o day mariner rigging instructions

A double-line system is a little bit simpler design but it can take more time to use.

Pull the clew of the sail all the way aft, near the edge of the deck. The links to terms works perfectly…for those like me who need it!

Attach one cheek block to the boom on the opposite side from the eye strap. If that’s during heavy weather, it’s not safe. Position the mainsail on the boom where it should be when reefed. First, point the boat into the wind.

Here are the materials you need to complete this project: The following steps describe where to lead the reefing line and how to install the hardware along the way. Hi Sunbird-quick question for you. Enter your email address below to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account.

Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. The alternative is to lead the line through a turning block at the mast step, to a deck organizer, and to a cleat at the cockpit, which is much safer. Either location will work but I prefer the block on the boom to keep the lead down the boom straight. The leech cringle won’t need any help coming loose. Improve your sailboat's performance, safety, comfort, and appearance! O'Day sold his company to the conglomerate Bangor Punta (later Lear Siegler) in 1966.

4. The Mariner. Hydrilla still a problem? I’ve never had any reef points on my Venture 21 main sails, so your article fit a need as I dream about my project list!. Your idea about glossary links is a good one even thought it means a bunch more work for me As a test, I edited this article and inserted a slew of links to the nautical terms glossary at Wikipedia. Opponents of single-line reefing will point out that a single-line system can’t pull both reef points of the sail evenly at the same time and they’re right. My first thought was the centerboard needs to be down while on a mooring. the reefing line through the eye straps, through the forward cheek block, The 6 Best Sources for Sailboat Parts and Supplies, 45′ x 1/4″ New England Ropes Sta Set rope or equivalent, less if it will not be led aft to the cockpit, (4) small regular eye straps & (8) #10 x 1/2″ stainless steel pan head tapping screws, (2) 29mm cheek blocks & (4) #10 x 1/2″ stainless steel pan head tapping screws. If you’re already in heavy weather, the sails will be flogging violently, which is another reason to do this at the dock during calmer weather. Uncleat both the main halyard and the reefing line and then ease out the reefing line while you hoist the head of the mainsail back to full height. Your ability to reef your mainsail is one of the most important sailing skills that you can learn. I’ll try to add some pics when I get off work. 0000000000 65535 f

Attach one eye strap to the boom slightly aft of where the mainsail leech meets the boom (opposite the cheek block in the picture below). 7. Can the single line reefing system still work with the standing end of the reefing line ending at the mast? I have a 1976 Mariner and only sailed it a few times. Looks like fun, doesn't it? If you do this with the boom and mainsail removed from the sailboat, keep the mainsail luff aligned with the boom gooseneck at all times just as it would be when mounted to the mast. $tingy.

You will also receive occasional newsletters with exclusive info and deals only for subscribers and the password to the Downloads page. Probably worse because the springs and autumns are much warmer than in the past and the summer nights don't cool down like they did in years past. Soon he became involved in producing his own line of boats.

It should only take a few pulls and then you can cleat off the reefing line. Installation instructions.


I describe them and my other favorite suppliers in The 6 Best Sources for Sailboat Parts and Supplies. Download it here. Subscribe now and you'll receive notifications of new posts by email so you won't miss a one. But if you fail to reef when you should, you could wind up regretting it. Have you join the Mariner Class Association web group? The exception would be cruisers who make island passages offshore and might get caught in a really nasty blow but even then you could get by without them. JavaScript is disabled. Some people prefer the basic approach of double-line reefing, others prefer the speed of a single-line system. The owner will not be liable for any losses, injuries, or damages from the display or use of this information. 0000004992 00000 n Let me know if you have any more questions, 0000004886 00000 n Thank you. Now since the boom is centered over the cockpit because you’re pointing into the wind, you can simply reach up to the boom and grab the reefing line anywhere along the length of the boom. A friend just launched an older (1970 or so) O'Day Widgeon in Pocasset, I helped her rig it etc. DIY trailerable sailboat restoration and improvement without throwing your budget overboard. Oday Mariner Oday Daysailer Oday Super Swift Oday Javelin Oday Tempest Oday Outlaw Oday 15 Oday 19 Oday 192 Oday Rhodes-19 Oday 20 Oday 222 Oday 22 Oday 23 Oday 240 Oday 25; Oday 26 ; Oday 27; Oday 272; Oday 272LE; Oday 28; Oday 280; Oday 30; Oday 302; Oday 31; Oday 32; Oday 32 Ketch; Oday 322; Oday 34; Oday 35; Oday 37; Oday 38; Oday 39; Oday 40; Shop by Department. 1. Any reason you place the cheek block near the mast on the boom? We’re relatively novice sailors, and researching reefing methods. O'Day 19 Operating and Rigging Instructions CAUTION: DO NOT BEGIN OPERATING OR RIGGING YOUR BOAT UNTIL YOU HAVE READ ALL OF THE FOLLOWING OPERATING AND RIGGING INSTRUCTIONS THOROUGHLY. If you have a boom vang and it is tightened, slack it off. The good news is that the channels where the rivers once flowed (Tennessee and lower Browns Creek) are too deep for weeds. At the forward end of the boom, mount the other cheek block on the same side as the first cheek block. One fall I spent an entire morning clearing a path from slip to ramp so that I could take my boat out for the winter. trailer Your reefing rigging plays an important part in that. Hoist the sail on a windless day at the dock. Assuming you also have your main halyard led aft to the cockpit, simultaneously ease the halyard to lower the mainsail while you pull on the standing end of the reefing line. You’d think “leech” and “luff” would be as second nature as “port” and “starboard” to me by now! The cheapest I can find add up to more than your total cost for the project. Align the strap parallel to the boom and far enough aft so that the mainsail won’t bind up against the strap when you reef the sail. In your case are there any issues with the sail being pulled backward/aft by the reef line? Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. %%EOF, Microsoft Word - Oday 19 Rigging Instructions.doc. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.


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