palmer's rochester weekly ad
Have been to Palmer's many times, and it never disappoints.Have eaten here a couple of times and the food is always good.

Not low, but not sky high either.

Available at Palmer’s for the Holiday Seasons. All trademarks are properties of their respective owners.

We found some pork and beef, though, and purchased that. Palmer's Direct To You Market, Blanched Haddock (after 11am on Friday only), And always, our House Made Tartar Sauce and Garlic Butter. 2008-2020 © Zomato™ Pvt Ltd. All rights reserved. Our butchers will cut, trim and package your selection to your liking, never at any additional cost. Everything was fresh and delicious. Allowing only “A” maturity beef from cattle harvested younger than 30 months of age ensures desirable tenderness, superior color, finer texture and superior firmness.

It’s not simply an advertising slogan - Our customers have been making that choice again and again since we first opened our doors in 1850. I go here a lot for meat and seafood but never had lunch. I did not finish mine my husband tried it and said it tasted different and worse than his.

We walked in the line was out the door and I started to panic because I need to get back to work. is fresh but you can tell it's frozen.

Join Chef Brian and the Palmer Crew for one or all of our fun and educational culinary classes.

Lori's is an AMAZING organic grocery store. The items looked great.

Raised by dedicated family farmers, products are known for their wholesome flavor. Our strict standards and timely deliveries guarantee an unparalleled degree of freshness, insuring that our seafood tastes like it came straight from the net to your dinner table. We get ribs, steaks, and seafood all the time. My scallops were very over-cooked/rubbery and my lobster bisque had not ONE piece of lobster in it (or any seafood for that matter.) Only the top 3% of beef is elite enough to earn the brand’s Prime label. Since Palmer’s sells to the finest restaurants, our buying power allows you to experience restaurant quality at wholesale prices.

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But now they've expanded with a new large retail outlet where they also have a restaurant. Some kind of blackened seasoning? Kevin got the clam chowder (as always!) The fish is perfectly cooked and falls apart and the breading has a nice crunch, doesn't get very mushy.I highly recommend coming here if you're looking for a nice and reasonably priced piece of meat or seafood, or a quicks and fresh lunch or dinner.Pro Tip: I know for a fact they have crown roast. When I did receive mine it was awful. Plus for some reason I wasn't hungry for the many options of sandwiches that they have here. So when/if we go to Rochester to visit my brother or sister...we ALWAYS get to Lori's...because it's a must for me lol.While my mom and I are in there, my Dad will go to Palmers. Rochester, NY 14623.

Just Calamari! Find sales on grocery, electronics, household essentials and more today in this week's Meijer circular. It is worth the wait, and having to wait like a vulture for the elderly to exit their seat. Hands down...Palmers sells the best fish in Rochester! We don’t just want you to like doing business with us … we want you to love doing business with us. Sign up to receive emails regarding cooking classes, our weekly flyer, exclusive shopping nights.

Paired up with french fries and some buns, it all worked out just fine. Yum! Unlike many conventional farms, antibiotics are never administered. Went in for a lobster tail and got what I needed fast. But there are meat cases, a freezer case, and a prepared foods area lining the outer edge of the store. Mountaire Farms ranks at the top of the industry in customer satisfaction. Palmer Foods Response to COVID-19 READ MORE. I had never eaten here before so I thought it would be great to try it. I didn't even know they had prepared foods!?!

Well the line ended up being so quick it didn't matter.

Think of the most wonderful steak you have ever had at a local restaurant. Stop by and browse to our extensive collection of Fine wines and Spirits. Another option is to buy the fresh meat or seafood, take it home and cook it up yourself.I recommend Palmers direct more.


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