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Like the film noire protagonists that serve as the character's inspiration, Max Payne just can't ever seem to catch a break and endures one crushing tragedy after another. Sure enough, SH2 has an ending where you find out that a headset-wearing dog at a control panel is the source of all the terrible things in the game. The island becomes a war-torn place. He can’t shake them, and, eventually, he goes ahead and destroys all life. He goes ahead with his plan to destroy the wheel unabated. Freelance writer. Yozora is the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts III. Your "reward" for that hard work is to see the game's bad ending, where your fiance, Sophie, turns into a zombie. One of the reasons that a lot of people preferred Diddy Kong Racing to Mario Kart 64--and some would say, all Mario Kart games--is that it actually had a real story mode, rather than racing against the CPU being the only "solo mode." After all, how can you possibly pay off a game that people have poured dozens--sometimes hundreds--of hours into in a way that satisfies everyone? That's right: KH2's "secret ending" is little more than a sneak peek at the then-upcoming PSP sequel Birth By Sleep. But there is one ending, known as the "Complete Failure" ending, that you can basically only get by doing absolutely nothing other than getting out of and going back to bed every day for an entire in-game year. Finishing Max Payne 2 on the hardest level, which cruelly limits your number of saves, results in the only ending of the game where new flame Mona Sax is still alive at the end. Sure enough, SH2 has an ending where you find out that a headset-wearing dog at a control panel is the source of all the terrible things in the game. Netflix's latest original movie Secret Obsession stars Brenda Song (Suite Life of Zack and Cody) and Mike Vogel (Bates Motel) trapped in a stalker-thriller of the good-bad, just-trashy-enough variety. And what dies does not come back.’, Result: Eothas disperses his essence across the world, humanity rebuilds.

Our content guidelines prohibit us from fully explaining what happens in this ending, but let's just say Hannibal Lecter would enjoy it. Well, you can't, at least not with a single ending.

To get this ending, you have to first get the game's four normal endings, then find a dog house, get the key, and use it in the Observation Room of Lakeview Hotel. There is no other way to put it: Nier is a weird, weird game. Eothas also frees you from the burden of being The Palid Knight’s little helper, and with your advisal hands over stewardship of the realm to Berath, god of doors and cycles. Eothas takes no pleasure in using his vast power to extinguish your soul and absorb it into his own form, but if you push him he’ll do it nonetheless. A dark and violent ending for Port Maje can be achieved if you let part-member Maia complete her spying gig, and finish the game with no single faction in charge of the island. Before Stardew Valley, even before Animal Crossing, there was Harvest Moon. The walkthrough is preceded by the most important tips, there is also a chapter that helps find secrets and finders, and end the game in 100%. All we can do that future post-Kojima entries are more Metal Gear Rising and less Metal Gear Survive. Result: Instantly killed, Eora remains in chaos. First of all, the following Guide is a complete walkthrough. ), is a secret ending exclusive to Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix. Cattle choke on dust. Silent Hill 2 remains one of the most acclaimed horror games in history. Trigger: Xoti is in a relationship with the player, Result: The two of you continue a long distance relationship. No problem, right? What's a Rare game without having to collect tons of trinkets and doodads, after all?

And voila: What should've just been a throwaway joke ending is actually the canonical introduction to a whole new game franchise. Nice of her. To do this, "all" you need to do is beat Lavos the first time you ever encounter him. Here’s where it gets tricky. So you can either devote the rest of your life to discovering them all unaided like a CRPG monk, or read this. And as such, it also had multiple endings, with only one being the "real" finale. Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire is an enormous game and its many ending states are relatively complicated. Being a reasonably benevolent being, Eothas is receptive to your plea to help humanity, and so disperses the gajillion souls he’s being carrying around in that giant luminous adra and sends all that knowledge out to centres of learning and academia across the world. Video game endings are a tricky thing. Another Guardian of Light is the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. And if you manage to get an astounding 99,999 coins, Wario will be able to literally buy the moon in the game's secret, most final ending. MGSV's Nuclear Disarmament ending is especially difficult because it requires the cooperation of, well, everyone who plays the game. In the first game, getting the 108 "stars" was all that was needed to see the true ending. said the world's most clueless marketing executive. See more. Complicated stuff, love onboard an adventurer’s ship with a bunch of single folks. Lockdown magic – how to introduce your household to Magic: The Gathering. These secret endings have been around since the first Kingdom Hearts and have continued to be a main staple of the series and have been included in almost every game. Before it was just a syndicated game show with a revolving door of hosts that you probably only watch now when it's on in a restaurant or the waiting room at the doctor's office, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? D’aww. Result: Peace and prosperity on Port Maje. Skip the Splintered Reef entirely and its inhabitants will continue to operate nefariously, luring in vessels to their doom in order to extend their already unnatural lifespans. First, you have to beat the game three separate times.

