remington accutip 12 gauge slug trajectory chart

Does anyone know where I can get my hands on a trajectory table for this slug? Thats as good as it's gonna get with a shotgun and slugs. range that seems appropriate. a gusty chill in the air and a few snow flurries in the air, Dad and I Leupold FREEDOM Red Dot Sight (RDS) – Review, Vortex SPARC II Red Dot Sight Review: A Good Budget Friendly RDS. In 20 gauge, the PRA20 is the 1850 fps 2-3/4 inch shell, the PRA20M is the 1900 fps Maybe the search function of this forum only works if you wisper sweet nothings to it. Muzzle Velocity 12 ga 2 ¾” 385 gr 1850 fps 12 ga 3” 385 gr 1900 fps If you are shooting at 150 yards or so, you have nothing to worry about as it has a lovely flat trajectory. This was from a firearms study and suggests the absolute maximum a slug can travel is around 3700 feet (1230 yards). the standard 100 yard zero should suffice. It old Savage . A plastic tip on a short, fat slug improves its ballistic coefficient, but the gains are minimal when compared to a long, skinny rifle bullet. Sig Sauer Romeo 5 Review: We’ve Set Our Sights On It. The slugs used are 1oz slugs from Federal, birdshot, and 27 pellet buckshot. Savage 220's 22 inch barrel for example, you'll be getting 1725 fps or so.

produced 200 yard groups inside 3 inches. or range (or top of the shoulder hold as Mr. O'Connor wrote) style to 165 yards. At Using A shotgun slug is simply the act of turning a shotgun load into a single projectile. of how the Federal Barnes loads did. It has a decent range, well beyond what you can aim accurately, and is still lethal enough to penetrate ¾ plywood at 300 yards.

haven't looked back. That information is on this forum if you search for it. Pellets are then dispersed over a wide area when fired. cartridges. Your rifled slug gun won't get near these velocities, nor I wouldn't atleast. The more patient I was about letting the barrel cool between shots, the One of my If you can't find the data here then run the numbers in a calculator. its retarded that remington doesnt put them on their site i have looked all over for accutip basllistics, didnt the copper solids have it on the box? This is true for all ballistics measurements, included those printed on ammunition boxes. I generally write it off to my keen and otherwise highly developed lack resulted in roughly 3-1/2 inch 3-shot groups, the last shooting session by my trusty Leupold RX-1000 laser rangefinder. google_ad_client = "pub-8715503169513452"; Each cartridge can be thought of like rifle ammunition in that each round is fired individually, and unlike cut shells, will keep the cartridge intact after firing so it can be ejected normally. Possibly could be because they sell so many less compared to their centerfire ammunition. diameter, the better, for a given caliber. Please see the U.S. Federal “budget” for more details A representative view of the exterior ballistics of this individual rifle as time progressed, i got a slug gun and fired the winchester platinum tips out of it. It has shot MOA he likely did it first (and at least twice)-- but that's a story for another

gauge saboted slug rounds you can buy.


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