ori and the blind forest sunken glades

Located somewhat near Swallow's Nest (the true first area), it is here that a weak and dying Ori is revived by the Spirit Tree's light. Do you already have the perk unlocked that shows you all collectibles on the map? aune. Location: After passing the second row of flower energy projectiles, wall jump up above the flower to the left. Copyright © After leaving the tunnel, Ori will find a tiny light, abandoned and stagnant in a small patch of grass. You can now use it to attack enemies with the Spirit Flame as well. When Ori picks it up, its strength returns and introduces itself as Sein, the light and eyes of the Spirit Tree. When it drops, bash off from it to hit the second hanging enemy with Spirit Flame to cause it to drop. Location: At the bottom of the lake near the first Spirit Gate, there is a tunnel that you can swim through to get the energy cell. When you reach the pond, charge jump (or light burst) up to the small hanging platform. Then, bash across the hanging enemies to reach the ability cell. Secrets. Make sure absolutely no "fog of war" is left on the map in the area. The Sunken Glades is a location in Ori and the Blind Forest, the first non-prologue area that Ori can explore. 8 Location: In the area with a lot of flower energy projectiles, go to the very top-left corner of the area. Continue pushing the boulder towards the laser beam until you reach the end and climb on top of the boulder to reach energy cell. Then, go down the tunnel to get the Spirit Light Container. ty < > Showing 1-15 of 20 comments . Image Location: Go to the area containing the flower enemies. Sep 29, 2019 @ 7:22am sunked glades 99% i've searched everwhere yet i still have 99%, any players who had similar problems? Here you can save your game and warp to other locations if you’ve already unlocked them. 5. Location: Jump across the pond through the underground. Head to the west, drop down to the wooden log and into the cave for the first secret which contains a Spirit Light Container for extra Ability Points. Go through the thorny tunnel until you reach the top (in the Definitive Edition, you need to throw a light grenade at the torch located to the upper right corner of the tunnel to open the barrier. Then, jump on top of the giant mushroom and jump to the other mushrooms on the left. To the east you can pick up another Keystone. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Top Contributors: Terrence S, RandomChievos, KoffeeGuy + more. Jump across to the right to find the last secret of the level.

Location: From under the Rotating Spikes, enter the little cave in the very bottom. It is possible to get the ability cell without using Charge Jump. In the third row of the flower energy projectiles, use Bash on an energy projectile to boost up to get the ability cell.

Now jump on top of the log and pick up the tiny light, which is the light of the Spirit Tree which will guide you along the way. Skills needed: Wall Jump (and maybe Charge Flame). Jump up the tree to the left and grab another Spirit Light Container. Bounce on the blue bounce pad and make your way up back to where you found the first secret of the level. Jump up and to the east and open the Spirit Gate. Location: When entering Spirit Caverns for the first time, go down to where you see the first Map Stone and the item will be located to the right. Skills needed: none (Light Burst if playing the Definitive Edition). Note: Getting this item requires the water to be clear.

Jump up and over the swinging logs to the west for another Keystone. It's just the map and collectibles, although some collectibles are hidden in secret areas.

In the Definitive Edition, it is in a different location. Push the boulder into the hole to block the laser beam. © Valve Corporation. Ability Cells Secrets After leaving the tunnel, Ori will find a tiny light, abandoned and stagnant in a smal… ". Location: After passing the Rotating Spikes, wall jump up above the boulder.

Location: In the area where you start the game, use Kuro's Feather to float up to the right to reach the spirit light container (you can also use light burst to reach it in the Definitive Edition). You can FULLY backtrack even through there. It is in this area that Ori learns about Ancestral Trees …

Use the boulder to jump up onto the ledge above the secret area. Spirit FlameWall Jump

Location: At the pond near the entrance to Moon Grotto, open the energy gate using 4 energy points to obtain the ability cell.


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