onimusha soul absorber use
It's now Samanosuke's turn to explore the West Area. Return to the main room and go through the south door. In fact, head back outside and backtrack down the path a bit to find Flourite #11 in the previous section of this level hiding along the right wall.

Right above the chest hidden in the shelf is Flourite #3. To beat it is easy.

Now start to make your way back to the keep killing plenty of monsters along the way.

Unlocked Samanosuke 'Panda Costume' Now head around to the door around the next corner and enter the long room lines with pottery. Switch off to your Raizan to unleash devastating lighting attacks until he is dead. Use all you sword power from Enryu to Shippu. Continue following the path past the well (w).

Kaede heads down one path while you choose to investigate the other. Make your way to the other end blocking as necessary until you are in dagger-range of the archer. When you are ready you can go through the gate. Stick close to the east wall to avoid the shooting jets of fire. Keep your distance from his powerful club and always back up a good distance before trying to absorb any Soul Energy he releases as you beat on him. You meet up with Kaede just in time to solve a crafty puzzle that just so happens to require two people. Defend and power.

You must have 10 Fluorites before you get this item or you will not get them back. So, you don't have to load back at the beginning when you forgot to save.

After you complete each level you are offered the choice to continue deeper into the Dark Realm or return to the surface. Forcing the demons into the flames is a great way to kill them with very little combat. This is a very challenging set of 20 levels where you will fight every type of monster in the game. Another zombie attacks from the side. After finishing the game, save and start a new game. Ultimate mode Kill them quickly and follow the path making sure to get the Kunai on the outside of the turn. Kaede is armed with only a dagger and some throwing knives, so her attacks are not as deadly. 1Peasant ZombiesNone Arashi Orb - Opens sealed Green Doors and enables Wind Magic. 6Spiked DemonsFlourite #18 You can also smash the wooden panel on the wall to reveal Journal #4. It is now time for you to begin your quest and fulfill your destiny as an Onimusha Warlord.

Combat and Inventory Remember to go into your inventory to equip this new item. Statue Head - Used to open passage to Matchlock. The first small room has a Magic Mirror and a ladder that leads up to a loft with Flourite #16. Talisman - For reviving your character (Samanosuke or Kaede) Exit the Keep and get the Red Key from the injured soldier along the way.

There are also demons and a Samurai down on the ground level.

This time he is much more powerful and also has a large shield that protects him. What is 'Soul'?

After you have finished saving and enhancing you can return to the large room, which is freshly populated with new demons. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Whenever you stand on an x you will be trapped and all of the tiles will drop away diagonal to your current square.

Use the Magic Well to power-up your sword then do a Flame attack to light the candles. Hold R1 and keep hitting Square button. Meanwhile, I will continue with the mission at hand. Follow the branching path back around to a door and enter the next room. Raizan: This sword is able to deliver damaging lightning attacks.

Head to the archery area and kill more demons then climb the ladder and slash your way to the door. Flourite 12

Go to the south wall and locate the rope (r) and slash it with your sword to cause the scales to tip. Continue through the next gate and follow the path leading to the roaring waterfall. 10.In the West Area as Samanosuke,after exiting the Buddha room,turn left to locate the sparkling object.

You can never kill them all as the Queen will always summon new monsters. (found: 1) - soul absorber - When this is used, a circle appears on the ground. What is 'Magic Mirror'?

17Blue Undead Samurai/Red Undead SamuraiNone Dark Realm Arena Take the passage leading north and note the chest in the alcove to the right.

He would now dead. Decorated Arrow - Used to get Great Arrow and Green Key. Stage 4 - Nothing. After you have defeated your "evil self" you can head into the next chamber and get the Wooden Ladder and the Evil Plate from the two chests.

Enter and get the Genbu then open the chest for some Bullets and smash the wood panel to find the East Area Map.

One or two blasts with your Thunder attack should send this creature back to the underworld and you are free to take the Plenty of demons and zombies are waiting to ambush you including several archer zombies on the rooftops.

Throughout the game you will need to upgrade both the Orbs and these Swords using the Soul Energy you collect from your defeated foes. Now you can head through the door in the west wall just south of the ladder.

Stage 17 - Fluorites. When sucking up soul, you're wide open to painful attacks. Both Swords and Orbs can be upgraded to a maximum of Level 3. Circle strafing is your best tactic for this battle.

Kill them all then head to the right to search the short dead end hall. Samanosuke will blow the flute and the door at the right will now open. Crack the seal on the red door and head north. Have some fun shooting down the zombie archers from the rooftops as you return to the keep. Go to dark realm

Hold R1 and keep hitting Square button.

Flourite 9

Hold R1 and keep hitting Square button.

He says nothing then vanishes. Now you can play the Oni-Spirits mini game.

It is very helpful in locating the Fluorites.

And finally, if any of these creatures are present while you are fighting other monsters they will absorb their Soul Energy before you can.

Crest Piece (Left) - Part of key to access upper levels of the Keep.

Return to the street and head across to the south door and enter. Follow the walkway killing the insects that leap out of the water and attack.

Missing Magic Jewel Location Once inside you can get the Gold Plate and smash the crates to reveal another Herb in the corner. Hold R1 and keep hitting Square button. Go through the broken railing to get onto the roof and finish off the remaining ninja in one of the coolest moonlight battles ever.


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