rachel ballinger and matt fanfic
She conceded, standing up quickly, almost tripping over her black peep toed heels in the process. "No!

Glee club was done because apparently it had lost three members in one day. Now put me down", He laughed with her but did as she asked, putting her on her feet but grabbing her hand.

"Matt and Mike both nodded and Britney was just happy everyone around her seemed happy so she grinned along with them all.

Work Search: asked Quinn "but I've been so mean to you".

"Why're you sitting here alone?" True to her word they arrived at the large almost mansion like Berry home, in very quick time, Rachel let them into the house quietly, both of her guest's realising they hadn't actually looked at the house on the weekend having arrived when the party was already in swing.

Mike said.

She is famous for her video No Thumbs Challenge. "Let's go then" Rachel urged leading the way to the garage door, where inside two cars sat. "Hey don't worry she's good with it" Mike reassured his best mate "she told me that Rachel is an amazing person and if you hurt her like Finn she'll kill you" he added in a low voice so Finn wouldn't hear. "Well I suppose it does sound more fun than an evening with my fathers." The duo checked out and headed to the parking lot and their car. Mike was bouncing around the room, like seriously five year old kid bouncing. Your review has been posted. The stranger, the teenager, Matt Sloan. It was very kind of you to save me from another night at home. "Me to Rach" he told her as she opened her locker he leaned in to put the books on the top shelf for her, coming very close to her face as he did so, swallowing he looked down at her lips and then back to his eyes, then back to her lips, not knowing what to do but knowing he wanted to kiss her so much, kiss me kiss me Rachel chanted in her head, making it easier for him, she moved a bit closer, Matt smiled in relief as she moved closer to him, he lowered his head and pressed his lips to hers, slowly he applied pressure to her lips before he slid his tongue out to slide along her bottom lip begging for entrance to her mouth, Rachel moaned a little and open her mouth for him, their tongues mixing together before they broke apart needing oxygen.

And with that, she flew up the stairs and out of the house without a second glance, calling a quick "Thank you for having me Mrs. Rutherford," At the women before dashing out of the house and into her fathers car. Finn sat on the other side of the two pretending not to listen to the two of them, but on the inside he could feel his blood boil. "Well, I certainly did!

She blushed.

So I kept telling myself to not start another story, unless it's a one shot, because I already have two I'm working on, New Semester and the sequel to Qualifications, but this idea started bouncing around in my head so I wrote the first chapter and the second is already started so looks like I'm doomed to start more lol. "Oh no, your son was perfectly polite, it's nice to meet you too. Rachel: I don't care, but I'm not going back to glee. he asked incredulously "but it's like two grand's worth of a car, it would be a bitch to insure anyone on it let alone a 17 yr old".

Britney came up first and threw her arms around her, "I'm so sorry they were mean to you Rachel!

Can we be friends?" She couldn't believe the nerve of her all of her so called friends and her teacher.

Last year I thought we all had finally gotten to a point where we were actually a group, all of us a sort of messed up family but now I realize Jesse was right about one thing.

she asked nervously, as Matt tightened his hold on her pulling her closer away from Finn. Mike suggested, placing a hand on Rachels arm. A Matt and Rachel fic, first one there was!

:P now complete :D. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. "Yeah, we were just going to go over to my house and watch some movies." "Besides you need to get out more without Finn.


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