niner mcr hardtail
Is Niner serious? It debuted in 2008 and has been incrementally refined ever since.

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Our passion is the products, technology and people that make them. Thanks a lot niner bikes. But it’s also not going to slow you down. . Shock mount behind seat tube for clean aesthetic. Great handling and very light! Niner’s reps told us that we should bottom out a few times per ride, that that’s what it’s designed to do.

i am starting to dial in the fork too - and it feel much better about's the link:, specialized HT singlespeed (aluminum frame). Way more comfortable than the road bike on bad(typical for here)pavement, and no worries when the pavement turns to dirt. Factor in the price and this doesn’t add up. I have never had a bike fit me so well, nor be the absolute most fun bike to ride I have ever owned.

I would never buy a Niner frame, having seen the problems this one had. Not everybody is imperial and when you think of how many of us will have to look up those weights … it would be easier of you just did it once and put it in your story.

le Niner MCR 9 RDO, le premier vélo de gravel à suspension complète au monde : le Niner Magic Carpet Ride, carbone, idéal tout chemins. eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'bikerumor_com-box-3','ezslot_9',101,'0','0']));For our gravel cycling tour of Slovenia, Niner provided us with two of their latest bikes.

My cheap Shimano Deore bottom bracket has the same warranty.

Obviously, I am not a weight-weenie. on the trail - a solid ride.

I'm sure the bigger wheels have saved me at least 3 times this year from going head-over (esp. I'm having so much fun riding it rigid that I haven't tried the suspension fork as yet. Or wear a backpack, too. It is almost certainly going to crack again. If you apply the paint however make sure to pick up a small bottle of clear coat at the auto store to seal it with. But there were definitely times when it was an advantage on this trip. And by widening the down tube and seat tube, we maintain pedaling stiffness.

if anyone is on the fence about this bike - based on my first 2.5 hour ride on one - get one, you'll love it.UPDATE - I have since taken the bike out multiple times at a rocky place (chimney rock in NJ). The suspension is fully tunable and is designed around Niner’s own CVA—Constant Varying Arc—which is tuned for gravel surfaces, such as rutted dirt roads, small bumps, and washboards. The Niner MCR 9 RDO is a good gravel bike. “Trail country” geometry translates to modern trail manners when you need them most, with no sacrifice of efficiency or agility. I am much faster in all aspects of my riding with this bike.


Those top out at $7,000 with the rest of the cockpit, wheels and suspension build you see here. Caveat emptor.

The suspension is bouncy (watch the video) in the parking lot, and rebound is quick. Double suspension Gravel with 700x40c or hardtail mtb with 29×2.0? Power past whatever holds you back.

Not that I think it’s unfairly priced, rather it’s a matter of opportunity cost.

For mountain bikers, this is going to look very familiar. Make Offer - Niner MCR Magic Carpet 53cm Full Suspension Gravel Bike 4 STARS.

I couldn’t actually see the suspension moving when it was locked out. Think about that phrase: fully rigid, unsuspended bikes. What is better? 9 has seen everything from casual rides at local trails with friends to all day epics and finally rounding the process off with a 4th place finish in the expert class of a local 6 hour event. Full suspension allows for higher tire pressures and less rolling resistance on paved and smooth road surfaces, yet it allows a rider to charge through rough terrain at speed. This was after about four years of riding. Blurring the lines between modern trail bike geometry and traditional cross-country geometry, the SIR 9 occupies a niche we lovingly call “trail country.” If you’re doing a combination of long pedaling rides, stiff climbs, extended descents, and spicy technical sections, you’ll love what we’ve done here. For the better part of this year, the Bike198 offices have been riding the Niner M.C.R. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. • About Us, The Original Handlebar Jack makes repairs a cinch w/ uber simple design, Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Nuremburg Trails, Insider Interview: Zipp explains hookless tubeless rims for road bikes. And seriously, seriously, the first time you hit a rain bar at full speed, you’ll just relish it. La vérification e-mail a échoué, veuillez réessayer. Cracks ran about 270 degrees around the shell. So, we can do more with it, yet we actually can use less material. Magic Carpet Ride says it all!

That gives the MCR good stability at speed without any sluggishness around corners or when getting playful in the singletrack. Air spring for infinite spring rate adjustment. Many designs and prototypes were considered tested until we knew we had it right. There’s a new bike in town. This latest evolution of our flagship 140mm 29er is ready to tame any trail. And even when I left it open, it wasn’t bouncing around uncontrollably.

