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The annual Wairere UK ram sale is back for another year! Scottish Wool   Please get in touch with Chris and Caroline on the details above to book a place, and also for a copy of the ram list prior to the sale. Although this breed originated from the Romney marsh in Kent it is the most widespread sheep in the world, common in South Africa, the Falkland isles, and Australia. So at weaning the lambs are wormed  and treated with Selenium and cobalt bolus, which  lodges in the sheep’s stomach and releases the required elements over several months. Small amounts of washed fleece from different breeds & Alpaca, https://www.facebook.com/ParkFarmAppletrees/, Special products using unique qualities of wool, Home Furnishings and Furniture in British Wool, Assessing a Fleece for buyers and sellers, History of the Woolsack and UK Wool trade, Woolsack Inspire Project for the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games, the people and stories behind the cushions.

Updated May 2019 "Texture is the fabric of my life" there is no place for static, smooth surfaces. We are able to process this into rovings and felting batts on request. The natural (undyed) colours range from black through greys and moorit to champagne and occasionally white. First cross Lincoln x Merino ewes were backcrossed to Merino rams to produce "comeback" progeny (3/4 Merino: 1/4 Lincoln) and then interbred to produce the Polwarth animals. Farnell Farm  Portland fleeces. It’s a highly skilled and back breaking job, but one that is vital for the welfare of the sheep.

I don’t use any chemicals on my sheep. In Devon most of the shearing is completed in May and June. The Cotswold Breeders Association is an organization formed to preserve and promote the breed, provide registration for all purebred Cotswolds, both white and colored, and provide information and support for mutual benefit of all members and breeders. Polwarth sheep originated in Australia in the 1800s (in fact it is their centenary year this year!)

There you will find a wider variety of breed specific yarns offered. A quality unwashed fleece with most off the dirty bits removed. Polwarth sheep have strong bodies are are great mums, with a high ratio of twins, Yarn made from Polwarth has less shrinkage than Merino, and garments made from it have beautiful drape, Polwarth fibre has been counted as low as 19 microns, though is usually found in the 22-27 micron range (very soft!). I suggest Clara Parkes‘ book The Knitters Book of Wool for more information on the various breeds of sheep out there. This early shearing keeps the fleeces clean and free from the debris.

With the priority being in lamb production the lambs are weaned away from the ewes in the middle of July.

They have become popular in areas previously considered too wet and cold for Merinos, and also to provide a dual meat / wool option.

Also on hand you will find value added products.

Olwen Veevers  My specialist sheep flock is mainly Corriedale based.

Polwarth is a crossbreed of Merino and Lincoln sheep, developed in the 1880’s. Cotswold Vale Alpacas  We have alpaca fleeces for sale, various colours and quality, suitable for spinning and felting, we can proivde various amounts and qualities, for whatever you are planning to do. These flies lay their eggs in the wool, the lavae or maggots that then hatch begin to eat into the skin of the sheep with devastating results. Fax: 0064 03 6892704 An animal born and bred on the farm will have an immunity to many of the bugs and infections that are present there, Since we have ‘closed’ the Borough farm flock (stopped buying in replacement sheep) We have seen a marked reduction of problems such as Foot infections, Orf, Mastitus, Contagious abortion, Watery mouth and Joint ill in the lambs. Mudchute Farm Rare breed wool, Reared and Sheared on the Isle of Dogs. The flock grazes over 160 acres of Borough farm, plus 260 acres of coastal ground rented from the National Trust, around the village of Mortehoe. Not only do sheep become overheated if they are not shorn, the are also attacked by blow flies. LittleFfarm Dairy  Ffarm Fach’s flock of Shetland/Ryeland ewes offer a number of fine-quality fleeces for sale.

However they are unregistered hence the price. Rampisham Hill Farm  Dorset Down, Poll Dorset and Exmoor Horn as raw and washed fleece. Contract shearers will charge around £1.00 to shear a sheep, while the value of the fleece is around £1-20. Polwarth is a luxury fibre without the hype of merino, but it is every bit as wonderful - if not more so! For hundreds of years wool was a highly valued commodity, with many towns around the country built on the wool trade. Isle of Auskerry - Whole unwashed North Ronaldsay fleeces, whole washed fleeces, washed & combed fleece.

