducted on time, but they failed to keep it secret and chose the wrong direction to move, leading to considerable casualties.

Quân đội nhân dân Publisher. Everything begins with difficulties - The activities of 1st Tank Corps Red Banner. And the losses were truly shocking. Historians call the battles the “Rzhev Meat Grinder”. Losses and setbacks elsewhere along the front finally compelled the Germans to abandon the salient in order to free up reserves for the front as a whole. That unreasonable act severely weakened the right wing of the Western Front, lead to the failure of the offensive at the area Olenino - Rzhev - Osuga. Гланц, Дэвид М. Крупнейшее поражение Жукова. Of course, in this period, many Soviet units still had inadequate strength and equipments, but with the more plentiful reserve force, they managed to somewhat maintain stable fighting capability and prevent the severe fluctuation in manpower. : Русич, 1999.

The failure of the Nazi Germany's invasions. — М.: Яуза, Эксмо, 2005. Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. This part of the Second World War was poorly covered by Soviet military historiography, and what coverage exists occurred only after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, when historians gained access to relevant documents. According to Beevor, at that time Zhukov had to concentrated on Operation Uranus at Stalingrad battlefield hence he had little time to care for what was happening at Rzhev. The Germans eventually withdrew from the positions only due to losses elsewhere in the war and were able to withdraw from the salient with minimal losses. The defensive positions created by the Germans after the retreat from Moscow were well constructed and placed. 71–99). The Germans had also moved back to defensive positions that were as strong as the ones they held within the salients.[7]. (Pyotr Ilyich Kirichenko. The retired German general, Horst Grossmann, in his book Rzhev, the basement of the Eastern Front did not provide the total casualties of the German side. Moskva. Наступление маршала Шапошникова. Rodiol Publisher. But according to his description, from 31 July to 9 August, one German battalion at the front line, after being exhausted in the violent battles, only had one commandant and 22 soldiers, and in 31 August there were battalions which had only one commandant and 12 soldiers (equal to one squad). [33][34], Finally, A. V. Isayev claimed that the Soviet casualties at Rzhev from January 1942 to March 1943 were 392,554 KIA and 768,233 WIA. Fighting in the area remained mostly static for 14 months.

Наступление маршала Шапошникова. The so-called Rzhev Meat Grinder resulted in over one million Russian casualties in 14 months of hard battles with 23 German divisions (six of them Panzer divisions). It will cost the lives of some 3 million Soviet soldiers and 500 000 German soldiers. Casualties of Kalinin Front on Rzhev direction, from January to April 1942: 123,380 irrecoverable, 341,227 sanitary. To eliminate this threat to the rear of the Army Group Centre's 9th Army, the Germans had started Operation Seydlitz by 2 July. [9] According to V. V. Beshanov, the casualties of the July–September Rzhev offensive are 193.683 all cases,[10] and during Operation Mars the Soviet suffered 250.000 casualties with 800 tanks were damaged or destroyed. It created a strategic reserve which allowed the Germans to stabilize the front and somewhat recover from massive losses at Stalingrad. Meanwhile, during the first half of 1942, the reserved source of equipment was still not adequate.

Prisoners in these camps were Soviet soldiers and Soviet civilians in the area of Smolensk, Nelidovo, Rzhev, Zubstov, Gzhatsk, Sychyovka...[17] According to the German's data that Soviet SMERSH collected after the battles, there were 5,500 people who died because of wounds. At the beginning 1942, the Red Army had just recovered from the disaster losses during the late half of 1941, therefore it was still very weak. As a results, many Soviet units were trapped in a notable number of "pockets" when the German counter-attacked. Chapter 3: At Western Front), Кириченко, Пётр Ильич. Исаев, Алексей Валерьевич. About the casualties of the Soviet Union during the fighting at Rzhev salient. Moskva. Published at Moskva in 2003.

It became known as "Rzhev Meat Grinder". Smolensk. Указ №1345 от 8 октября 2007 года «, Articles with Russian-language external links, Articles with Vietnamese-language external links, Articles containing Russian-language text, Articles with German-language external links, Articles incorporating text from Wikipedia, World War II aerial operations and battles of the Eastern Front, Battles and operations of the Soviet–German War, Battles of World War II involving Germany, First Rzhev–Sychyovka Offensive Operation, Second Rzhev–Sychevka Offensive Operation, Мягков Михаил Юрьевич "Вермахт у ворот Москвы, 1941-1942" - Глава II.

