rob dyrdek hotel
Rob also re-creates a dirt course at the factory and challenges Drama to a mini-motocross race. At the event, Rob runs into rally car racer and DC Shoes founder, Ken Block, and asks Ken if he can jump the rally car parked in the DC store. Rob decides to bring his family out to the Fantasy Factory for the premiere screening of the movie he wrote, produced and starred in called, "Street Dreams". Rob and the cast of Fantasy Factory walk us through some of their favorite unseen moments from Season One. aus oder wählen Sie 'Einstellungen verwalten', um weitere Informationen zu erhalten und eine Auswahl zu treffen. CC Rob is offered the opportunity to redevelop and add the Dyrdek name to his very own Las Vegas Motel. Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC. Rob takes Drama with him to watch Danny Way prep for the land speed world record by skating in a wind tunnel. Although Rob's mom has trouble believing the marriage will be legal, it doesn't stop Denise from having the first wedding ever at the Fantasy Factory. Rob begins filling his new warehouse with fun things; NBA player Lamar Odom comes in for a game of one-on-one. Based on Rob's own success with hypnotherapy, he is convinced that a visit to the same doctor will help his listless assistant achieve his ultimate dream of becoming a successful music producer. Not the types to give up, Rob and Danny agree to try for the record again.

Along the way, the guys go squid fishing, have a traditional Luau, and visit Laird's "man camp.". Rob invites 13 year old skateboarding phenom Jagger Eaton to the Factory to give him a shot at hosting the MTV viral clip show, Ridiculousness. Scenes include: Rob’s contract to stuff Drama in case his cousin dies in a shark attack, a brief inquiry into a make-out session between two Fantasy Factory staffers, what it looks like when it snows at the Factory in eighty-degree weather, and much more. Series 1, Episode 10 PG Rob also introduces everyone in the building to the newest Fantasy Factory employee: "Tina the Testie.". Then Rob goes to the Bahamas with Drama to explore the world of “shark attack tourism”.

Rob gives his mom, Patty, the full Hollywood superstar treatment when he casts her in an absurd commercial for a new credit card company he has invested in. and built a new piece of exercise equipment.

SD. Who is the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time? Rob decides to test the new product, a custom-made BMX with a sidecar, with the help of BMX legend Dave Mirra. This Site Might Help You. sandwich. CC While preparing to become a true daredevil stuntman, Rob convinces his fair-complexioned cousin, Big Cat, to undergo an extensive makeover and "embrace his paste".

He purchases a pair of giant "horse-legs" for trotting around on, acquires a wooden horse on wheels to practice racing on, and even transforms himself into a lightning-fast jockey named "Bolt Speedman". In the Fantasy Factory series opener, Rob gets right to work filling his new warehouse with fun things, and invites NBA basketball star Lamar Odom down for a game of one on one. Drama and Chanel enter the Cover Miss and Cover Boy beauty pageant to see who is more beautiful. As they prepare for the big day, Rob begins to see a unique connection developing between his cousin Drama and a life-sized test dummy they call "Timmy the Testie." His desire to make her laugh brings them all the way to the Funny Bone comedy stage, in Kettering, where Rob performs stand-up comedy for the first (and probably last) time. Rob and legendary skateboarder Danny Way team up in an attempt to break the world record (70mph) for fastest land speed on a towed skateboard. Rob and the Fantasy Factory Crew delve deep into the world of LARPing (Live Action Role Play) by dressing up as supernatural warriors to prove their mettle in the gaming world and "defend the honor" of the Fantasy Factory. SD. While preparing for his Gymkhana debut, Rob also discovers that the Fantasy Factory is full of supposed geniuses. Rob rides into Jeremy's office on Drama's crocodile Jazzy to inform him that he can't make a Tuesday morning meeting because he's got skateboarding legend Danny Way coming into the factory. 5.3m Followers, 420 Following, 2,240 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Rob Dyrdek (@robdyrdek) DC throws a shoe release party for Rob, to celebrate the launch of his 14th pro model skate shoe. Rob is offered the opportunity to redevelop and add the Dyrdek name to his very own Las Vegas Motel. The device will create winds of up to one hundred and forty miles an hour so Danny can really see what it will feel like to go that fast. To preserve his record legacy, Rob tells Danny he wants to keep the board he uses to break the land speed record and Danny agrees. Favorite Answer. SD. Meanwhile, to resolve the pigeon-poop problem outside of the factory, Rob and the cast train his new falcon friend, Derek, to attack on command. His charity event is well attended, including appearances by Pharrell, Travis Barker, The Game, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Dana White, and some of the best pro-skaters in the world. He records the song with rappers Bishop Lamont and Ryu, and then asks his friend and business partner Travis Barker to play drums at a live Bobby Light performance, as the opening act for a Blink-182 show. Rob creates a new toy line of skater-kids called Wild Grinders, based on his childhood skate crew. In the episode of Fantasy Factory Rob Dyrdek travels to Las Vegas to be a part owner of a ghetto hotel, I'm from Vegas and was wondering the location of that hotel. Then they take the T-Rex out for a spin to see all it can do. In our season four premiere, Justin Bieber visits the Fantasy Factory.

To determine once and for all who the smartest person in the building is, Rob arranges for an official IQ test.

Featuring archival and never before seen clips from "Rob & Big", "Fantasy Factory", and the DC Video that started his TV career. Rob decides the lyrics to Chanel's new song "Eat My Cookie" are too provocative for her sweet image.

What is the hink-pink for blue green moray? Rising to fame as Rob Dyrdek's bubbly secretary on Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory, West Coast formed a close friendship with the former skateboarder, taking her infectious laugh with her to … Rob also signs a deal with 7-11 to build another Safe Spot Skate Spot in a park in North Hollywood. Rob holds a skate contest at the Fantasy Factory with fellow pro skaters Ryan Sheckler, Paul Rodriguez, Eric Koston and others. Rob jumps into the ring at a Wrestlemania event when the WWE teams up with the "Make-A-Wish Foundation" in Atlanta, Georgia. Rob is offered the opportunity redevelop and add the Dyrdek name to his very own Las Vegas Motel. Then, after feeling left out of Drama and Sterling's bowling nights, Rob and Big Black challenge them to a high stakes bowl-off. This inspires Rob to create internet-buzz by building the biggest skateboard in the world.


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