nunraw abbey latest news
Latest News from Nunraw Abbey June 2014 Following the Information Circular sent out last December with the news of the plans to sell the Abbey Guesthouse and set up a new one beside the Abbey itself, we can now tell you that we have completed its sale. Thomas, or Sonny, as he was familiarly known by his family and friends, was born to loving parents, Helen and Thomas Heenan.

He joined the army at the age of 16, concealing his true age and signed up for the Tank Corps regiment. We have been fortunate that there has been no occurrence of the virus at the Abbey. We hope you will enjoy browsing the site and perhaps visit us one day. However he remained the old soldier he was and kept marching on, never giving in to his ill health. We will let you know through the website when circumstances change. Meanwhile, we keep you in our prayers and ask you to keep us in yours.

Our History; Future Plans; The Cistercian Order When his mother found out she informed the authorities that he was underaged to enlist. Meanwhile, we keep you in our prayers and ask you to keep us in yours. He would spend a lot of it in prayer, especially for his friends and their concerns. The Abbot and Community wish you all the joys of the risen Christ. We hope it will not be too long before this can happen. Throughout his younger days he had an overwhelming sense of duty to serve his country. Some time later, he joined the community at Nunraw, After all his travelling, he had come - we might say.

He entered our community 1974 and has died in his 80. We hope it will not be too long before this can happen. Lord on August 3rd. His battalion witnessed the full horror of war. This page provides information about any special services, our building programmes and any other notices regarding the Abbey.

After basic training he joined the 13. Following a period of service with the Tank Corps he volunteered for the parachute regiment. We appreciate the number of calls we have received by phone and online enquiring about members of the Community. Founded by Roscrea in 1946; raised to the rank of abbey 20 November 1947 History 1945: The abbot of Roscrea visited Scotland to look for a place in which to revive monastic life in this country, and chose the old manor of Nunraw I hope to catch you on Skype one of these days for a chat. We pray for those who have been enquiring about our safety and also about attending our Mass, visiting the Church or staying at the Abbey.

Please pray for our Brother, Patrick Sheerin, who went to the The main reason for going there was to get some training in building with stone, o sample the beverage much loved by many in the, est of Scotland.


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