rappers teeth before and after

She’d four porcelain veneers put on her front tooth to correct the irregularity. Pepa's daughter, Egypt, defended her mom's new curves on Instagram, writing, "my mom loves her body so if she's happy then I'm happy. Today, Lil' Kim — pictured here in 2018 — is happy with her new look and doesn't care what anyone has to say about it.

Like, no, it's makeup," the "Anaconda" rapper told "Extra" in 2013. He went from this: Back in 2011, Fab said that he was ready for a change.

She showed off her new bod and refined facial features at an event in Las Vegas on July 26, 2019. During an interview with TMZ, Kanye West revealed that he had undergone liposuction and was prescribed opioids to manage his pain during recovery. Bossip Comment Policy

The mother of two is well known for her trademark dimples, which she "encouraged" with facial piercings, she told talk show host Wendy Williams. Get the hottest music, news and videos delivered directly to your inbox. Kanye also shared that he got off the medication just before he was hospitalized amid a mental health crisis in November 2016. Gaps, chipped teeth, missing fangs, and all. So I had some of it taken out," Chyna, seen here in 2018, explained.

Meek Mill Rescues Cat Whose Head Was Stuck In A Can, Is Rick Ross About To Diss Birdman On His New Album. Jeannie Mai Forced To Leave ‘DTWS’ Following Hospitalization With Life-Threatening Condition, Megan Thee Stallion’s Ex-Bestfriend Breaking Silence On Tory Lanez Shooting, Farrah Abraham Off Probation Stemming from Beverly Hills Hotel Incident, Jeffrey Epstein's Infamous Palm Beach House Set for Demolition, Trump Takes Shots at Lady Gaga, Jon Bon Jovi and Jay-Z in Pennsylvania, Julianne Hough Files for Divorce from Brooks Laich. Being a regular black girl wasn't good enough." she told radio host Angie Martinez. Knifed Up: Did Reginae Carter Get A “Double D” Breast Augmentation??? He burst on the hip hop scene just one year ago, and already is one of the top selling artists. By Lauren Nostro. Keep reading to see how it turned out…, RELATED: Celebrity plastic surgery transformations. The "U.N.I.T.Y" rapper has always had a naturally large chest, which gave her crazy back pain. Blac Chyna opened up about her numerous plastic surgeries while chatting with talk show host Wendy Williams in May 2019. . The "Push It" rapper — seen here in February 2019 — is rumored to have gotten butt and hip implants, which some Internet trolls made sure to critique. Black women "I just got my boobs redone," she said. I was a little p—ed about that."

It's my body." "I went and got something done. Never underestimate just how much money can help to improve looks, particularly when it comes to teeth. Check out nine other stars who decided to have some work done on their teeth with end results that were pretty amazing. March 6, 2018.

She added to E! The hip-hop icon insisted that he went under the knife to correct a deviated septum.

She's pictured here sporting an enhanced look at the 2003 BET Awards. [Maybe a] reality show, ‘Fab Gets His Tooth Fixed.’”. If you are able to achieve some notoriety with a crooked tooth (or three), is it really worth it to try and fix your teeth down the line?

The former MTV VJ, pictured here with Larenz Tate and "Yo!

"I feel good, but then sometimes I feel like not, you know? There was nothing interesting about her tooth before celebrity cosmetic dentistry procedures. MTV Raps" co-host Doctor Dré in 1994, underwent a small tweak in the 2000s…. Share This Story. She added that before the surgery, she was, "An E or an F cup.

Lauren is a writer living in New York City. Like, they'll see contour and they'll think you had surgery on your nose. No, no, no, look at 'RuPaul's Drag Race' and you'll see how you can make your nose look any shape you want. Kim also told radio host Angie Martinez that she went under the knife after an abusive ex-boyfriend broke her nose.

The legendary rapper shaved down the tip of her nose and created more of a bridge, according to reports. Rapper TEKASHI 6IX9INE Gets Brand New TEETH . Denying it is lame." He walked out with a brand spankin' new smile (not that Tekashi's ever been shy about mugging for cameras). Chyna's cheeks aren't they only thing she's modified over the years….

But Iggy wasn't done enhancing her look…. "I shouldn't really be performing because moving too much is gonna f— up my lipo." "That surgery was the most pain I've ever been in in my life," she told Newsweek in 2000. Previously: Kid Cudi Got New Teeth. She’s whitened her teeth given her porcelain veneers. She reportedly underwent multiple nose jobs and skin bleaching procedures and got fillers and Botox injections. [laughs] This Internet world.

"It's not much but it's like — I'm used to having, like, a real tight stomach.

Fetty Wap reportedly dropped $80,000 to get his teeth done. White women get them every day. Kim — seen here in 2016 — explained her changing appearance during an interview with Newsweek. (At one point, she said, "I was like, 'This is just too much.'")

Oh, and you already know how pricey it can be to invest in dental upkeep.

Fake teeth on rappers is nothing new, but with fresh inductee Kid Cudi joining the ranks, we take a look at the Hip-Hop stars who love veneers. "But people made such a big deal about it. Celebrities often go under the knife for a little enhancement, and rappers are no exception. Advancements in modern medicine have allowed dentists to equip teeth with veneers for a stark whitening and straightening effect. ", Many celebrities choose to go under the knife for bigger breasts, but not Queen Latifah.

He burst on the hip hop scene just one year ago, and already is one of the top selling artists. ", Nicki Minaj was missing one of her signature "assets" when she made her debut on the hip-hop scene in the aughts…, Nicki Minaj — seen here in 2015 — reportedly got butt implants but has refused to either confirm or deny the rumors. I didn't quite want them to be this small. Blac Chyna, seen here with ex Tyga in late 2011, began her career as an exotic dancer before transitioning into the beauty business and, more recently, rapping.

Lil' Kim had her first plastic surgery procedure — breast implants — in the late '90s. Cardi opened up about her changing body seven weeks after she gave birth to Kulture in 2018. The rapper's rags to riches story has been nothing short of extraordinary. black entertainment news, parenting tips and beauty secrets that are specifically for black women. Just recently, rapper Fabolous, known for his crooked smile, reportedly dropped $40,000 to fix it. Chyna also revealed that she had liposuction on her famous bottom after she gave birth to her second child, Dream Kardashian, in 2016. Back in June, he dropped a new single called “Pretty Thang” that features his signature R&B vocals. Ed Lover — seen here in January 2019 — got a nose job, but it wasn't because he was vain. Tooth Art.

God, it's makeup, people. Seems like he’s still active in the music game.

Really beautiful women that left me thinking, 'How I can I compete with that?'

During an interview with "Entertainment Tonight" in May 2019, Cardi B revealed that she'd had another breast augmentation post-baby. Rappers With And Without Teeth Grillz Teeth grillz and hip-hop go hand in hand, but have you ever wondered what rappers look like when they haven't got their shiniest grills in? No Face rapper Ed Lover always looked fresh in the '90s. Here's video of him getting his new set of choppers: Reports say that The rapper hit up renowned Colombian dentist Dr. Mario Montoya in Cali, Colombia for a 5-hour veneers procedure Tuesday. Celebrity Teeth Before & After. Even if this is true, the teeth are still an integral part of any smile, as this article sets out to prove. The whole job? But that's not all Pepa had done…, "Pepa" debuted a whole new bottom half in May 2018. For these stars, it was something they felt was necessary.

The Queens-raised rapper has, however, spoken out about whether she's had any work done on her face. "I had plastic surgery because I was trying to look good for y'all," the rapper said in May 2018.


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