Obsidian don’t lay the body count stats out for you, but that’s certainly the inference. However, this has some unexpected knock-on effects for the Deadfire archipelago. Gone. With all eyes now on Ukaizo, Neketaka falls into disrepair, and the Deadfire Trading Company start getting pretty cavalier about their adra mining, which spells bad news for the Rauataians and Huana, who are too busy scrapping for Ukaizo to stop them pillaging their existing lands. To stay up to date with the latest PC gaming guides, news, and reviews, follow PCGamesN on Twitter and Steam News Hub. However, you typically have at least a little wiggle room to waver a bit during the course of a game so long as you're firmly on a given "side" by the end. And that's just the official canon--going down the rabbit hole of the various alternate endings in a given KH game is a whole other matter entirely.

It happens five minutes into the game, for starters. At this point in the game, the protagonist is all messed up which makes his chances of taking out this entire squad difficult, but if he does, the player gets a secret epilogue in which he forgoes his chance at atonement. Oof. It goes without saying, but there’ll be spoilers ahead and reading the conclusions to such a grand story in this blunt form is always going to detract from the drama. The fact that there's such a goofy ending to such a serious game would be like having Requiem For A Dream end with a fun dance number. While the game's main ending only seems to play out one way, the player is faced with a choice after the credits: To surrender to the soldiers he encounters or decide to take them all on.

Result: Minimise Eothas’s damage, Deadfire remains conflicted. This is the ‘good’ ending to the main questline, and in order to achieve it you really just have to avoid the two triggers above. Which Blade & Soul Astromancer build is right for you. What we will do, however, is tell you how to get "Ending E," which requires that you first get the other four endings, and then obtain all 65 of the game's weapons. He may return to Dyrwood and preach Eothas’ virtues, or return disillusioned and spread atheist sentiment. "Kids like Sonic, kids like GTA...so let's combine them!" Oh, and also not continue at all.

With Governor Clario and Storm Speaker Ikawha both taken out, the Vailians and Huana turn on each other. And it stands to reason that such a bizarre game would have one of the strangest endings in video game history. One of several possible conclusions to Eder’s story is that after Eothas has his way with the wheel, he seeks out his old flame’s son Bearn and teaches him how the gods were all just a silly illusion designed to control honest working folk. Fewer highs, fewer lows. Signs of What's Next is the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. There is one ending, however, that has nothing to do with the game's story. As soon as multiple endings were conceived of, so too were endings that were particularly difficult to get. There. Blank Points is the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix. If you take too long entering your name, choosing the number of players, or choosing a Fastest Finger question, Regis will get so angry that he'll chastise you before literally closing out the entire game. While the hardest ending to get in a game is most commonly the best or "true" ending, this isn't always the case, as sometimes there is some kind of offbeat secret ending that requires the most work to get. But he has never gotten a prize quite like the one he acquired in his first-ever solo adventure. Then, of course, you had to beat final boss Wizpig in the first race. Called the "Dream Project" ending after the development team being (rightfully) referred to as a dream team, you can actually see and talk to in-game versions of many of the legendary people who worked on the game. total paths through the game that it would take to get the initial ten endings and then the 11th "true" ending would take someone losing a bet and then never again speaking to the person they made the bet with. So, it’s come to this, has it? Sometimes multiple endings are pretty cut and dry - there is the "good ending" and the "bad ending." It stands to reason that a game with such a title will put you through the ringer to get any sort of ending whatsoever, and that is definitely the case here. To play even one level of Shadow the Hedgehog to completion takes either a super-hardcore fan or a complete masochist. If you play the original PC version of Millionaire, you'd better be on your game, because host Regis Philbin isn't here for your dilly-dallying. In the closing sequence, the narrator paints a picture of your life in stasis within Eothas, and it’s not great: ‘You dimly perceive a world in chaos, souls hanging in the balance. We mentioned in the introduction that sometimes that hardest-to-unlock ending to a game is the only canonical ending. Secret Ending refers to a secret video or cutscene that is unlocked after completing certain prerequisites in the Kingdom Hearts series and viewed after beating the main campaign in the games. Birth by sleep is the secret ending video to Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix and a follow-up to "The Gathering", the secret ending video to the original Kingdom Hearts II. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Trigger: Convince Eder the gods aren’t worth it, save Bearn and dissuade him from the Lighted Path, Result: Eder returns to Bearn and raises him as his uncle.

There is a death mini-game in Five Nights of Freddy’s: Sister Location that can occur randomly when you die. Then, at the end of your fourth playthrough, you're faced with the choice of taking out your friends or sacrificing yourself instead, which undoes all of the tragic events that your existence has caused in the world. But as usual, that's not good enough--he wants more.

Eothas goes ahead with his plan and destroys the Wheel, freeing humanity of the lie of the Gods by ridding them of their power. This is a necessary component of the secret ending…


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