nitto nt01 vs r888r

However the Supercar 3R's do last the entire session without getting greasy once they're warmed up.

#2 Toyo's tread patterns are designed by engineers from day one while most of nitto's spend time in design studios first and then worked by engineers to optimize. NT-05 is a non runflat Max Summer tire while the NT-01 is a Competition R compound tire.

I'm not sure how Time Attacks are performed in your area but be aware it takes a good 2 laps to get these tires warm. Don't forget about the NT01. You'll be substantially slower than people on Cup2's or RE71R's for those two laps. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. If I wanted something stickier, I would assume the r888 and nt01 are prety much the same since nitto owns toyo. I've also read the Toyo can not be stored in below freezing temps, my car is stored in the cold weather, so that's no good for me. Just finished up a set of Eagle F1 Supercar 3R. That's unacceptable. Not saying by any means as good as the Toyos but they do fine. I had the dealer set the alignment to the Chevy track alignment (ZL1 1LE specs) and all of the above was with this settings. I ran 1.8 hot, on R8 that was about 1.3 cold. Just make sure the spacers are hubcentric. I'll try that in two weekends when I'm back at the same track. They help to dial out understeer if you run all four the same size, they lower the car, they can be swapped front to rear to even out the wear, and they cost a ton less than other options.If you want to go as fast as possible, run Hoosiers as wide as possible, on wheels as light as possible. Goodyear F1 Supercar 3R vs. Toyo R888R vs. Nitto NT01 > size 305 & 325/30R19.

Goodyear F1 Supercar 3R vs. Toyo R888R vs. Nitto NT01 > size 305 & 325/30R19. I concur with all the posts above.

I have not done back to back testing on the tires you mentioned. The car is driven only in good weather and is definitely not a daily driver. 90' Quick Silver - Nissan 300zx/SR20VET GT42 [email protected] - Money Pit 2009 GTR Premium Gun Metallic/ Black Leather #2361#35 Street Modified Class Solo SCCA Hawaii Region 2020-21 The NT01 vs R888, NT01 for sure. That's awful. I ran that at Bimmerfest but with only one day, it's hard to see if that helped the wear pattern. I have NT01 on the wheels now, but they are worn down about 50%, and they are a 285/35 on an 11" wheel, so hence the new rear tires. If I know you, I'll pass you with dead hookers in the trunk, and cocaine in the center console. Not sure the trade-off there but I imagine it's still worth the increased rear grip. VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. is a forum community dedicated to the LS1 Pontiac GTO. 780whp @ 7000rpm & 700wtq @ 4500 rpm on pump94 & mustang dyno, 2009 GTR Premium Gun Metallic/ Black Leather #2361, #35 Street Modified Class Solo SCCA Hawaii Region 2020-21, 2008 Porsche 911 Turbo Cab Carrara White over Black 520whp, This is not recommended for shared computers.

My 3R's lasted only 2 track days though but I was running them on the street for about 1k miles with the track alignment. Anyone who says so has not tried them.The rear is only 1 cm ( width of your little finger) narrower than the OEM 285 rear, and 2 cm wider than the OEM 255 fronts.

I just got a set of R888R in 275/295 which I'll put on my 10.5" square wheels. The performance levels are very different.NT-01 has not been used much because the sizes if comes in are not very useful for the GTR.There are no sizes in 19" or larger. I'm interested in hearing how you like the R888R's. As far as sizes though, I would have to run a 275/35/18 to be anywhere near the stock diameter as to not throw off the speedo too much. I got 5 hours of track time, 1500 miles, and 40 autocross runs before the inside edges on the front wore out. I met a guy at Spring Mountain that was running them on his E90 M3 and he loved them (he was coming from RS-3's though). “The Proxes R888R starts with the same advanced ‘GG‘ R-compound as the R888, providing the familiar quick warm up characteristics and progressive breakaway predictability that racers have come to love,” says Jay Jones of Toyo. I consistently cord the insides and the center still has a little tread left, 2021 g20 m340i | Black Sapphire Metallic | Cognac. R888r I? One of the gt-r owners with extensive track use, uses them and likes it, I'm thinking on my 18" setup with spacers for the track, recommendations plz... Nt01s seem to be 1/2 the price of 888s which is a big saving even they don't seem to last as long. I have heard that the 888 need scrubbing first.

In my track testing, r888/nitto nt01 were faster than michelin cup tires (shaved) not the manufacturer spec, actual track spec tires and the r888/nitto didnt heat cycle out, rather they got … Camber will stay pretty stable, but toe will change significnatly... generally towards understeer. Will say R888s are surprisingly awesome on street driving (if dry). I contacted Maxxis and said they recommend 38-40psi hot. When new, they have a resin/grease that needs to be burned off and that squirm will disappear. FYI, I use to work for Toyo, did a lot of testing on both. 98 svt Premium Member Premium Member Established Member. They offer incredible grip - all the time. Curious, what makes you say the NT01's are better then the R888's? I'm installing ZL1 1LE sized wheels > 19 X 11 and 19 X 12. Messages: 18,393. Traction from from a dig is much better than stock summers or the PS4S with the R888Rs, but don't know how they compare with the 555r from a dig.


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