Matériau du cadre : carbone RDO steel rocks. I'm not going to say that I could suddenly ride every rock garden because I bought this bike - I could already ride them on the 26er (at least the ones around here).I will say that everything about the 29ers in general is faster.

They are a smaller ,more boutique production company with great designs and thought behind the bikes.

During this time, the Niner M.C.R. Other companies will no doubt first make fun of it, then test it, then try to make their own approach to adding more capability to gravel and adventure bikes. 9 29er Hardtail user reviews : 4.6 out of 5 - 39 reviews. It’s much more rare to come across someone with too much rebound damping than too little. Diamètre du tube de fourche : 1 1/2  à 1 1/8 conique One side of the rear triangle was cracked. Its really that plush. Find a Niner to ride from our dealer network around the country. While it may look super low, the actual pedal clearance is as good as any other modern gravel bike. I weigh 200 lbs and can ride over the roughest terrain for hours in comfort. You can ride any bike anywhere you want, take a cruiser into the woods for some fun.

Ride the updated AIR 9 today. Le résultat est un vélo à barreaux frisé offrant un confort supérieur, une puissance accrue et un plaisir pur et simple.

I run maybe 2 gears lower now.

It handles the speed on the rocks and roots extremely well. Maybe. Very light steel frame, quality steel, responsive and supple ride, great climber and accelerates very well, beautiful paint, great welds, comes with touch-up paint. Stable yet supple, consistent and controlled CVA suspension behavior. If you accept that there is no such thing as a PERFECT bike, this bike exceeds all expectations. Why would I want to buy an old bike when i could buy a new one specifically designed for the task at hand? Internal, fully sleeved cable routing keeps those clean, and easy to swap or service. It’s made for seated pedaling and rider comfort over long distances. So what’s the story with our steel hardtail? I like that it exist though and seems like a nice product if your usage fits. If you go slow and catch on a big rock, it's hard to get going again without some serious muscle. High quality construction, stiff rear triangle, great ride quality, quick steering, nice tang color. I really wanted to get back to a steel frame to improve ride quality and Niner did not disappoint.

By suspending as much of the bike and rider mass as possible, we achieve the most sensitive, compliant ride possible. So what’s the story with our steel hardtail? This is a feature that is important to me, and I like the Niner a lot for it.The frame does absorb big hits at speed.

This 4-Star SIR 9 is dressed for success with a light, stiff FOX 34 120mm travel suspension fork, Shimano XT drivetrain, and DT Swiss M1900 wheels. It lets you go beast mode on the rough stuff, but is a real beauty everywhere else. As early as the 1990s, emerging mountain bike concepts were tested on Paris-Roubaix road racing bikes built for the cobblestoned roads of northern France. That, combined with the 29er traction and that 20T granny makes it climb like crazy!

People buying steel frames are hoping for a frame that will last a minimum of 5-10 years.

They are right. My only complaint against the MCR is that I think it should have 70mm of front and rear travel.

I have a large size and the frame weighs over 5 pounds. They nailed the suspension’s performance to the point where it was just there making me a better rider, not something I was thinking about.

This is a non-custom frame that you can count on to be spot on for most riders as far as the geometry is concerned but the quality is almost custom and the price is way below what you'd pay for a custom steel frame. Introducing the world’s first full-suspension gravel bike – the Niner Magic Carpet Ride. Let me be the first. It does roll (and almost requires that you roll) faster over everything.

it just felt awesome. Utilisation recommandée : Gravel durability, handling, strength, relative light weight for steel, sweeeet a&w root beer color, none yet other than easily scratched paint. Apparently they are expecting the final production model to weigh around 22 or 23 pounds.

Best 29er hardtail in my opinion.


Parce que Niner Bikes a été fondé en 2005 avec un objectif simple : faire de la conduite sur terre une meilleure expérience, point final. In the end, we aimed to maintain a classic gravel bike aesthetic with no compromises in geometry, handling or stiffness.

Like always, for people with no money problems I can see the benefits. If you want to ride huge, chunky rock sections like this without slowing down, then yes. $2,480.00 . The MCR is simply more versatile and more capable than other bikes. I rode the new full suspension Niner MCR 9 RDO, a bike that has been in development for more than two years. Thanks for the reminder, just added that to the post. Crossers are always pushing tire pressure limits in search of traction and comfort, suspension can help with this. is the world’s largest cycling tech blog.

The MCR doesn’t look like the right bike for me and the riding I do, but I’m glad it’s out there and I think it’d be fun to try one.


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