Thanks Mairtin.

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The real benefit of the Romneys is their ability to thrive on poor grazing and in some exposed and harsh conditions, on the cliffs of Mortehoe it is these qualities that are of most importance. The Polwarth is a dual-purpose sheep, developed in Victoria, Australia in 1880. We are breeders of sheep in Scotland and specialise in fleece for handspinners.

From shop HearthsideFibers.

We really hope to see some new faces and of course our returning clients... Wairere UK are pleased to announce the appointment of Pierre Syben from Wairere in New Zealand as our assistant for  Ram Sales & prospective Clients. We hand shear the sheep ourselves and carefully prepare each fleece for sale. Puddles, the kitchen lamb, March 2010 Even with this precaution all my fleeces are carefully picked over before sale to remove any vegetable matter and to inspect them for quality. Please note that all prices EXCLUDE shipping.

This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Online ordering, The Risby Flock of Pedigree Lincoln Longwools  Whole & part fleeces & washed locks, Williams Wools  3 Kirkland, Kendal Cumbria, LA9 5AF

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Middletown Farm has been the home of our pedigree flocks of Shetland and Ryeland sheep for over 25 years.

By this stage the lambs have no need of the ewes and have become competitors for the same grass. Polwarth cope much better in wet weather, they lamb readily, and the increased staple length (the length of wool that grows per season) and the lovely lustre of the wool, makes them the perfect match for soft, fluffy, allergy free Alpaca in our Bohemia yarn.

Hebridean Isles Trading Company Fleeces from Blackface & Hebridean sheep on Colonsay (Island on the Edge) Online ordering. Beilidu Manx Loaghtan Sheep  Beilidu Manx Loaghtan fleeces weigh approximately 1kg (2lbs) unwashed, from which a soft woollen spin with demi-lustre can be produced. The lambs are moved to the best grass on the farm, where as the ewes are quite capable of maintaining their condition on the sparsest of grazing.

They are big, strong, healthy boys sired by a top EBV ram. What isn’t so great about Merino sheep- especially in the North Island of New Zealand, is that they don’t tolerate wet conditions, and their fleece is prone to felting in damp weather. The Borough Farm flock number 700 breeding ewes plus their  900 lambs. Timber sheep feed barriers 3 x 3.6 m 2x 2.4 various other ones will do a run of 20/25 meters or various combinations Complete with 10 x metal post that screw to concrete floor It has always been our intention to give you our valued clients the best possible service & attention. Preventing blowfly ‘strike’ on the sheep flock is one of the biggest tasks for a shepherd over the summer. Our location 10 kilometers from the township of Waimate in the central South Island of New Zealand gives us the ideal climate to produce top quality fleeces from our four breeds of sheep, Merino, Polwarth, Corriedale and Romney. We hand shear the sheep ourselves and carefully prepare each fleece for sale. The fleeces reflect the natural colours of the sheep in the flock.

The quality of grazing along the coast of North Devon is notoriously poor, although there is plenty of grass through the spring, the thin soil means that the grass can ‘burn’ during a dry summer. Contact information on website. However, through careful selection of replacement ewe- lambs, we hope to increase the number of lambs born each year. There is a gorgeous black Polwarth x Corriedale which I kept for myself last year, and lots of supersoft Merino x Polwarth first shearings too. We are able to provide a door to door service anywhere in the world on any order big or small. The annual Wairere UK ram sale is back for another year!

Please get in touch with Chris and Caroline on the details above to book a place, and also for a copy of the ram list prior to the sale. These are ideal for handspinning & are available in a variety of natural colours. In wet and cold weather there is enough space to house most of the flock in a large barn. Telephone: 0064 03 6892704 The most popular color? South Yeo Farm West  Torddu Badgerface, Torwen Badgerface and Whiteface Dartmoor fleeces.


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