role of the skywarn spotter quiz answers
at 60 years young i know your never to old to learn.this will be useful to me as a truck driver in different areas i may be able to save my self as well as others. Great info and refresher. Good info on cloud types and storm types. This year, I was not able to get to a class so took it here on line. Tornadoes interested me ever since I was a kid on the family farm. Really like the mixed media instruction and the questions with close possible answers that make you think.

Entertaining presentation, moves along at a good pace, great media to support the lesson. The topics covered was well thought out and relates to everyday situations. Severe thunderstorms can and often do produce tornadoes. Good follow up training and pictures are very helpful, informative,non boring,direct and to the point. It provides an excellent knowledge base with regard to convective weather and severe storm safety basics. Find them at Use people to teach... death by power point stinks. I had to change devices (Kindle to pc) to finish course as screen kept going black. Having been appointed to the Emergency Management position for a small town (300 or less) this class is extremely beneficial as its online, pertinent and gives great information. how does it help me stay safe? Henry: We had some damage, but the storm must have passed north of us. It would be nice to see a video or slides with arrows pointing to what the picture is talking about. Now I know what to do and when to do it at a good time. Your cell phone is burning a hole in your pocket as you wait to call the National Weather Service with a report. More interactive activities could help with understanding of emergency situations as well as what to do in those situations. fronts radiation/heating terrain jet stream . I liked the illustrative pictures of cloud formations. This is sometimes referred to as situational awareness. This is about as good as the third draft when the fifth draft is the final version. The only thing that I can give constructive criticism on is that the review questions were worded differently and because of that I got some questions wrong. Now, with practice, I think I can start to apply what I have learned. Useful information and interesting format, enjoyable course. Very easy to navigate and easy to comprehend lessons. At least the quiz and the review questions were worded the same! You: Those skies look angry. Very informative and relevant in my area of operations. People in the path of this storm should take cover in an interior room on the lowest floor of your house. Or at least something like a pointer in the photos that point out things like the updraft. Very in-depth, I was impressed! To be make sure you are certified you should attend a spotter class. Lovely course for identifying tornadoes.


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