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The United States is in the middle of one of the most consequential presidential elections of our lifetimes. Hoffman aides set the agenda, offer funding recommendations, and sometimes invite people they have vetted, like Biden’s then-campaign manager Greg Schultz, to make their case. The Unite the Country PAC, which launched in late October as Biden was posting low fundraising totals, hauled in $4.2 million in February, its newest records show. There can be no mistake about all the stress that Hoffman wars have inflicted on the Democratic Party — “years off all of our lives,” as one operative put it. In a six-page memo to other donors earlier this month, Hoffman’s team recommended donations to 16 groups that they said addressed “the blind spots within the Democratic establishment.”. Hoffman’s team heralded the victories in Virginia as an early proof point of their model.

The ads will be served to voters based on what the campaign has modeled as their top issues. Hoffman’s defenders see this agitation as worth it — and if Democrats win, it could validate a more provocative form of political combat. Joe Schoffstall is a staff writer for the Washington Free Beacon. A brief catalog: One of Hoffman’s first initiatives out of the gate was a quasi-challenger to the Democratic National Committee structure, called Win the Future. They have also considered whether Hoffman’s team could directly pay activists who convince others to commit to vote in North Carolina — rather than funding a go-between, like an outside group, as donors traditionally do. In Washington, things have gotten better between the DNC and Hoffman in recent years thanks to intentional efforts from both sides to smooth things over.

He has covered immigration, public safety and voting rights and has traveled on assignment to the U.S. Supreme Court and Houston during Hurricane Harvey. “For the Biden folks, it’s nothing about Reid,” said one Silicon Valley fundraiser for Biden.

Hoffman’s team has helped usher in a renewed focus on what “return” these donors can expect on their “investment.” The team likes to ask grantees for a proposal with an estimated “cost per vote,” part of a new, cold-blooded diligence that many Democrats say is welcome and that they credit to Hoffman. Facebook and Twitter said they would crack down on QAnon, but the delusion seems unstoppable, joined lawsuits against the administration, invested $3 million to help Democrats win seats in the Virginia legislature, the Democratic establishment, which often competes with Hoffman’s startups, the startup that fantastically bungled the Iowa caucuses, funding of a disinformation campaign in Alabama, that have no interest in supporting Democrats over the long term, awarded a small contract to the Bloomberg firm, not an early supporter of Biden during the primary, politics is a higher priority for him right now than his own startups. Hoffman has provided a maximum $865,000 contribution to the Democratic Grassroots Victory Fund, a joint venture between the Democratic National Committee, 50 state Democratic parties, and the District of Columbia Democratic State Committee. He can be reached at Instead, Hoffman has emerged as a polarizing figure in the party — as popular in San Francisco as he is despised in parts of Washington — according to four dozen interviews with friends, Democratic donors, operatives, and officials who have worked or spoken with him and his team. The campaign did not elaborate. On the Forbes 2019 list of the world's billionaires, Hoffman was ranked #1349 with a net worth of US$1.8 billion. “I’m new to political giving and have taken advice from a few people more experienced than me on where my donations can have the most impact,” explained Liew. The former vice president later reversed course after fundraising troubles, and the PAC began operations again. Why do some Democrats hate him? Some groups have flattered and courted second-tier Democratic donors just because they are known to be in touch with Hoffman’s team. “Reid’s point of view is that there’s a lot of stuff that’s not going to get done unless he does it,” said John Lilly, a close friend of Hoffman’s. Unite the Country did not respond to requests for comment. Open Sourced is made possible by Omidyar Network. The pro-Biden PAC was launched by D.C. fundraisers Mark Riddle and Matt Tompkins. Democrats aren’t the only ones spending big to help down-ballot candidates. Hoffman has indeed backed more than a dozen organizations led by people of color, such as the NAACP and Stacey Abrams’s Fair Fight. The Federal Reserve is supposed to be independent of political pressure, but lower interest rates would also stimulate Trump’s economy, which could conceivably hurt Democrats, too. A hub of all my posts and essays online. “A lot of people make money and then decide they should get involved in politics,” said Bradley Tusk, the strategist who worked on the effort with Hoffman’s team. Getting in front of the confederation is a priority for Democrats who need big money. Reid Hoffman has also made himself plenty of big enemies in the Democratic Party Democrats in Virginia remain incensed to this day, telling Recode that they feel Hoffman … Billionaire Reid Hoffman’s alleged role behind a misinformation campaign in Alabama could potentially hurt the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) mission to revamp the party’s data infrastructure. Democratic operatives across the board have detected a less hard-line tech billionaire after around 2018. Unite the Country has since poured millions into Iowa and Super Tuesday states. The political awakening of Silicon Valley in the Trump era can be explained through the political awakening of Reid Hoffman. The Forward Majority Action political action committee said Tuesday that it was adding $5.8 million to its effort to flip 18 state House districts, mostly in Dallas and Houston, that are either open or held by Republicans. And Acronym — one of Hoffman’s single largest bets — has drawn substantial fire from within the party both for its brand of advocacy journalism and for its extensive ties to the startup that fantastically bungled the Iowa caucuses. These sessions, which started after Trump’s election and haven’t previously been reported on, are just the tip of the spear of Hoffman’s fundraising machine. O’Rourke is a favorite target of the Texas GOP, which is trying to tie his positions to Democratic state House candidates. Tara McGowan, executive director of ACRONYM, said Hoffman and other billionaires "took a chance" on the group prior to its February meltdown. So he and the donors in his orbit began pushing the envelope and funding risky and unorthodox projects, making mistakes and enemies along the way. If Biden wins, Hoffman is poised to emerge as one of the sages of Silicon Valley’s new political moment. What the LinkedIn founder was not was an elite Democratic donor. It’s essential that all Americans are able to access clear, concise information on what the outcome of the election could mean for their lives, and the lives of their families and communities.


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