rolex explorer 39mm lug to lug
Taking this second box off, you will find an equally familiar green Rolex box. Original Retail Price: $6300 If you're going to bandy about the term "iconic" the Explorer has undoubtedly earned its place on that list and it exemplifies the core of competency, design, and watchmaking that has made Rolex into the brand it is today. Subtle changes are always the name of the game in Rolex collecting and these dark numeral Explorers are easily the most collectible derivation of the 14270 reference. on his own free time.

The Explorer reference 214270, with its non-lumed 3, 6, and 9 and shorter handset. The Explorer 6089 worn by Tenzing Norgay on his successful summiting of Everest with Sir Edmund Hillary on May 29, 1953. We want you to feel confident in the thought that you always get great value for your money when buying from us. At 40mm wide and offered on a steel bracelet for $5,000, the Railmaster has a tech-forward co-axial Master Chronometer movement and a similar five-year warranty. Bernard Company's world of watches is yours to enjoy backed by a 29-year commitment to your complete satisfaction.

From your initial contact to after you have your new watch on the wrist. A 14270 on wrist, 36mm is tough, hard-wearing elegance. The crown is easy to unscrew and screw back; and has only two positions: one for winding; the other for setting the time. The only main difference I can find between this and the 3130 in the Submariner “No Date” is that the Explorer and OP both have the “high-performance Paraflex shock absorbers,” while, strangely, the Submariner, with its professional diver’s watch pedigree, does not. This neatly leads us to the point I began with, that in terms of both price and features, many think they will end up with the best of both worlds if they go with the Explorer I.

The 36mm feels like wearing an old watch, even if you're picking up a 114270 fresh from the box, that format speaks directly to its lineage and I feel like the impression is good at 39mm, but more powerful at 36mm. This also means that you can technically have a watch with a larger case diameter when it has short lugs. No-date and sporty is not a format commonly found from Grand Seiko, but the 42mm SBGR301 is something of an outlier and an interesting foil to the concept of the Explorer. There is a confidence in the design, both in its legacy and in its execution, that is a strong amalgam for the entire Rolex philosophy.

MANAGING EDITOR, HARLAN CHAPMAN-GREEN. I had purchased one of the most iconic watches in history, but I couldn’t get used to the proportions enough for it to be my everyday watch. Even at its somewhat larger (but still not all that large) sizing, the Explorer is arguably Rolex's last classic steel sport watch under 40mm. This is measured from side to side of the watch case. As I am sure you have already noticed, this really is going to be a game of trade-offs. It essentially has the 39mm Oystersteel monobloc middle-case of the OP with a profile that is slightly more curvaceous than the flat, trapezoid profile of the 40mm Oystersteel Submariner. The Explorer II features a date display, an additional orange 24-hour hand and a fixed bezel with 24-hour graduations, … While the sub-$500 Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical is really not that comparable to the Explorer (and it breaks my requirement of these watches having automatic movements), I think that if you dig the Explorer for reasons beyond the crown on its dial, you'll probably also dig this charming hand-winder from Hamilton. The 6350 was not produced for long, with some estimates putting it out of production by 1954 as Rolex moved forward with the concurrently-produced reference 6150 as the future of the Explorer. The movement inside the Rolex Explorer I 214270 is the Rolex Caliber 3132, the same as in the Oyster Perpetual 39. If anyone reading this is seriously considering this watch, I challenge you to view one and tell me you walked away from buying it. Notice how I keep using the word ‘classic’ as opposed to ‘vintage’ – there’s no fake patina and it has a very classy presence on the wrist. This isn’t a loud flashy watch and for some people, it may be too simple in design, but it really does work on all occasions.


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