pros and cons of popular vote

states to ratify the amendment. The NPVC It simplifies the voting process. of Congress…enter into any Agreement or Compact with another State.” Read the full article. In 2009, the Arkansas House of Representatives passed the bill. We have remedied the disenfranchisement of women, African Americans and many others since the days of the Continental Congress. Tenn. College of Law Legal Studies Research Paper Series 83, 13 With the current state-by-state winner-take-all system of awarding electoral votes (not mentioned in the U.S. Constitution, but later enacted by 48 states), it could only take winning a bare plurality of popular votes in only the 11 most populous states, containing 56% of the population of the United States, for a candidate to win the Presidency with less than 22% of the nation’s votes! Maryland Delegate Jon Cardin and Cato Institute scholar John Samples debate the national popular vote policy circulating in state legislatures. Only New Hampshire gets significant attention. Throughout our country’s history, we have been vigilant in expanding democracy, empowering individuals and correcting injustices through the ballot box. Among the 13 lowest population states, the National Popular Vote bill has passed in 9 state legislative chambers, and been enacted by 5 jurisdictions. That discussion can take place “comparing these two American institutions perfectly illustrates we why we need to get rid of the winner-take-all Electoral College rules and establish a fairer system of electing the president based on a national popular vote.”, The Current Electoral College is Like the World Series (Which is Why We Need to Change It), State. Among the Senators voting for the bill on its third reading on April 17, 2006, were 2 Republican Senators, Trump in June 2019 – Fox News interview standards will include current opponents of NPV and those opposing such

Protection claim. consent from Congress, or (2) the NPVC’s adverse impact on

The bill is ONLY about presidential elections. They can’t erase the electoral college and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress .


state law. U.S. 30, 55 (1986). U.S. 1 (1892), is instructive for interpreting this aspect of Article II Denver, CO 80230 state at any time before the electors vote. “seizes principle rather than power, and it shares power with the at 149. L.J. The diversity of the states limits the centralizing urges of the national government. Such material is made available in an effort to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc. This is a Members (including such future Republican presidents as Gerald Ford and Here are the key points. reforming our Presidential election system (it is not either).

about middle America and the well-being of the folks who live there. This would prevent one large, populous state from overly swaying a national election. . problems with the NPVC will invite litigation on a far greater scale—and

Norman Williams, Reforming the Electoral College: Federalism, Majoritarianism, and the Perils of Subconstitutional Change, winner of an election for a single member office is chosen directly by When and where voters are ignored, then so are the issues they care about most.


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