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On May 31, 1938, Roach sold MGM the Our Gang unit, including the rights to the name and the contracts for the actors and writers, for $25,000 (equal to $454,078 today). 1970, The Wild Wild West 1955, Mission Over Korea Hallmark colorized a few Our Gang shorts and released them across 8 VHS tapes. 1 Episode (1990), Valet Girls Some stations bought both packages and played them alongside each other under the Little Rascals show banner. The Little Rascals TV show was made when Hal Roach compiled 79 of the 80 films made with sound and bundled them together. [50] The website debunks the rumor of an Our Gang curse, stating that there was no pattern of unusual deaths when taking all of the major Our Gang stars into account, despite the deaths of a select few. According to crime writer David Lohr, there are some additions to the Our Gang death list: Robert H. Young “Bonedust” (9/15/17 – 9/10/51) Died in a hotel fire, which started when he … For other uses, see, For a detailed listing of the Our Gang child actors, recurring adult actors, directors, and writers, see, 1926–1929: New faces and new distributors, 1993-present: Cabin Fever/Hallmark VHS and DVD releases, Maltin & Bann, p. 119. 1944, The Ray Bolger Show The television rights to the silent Pathé Our Gang comedies were sold to National Telepix and other distributors, who distributed the films under titles such as The Mischief Makers and Those Lovable Scallawags with Their Gangs. We were just a group of kids who were having fun. Soda Jerk

The four black child actors who held main roles in the series were Ernie Morrison, Allen Hoskins, Matthew Beard and Billie Thomas. By then, all but 11 of the Roach-era sound films were available on home video. Adult situations often drove the action, with each film often incorporating a moral, a civics lesson, or a patriotic theme. Gordon Douglas served as Meins's assistant director, and Fred Newmeyer alternated directorial duties with Meins for a handful of shorts.

Joe Under the terms of the sale, Roach was required to remove the MGM Lion studio logo and all instances of the names or logos "Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer", "Loew's Incorporated", and Our Gang from the reissued film prints. Since 1937, Our Gang had been featured as a licensed comic strip in the UK comic The Dandy, drawn by Dudley D. Watkins. Cooper soon won the lead role in Paramount's feature film Skippy, and Roach sold his contract to MGM in 1931.

[13], In their adult years, actors Morrison, Beard, and Thomas defended the series, arguing that the white characters in the series were similarly stereotyped: the "freckle-faced kid", the "fat kid", the "neighborhood bully", the "pretty blond girl", and the "mischievous toddler". Waiter Lester Everett [17], According to Roach, the idea for Our Gang came to him in 1921, when he was auditioning a child actress to appear in a film. "[14] In a separate interview, Ernie Morrison stated, "When it came to race, Hal Roach was color-blind. Retaining McFarland, Matthew Beard, Tommy Bond, and Jerry Tucker, the revised series added Scotty Beckett, Wally Albright, and Billie Thomas, who soon began playing the character of Stymie's sister "Buckwheat," though Thomas was a male. Eddie Numerous unauthorized Little Rascals and Our Gang restaurants and day care centers also exist throughout the United States. Ed Brent 1 Episode (1968), Tora!


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