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Don’t look at it. Biographical Information Two spirits brought to rest fifteen years overdue. [2], However, the constant abuse that she received from her husband caused her to become mentally unstable, to the point that one day she finally snapped upon seeing Shoto's left side, which reminded her of Endeavor. Maybe I’d do it in he morning. Rei nói bà muốn Shoto được hạnh phúc và thực hiện những nhiệm vụ giải cứu mọi người, điều này giúp Shoto bỏ lại quá khứ và tiếp tục con đường trở thành anh hùng của mình. Michiko Neya It was just a news broadcast, until suddenly it turned to static, then a panicked male voice. Using my hands, I dig a hole, dropped the backpack into it, and covered it right back up. Suddenly my room was painted in shades of orange as her horrified screams echoed off of the walls. Inko Midoriya Age: 41. “Shoto...” it seemed to say. That day, I was more perky than usual.

English Voice I pried off really lid and fell backwards, gagging in shock and disgust. Fuyumi quan tâm tới mẹ mình như khi cô mang cho bà mấy bộ quần áo ấm. Search over 100,000 characters using visible traits like hair color, eye color, hair length, age, and gender on Anime Characters Database. In the manga, the Todoroki’s red hair is drawn black, Anywho, if touyas hair was colored in it would be super obvious he’s Dabi. Pretend it doesn’t exist, it’s not your business. i have a major headache but im halfway done with some of the parents. How his quirk went from a fire quirk that he could damage himself with I don't know. Shoto cũng rất thường xuyên thăm mẹ nhân những ngày rảnh rỗi. These are all points that have been probably made before. Happy reading. Hi, I’m Tsuyu. Enji Todoroki (Husband)Toya Todoroki (Son; deceased)Fuyumi Todoroki (Daughter)Natsuo Todoroki (Son)Shoto Todoroki (Son)Unnamed mother The criminal was never found, but I’m sitting here now preparing for their funeral.

Rei Todoroki Images, Toya Todoroki (Son; deceased)Fuyumi Todoroki (Daughter)Natsuo Todoroki (Son)Shoto Todoroki (Son)Unnamed mother. any parents you wanna see in my Polaroid style? Her voice sounded dry.

Community content is available under. Naturally, someone would just shrug and leave it be, but, me being me, I took it with me. Một ngày, bà kể lể với mẹ mình qua điện thoại về những chấn thương bà nhận được rồi bà nhận ra bản thân không thể nuôi dạy đứa con của mình nữa. [1], 'Boku No Hero Academia' Profile: Rei Todoroki, But you want to be a hero, right? I couldn’t sleep that night.

When I was awoken, it was Satsuki again at my bed. Bà luôn ủng hộ và bảo vệ cho Shoto. I managed to free the medium-sized wooden box from the earth. Băng (Chưa có tên cụ thể): Năng lực của Rei cho bà khả năng tạo ra băng. How Cool Would It Be If Dabi WASN'T Touya Todoroki. She said she heard screams from the backyard.

No I don’t.”, “You’re not telling me. “What? The next day, I walked over to my local police station and lead them to the box. My name is Nejire. Then Toya hid out for a long time, dyeing his hair black before hearing of Stain's idealology. When I got back to my home, my shoulders were sore from the backpack.

My family has always believed in water spirits. Bà một mực ủng hộ cậu, đưa cậu lời khuyên rằng cậu không cần trở thành nô lệ bởi chính giọt máu của mình và khuyến khích cậu trở thành người mà cậu muốn. Inside, sure enough, there were bones.

Also I’m doing day 5 rn. And then there was another wisp, this time on the other side. In the manga Touyas hair is white so it’s unlikely but in the anime it’s red so Rei seeing Shoto as Touya could also elicit a mental breakdown from her since she probably repressed all her guilt and trauma from seeing Touya be hurt and ‘presumably’ run away or commit suicide.

No answer. I was going to give my parents a proper burial. I noticed it was getting a bit dark already, and decided to take my siblings back. Endeavor(Enji Todoroki) Age: 46. the family. One day, the Tokyo Radio Broadcast Station was invaded by an armed criminal with a kitchen knife. First, we learn to never disturb the water spirits. Idk if i should tag anyone, so here it is, its very cute. This Quirk also gives her a liking for cooler weather. Excitedly, I pulled the bag open to...a black box.

Когда-то была доброй, заботливой и любящей своих детей матерью. There was no one there.

The three of us ventured into the backyard and further to the pond, and there was the man again. “GIVE ME MY DOLL! There’s a reason i don’t drink coffee or tea either, my sleep schedule is far too sensitive for that stuff, except for one day my friend Shota got me to try some. Yeet.

Shouto Todoroki Age: 15. D-Dad...?” It suddenly moved in a way as if perked up or relieved. “I need help,” it said, “there’s someone in here. It had a padlock on its zipper, so I’d have to pick it off when i got home. Dần dà, Rei bắt đầu mất đi sự tỉnh táo của mình bởi sự ngược đãi bà nhận từ Endeavor, bà cảm thấy đau khổ mỗi lần nhìn vào bên trái của Shoto vì nó gợi bà nhớ tới chồng mình. I also came up with a theory that’s probably unlikely but if Rei Todoroki was frightened of just Shoto’s left side she would be even more horrified at Touya since he looks completely like Endeavor and maybe this might be part of ‘what happened to big bro touya’. Rei không hề đồng tình với quá trình huấn luyện khắc nhiệt của Enji đối với Shoto và bà đã nhiều lần ngăn cản, nhưng cuối cùng chính bà lại bị ông hành hung. Izuku nods. What if we all trolled ourselves into believing Dabi is Touya Todoroki, when in reality he's not even related to the Todoroki family?

We don’t know for sure that they’re dead, but they haven’t been seen for fifteen years and eventually the police gave up the search. Wait. Hollow. Sometimes we catch fish or take fruit from there, but not without leaving the spirits a small offering so they don’t get too aggravated. This only piqued my interest more. Japanese Name I couldn’t sleep at all either, so I stayed up that night listening to broadcasts on the radio. Then, she burst out screaming and crying, at the same time bursting into flames. If Dabi and Shoto have a reunion, I doubt it would be a happy one since shoto only knows him as Dabi since he was so little when he ‘died’ and Endeavor kept him separate from his sibling. “Tsuyu, there’s someone in the pond,” Satsuki said.


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