The worst mistakes of the Red Army in 1942 at the Rzhev salients lies in the coordination and cooperation between its Fronts and the control of STAVKA towards them.

Воспоминания солдата. Краткий курс истории ВОВ. There must be more than one million Soviet soldiers and officers was killed ! Many people believed that Rzhev shouldn't be a "City of Military Glory" since it was under Nazi German occupation before being liberated. Краткий курс истории ВОВ. It will ... View production, box office, & company info. This offensive was conducted by the Western Front against the Wehrmacht's 4th Panzer Army and the 4th Army. 1980. Наступление маршала Шапошникова.

Minsk. (data of Ministry of Defence, code name TsAMO RF, shelf 208, drawer 2579, folder 16, volume ll, pp. [18] The German also discovered and executed 8 local political leaders, 60 commissars and political instructors, and 117 Jews in the camp No.230. Unknown Zhukov: The unamended portrait of the century. Its abandonment freed up 22 of those divisions. The major operations that were executed in this area of the front were: During the Soviet winter counter-offensive of 1941, and the Rzhev-Vyazma Strategic Offensive Operation (8 January 1942 - 20 April 1942), German forces were pushed back from Moscow. Chapter 5: In Rzhev-Vyazma operation. 1-8-2012, Исаев, Алексей Валерьевич. Local family in front of their ruined house. — L.: Times Books, 2000. According to A. V. Isayev, the Soviet losses from January 1942 to March 1943 is 392,554 irrecoverable and 768,233 sanitary. London: W & N. ISBN 0297844970. Total casualties of 20th, 29th, 30th, 31st (Western Front) and 39th Army (Kalinin Front) on September 1942: 21,221 KIA and 54,378 WIA.

It may be reach the number of 2 million". The Rzhev This conflict was not called the “Rzhev meat-grinder” for nothing. It will cost the lives of some 3 million Soviet soldiers and 500 000 German soldiers. During "the ammunitions famine" at Rzhev salient, on average, the Red Army only had 3 bullets for each rifle, 30 bullets for each submachine gun, 300 bullets for each light machine gun and 600 bullets for each heavy one. [5] In other words, the retreat of the Germans in operation Buffel was tactically and militarily successful, but the abandonment of "the Rzhev-Vyazma pistol" was a strategic loss for Nazi Germany on the Eastern Front. [40] This act also caused heated debate and controversy. (Aleksandr Mikhilovich Samsonov. Георгий Жуков: Последний довод короля. In the aftermath of the Soviet winter counteroffensive of 1941–42, substantial soviet forces remained in the rear of the German Ninth Army. [23] The serious lack of ammunition hampered Soviet efforts in neutralizing German strongpoints, leading to heavy casualties in the assaults.[22]. Journalist Elena Tokaryeva in her article which was published in the newspaper The Violin (Russia) on 26 February 2009 also claimed that more than 1,000,000 Soviet soldiers were killed at Rzhev. Vladimir Aleksnadrovich Chernov và Galina Yaroslavovna Grin. — М.: Воениздат, 1977. The operations led to disproportionate Soviet losses and tied down large number of Soviet troops. [36], The Russian authors Vladimir Chernov and Galina Yaroslavovna also disagreed with Glantz. Kỷ niệm lần thứ 70 các chiến dịch Pogorelov-Gorodishche và Rzhev-Sychevska (lần thứ hai) năm 1942. (Alexei Valeryevich Isayev. For the whole series of Rzhev battles, the numbers are not clear yet. The German presence in Rzhev was seen as a direct threat to Moscow and the Soviets directed many very costly offensives into what was a very strongly defended area of the front. "The race of the numbers of casualties at Rzhev" continued with the data of researcher Svetlana Aleksandrovna Gerasimova from National Museum at Tver.

That means these commanders began to have some sort of full authority to use the air forces, except the long-ranged strategic bomber units which were still under direct command of the Soviet STAVKA.


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