pros and cons of adventure sports pte essay

However, on the contrary, there are deluge of arguments that oppose this notion. 3. One of the most prominent aspect is that youngsters, nowadays, in the urge to make their life happening and to bring excitement and thrill in their sedantory lifestyle, consider these adventure sports the right choice. These sports require special training to play, but it is still riskier to put their life in danger. It is advisable to practice a lot before competing with others because practice makes one perfect. There are both benefits and drawbacks of these sports. At any moment if the situation goes against then the result is most expected the death. Like two sides of the coin, Adventure sports also have their share of pros and cons. Taking part in extreme activities will help one in overcoming the adrenaline rush. At any moment if the situation goes against then the result is most expected the death. 13. To recapitulate, extreme sports may cause fatal accidents. What do you think is the most important of them? If we are afraid of death, then our life will become hell. 19.. Travel to study is over rated, we have brilliant scholars who studied locally.

Sports considered one of the best source to make one’s mind fresh.

Essay – History & Literature Vs. Science... Reasons To Attend College Essay | PTE Essay. Positive and Negative effects of today’s communication. pros and cons of extreme/adventure sports PTE essay. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account.

OMG Its contain HI FI vocabulary i think…. “Value added by travel in Education Is travel a necessary component of education or not ? Keep on preaching more essay to get a good score, Your email address will not be published. They believe that every person has God gifted different qualities.

To begin with, there are a myriad of arguments in favour of my stance. 17 .“In a war of ideas, it is people who get killed”. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Explain with example. In under developed countries, tourism has disadvantages and can be said the opposite as well. Extreme Sports Essay.

Model Answer: Whenever I see a dangerous stunt in the movies, I get goosebumps. OR For example, by doing river rafting one overcomes his fear of … Learning a new language at an early age is helpful for children. It also helps overcome fear and builds physical and mental strength. What is your opinion? Non Governmental Organisations should come forward and spread awareness about how to enjoy these sports being safe.

One has to master own fears and enjoy the gifted life. There are many sports like football and cricket, which has seen the death of players on the field. But cricket and football are not extreme activities. Complete the topic within 20 minutes. Discuss your viewpoint and support your answer with examples and discussion point. The space tavel is fantastic these day and they are very fascinate towards its but there are many environmental problems in our planet we should resolve the problems or travel space and spend alot of money. Agree or Diagree? To what extent do you agree or disagree? 8. Create a free website or blog at For instance, ice skiing is a technique to transport in some countries with heavy snow and pilots have to learn skydiving as survival skills in order to escape when an accident happens. you can send this topics to my email id as well : Sports are a great way of having fun which provides us new experiences. Exercise Or A Balanced Diet To Health? Some sports like skiing and skydiving are actually risky in nature but in certain circumstances, they are necessary. pros and cons of extreme/adventure sports PTE essay. What is your opinion about this? 12. Discuss. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. My first reaction is, “Is this possible.” So the seeds of excitement have increased by curiosity to attempt the stunt. Support it with personal examples…. Model Essay: The adventure sports were there before as well but only limited to the defense purposes. PTE Sample Test 14 – Reading (Re-order Paragraphs)... PTE Academic Listening (Highlight Correct Summary)... PTE Sample Test – Listening (Multiple-choice... PTE Speaking – Retell Lecture Practice Sample 5, Essay On, Adventure Sports, Whitewater And River Rafting.

Pros and cons of extreme/ adventurous sports. *** Important – PTE Academic has been repeating Extreme Sports Essay for quite long now. Education is the biggest barrier in my learning – Einstein. 11.Communication has changed significantly in the last 10 years. Will scholar sitting at home have more knowledge than one who travels ? Moreover, this risk-taking factors helps in tackling stressful situations in our routine life. Explain why you picked up the particular area for your study?


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