pathfinder uniform pins

1 year pin - TLT - RESTRICTED ITEM - CALL IN ADVANCE! Recognition/award Insignia are emblems indicating class achievement, position, or special achievements in conduct or service. Learn More, GC Reconciled Pathfinder 70th Anniversary Pin, GC Reconciled World Pathfinder Day 2020 Pin, GC Reconciled World Pathfinder Day 2020 Pin (Español), GC Reconciled World Pathfinder Day 2020 Pin (Gold Edition), GC Reconciled World Pathfinder Day 2020 Slide, 70th Year Anniversary Dominican Republic Union Pin, 70th Reconciled World Pathfinder Colombia Slide, Maranatha Guadalajara Pathfinder Camporee 2020 Pin, Dominican Union Virtual Pathfinder Camporee 2020 Pin, Dominican Republic Union Pathfinder Reconciled Scarf & Slide (Red), Dominican Republic Union Pathfinder Reconciled Scarf & Slide (Black), Trans European Division Camporee Patch 2006 Denmark, British Union World Pathfinder Day Anniversary Pin 70 Years, Scottish Mission Adventurer & Pathfinder Patch, GNYC Adventurer Virtual Camporee Pin & Patch (Bundle), El Salvador Union 70th Anniversary Reconciliado pin, GNYC Virtual Pathfinder Camporee 2020 Pin & Patch (Bundle), GNYC Virtual Pathfinder Camporee 2020 Patch, GNYC Virtual Pathfinder Camporee 2020 Pin, Pathfinders of America Stars & Stripes T-Shirt, Texas Conference Chosen 2019 Camporee Pin Collection, Kenyan California Pathfinder Reconciled Pin, Pathfinder, Master Guide & Adventurer Club Heart (Pin Set), Largest Human Cross & Pathfinder Scarf World Record Pin Set (Bundle), Largest Human Cross & Pathfinder Scarf World Record Medals Pin Set (Bundle), British Union Pathfinder Scarf & Pin (Bundle), Chosen 2019 Pathfinder Interamerican Flag Pin, Chosen 2019 Pathfinder LED Camera Pin (Black), Official British Union Pathfinder Conference Pin, The Battle is the Lord’s Giant 6 Piece Puzzle Pin Set, Pathfinder North American Division Chosen 2019 Pin, Chosen David & Goliath Pathfinder 2019 (Pin Set), Pathfinder Soccer Ball Spinner Bundle (Pin Set), Chosen Pathfinder Camporee Santiago De Los Caballeros (Dominican Republic ), Chosen 2019 Pathfinder Camera Set (Bundle), GNYC Chosen 2019 Freedom Pin (BRAZIL ONLY), Pathfinder Chosen Sneaker Pin (United States), Pathfinder Chosen Sneaker Pin (Australia). This is worn on the left side of shirt, blouse, or dress above the pocket.

When all Pathfinder classes and the Master Guide course have been completed, the Master Guide Star and all the individual chevrons may be worn. Sort By. Pathfinder triangle emblem. Not more than one option may be worn and must be standard within the organization level selecting in.

It represents an ideal and a standard. The founders of Pinfinder Club grew up as Pathfinders and understood at a young age the importance of discipline, teamwork and falling in love with Christ.

These are worn on the right sleeve of the shirt/girl’s blouse, and dress uniform jacket ½-inch (1.2 cm.)


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