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Nicole C. Mullen’s Boyfriend.

Singer, songwriter

She was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio.

After some seven years away from album-making, she signed with Word Records and released Nicole C. Mullen in April of 2000.

Aileen Nicole Coleman-Mullen, known professionally as Nicole C. Mullen, (born January 3, 1967)[1] is an American singer, songwriter, and choreographer.

Mullen said she wrote the book to mark the 20th anniversary of her hit, My Redeemer. Contemporary Black Biography. "Eventually the beatings and mistreatment took their toll on my heart," Mullen writes. During her first marriage, she endured physical and mental abuse. We were newly engaged, and a dispute broke out between us on a subject that I can't even remember. Connect with friends faster than ever with the new Facebook app. Walsh, Melissa "Mullen, Nicole C. 1967– Interestingly enough the first comment emerged during our discussion of her clothing line Outta Nothin. Therefore, that information is unavailable for most content. "I thought, hey, God hey god may want me to do the hard thing.

McClurkin says he and Mullen have known each other for 15 years and had time to chat when they were seated next to each other on a flight to the Ivory Coast during which they spoke for eight hours. That hope kept me going.”, By her late teens, Mullen was enrolled at a Dallas bible college while continuing to develop her vocal abilities. [4] They have three children, one daughter and two sons, one of whom was adopted. It became the first of two occasions I struck back. David Mullen in 2011 @Emack Studio.

"I wasn't suicidal, but I just wanted to go to heaven.". “The organization negotiates with the priests in Ghana (for the release of the slaves). As of 2020, Nicole C. Mullen is possibly single. Though the title tracks of both albums became hits on Christian Contemporary radio, Mullen became dissatisfied with Frontline and decided to venture into new projects. He yelped. For a split second, I started to do nothing and just take it, as I was accustomed.

They were the type that said, if this is what God has in store for you, He will make a way and He will provide. And I was afraid to say no.

– Who are the richest people on earth right now? Sources I wanted out of this torment, and I longed to see Jesus. “I want to have my feet planted firmly in the church, but I want to reach across the world. Addresses: Record company—Word Entertainment, 25 Music Square West, Nashville, TN 37203. She has not been previously engaged. They may have hurt my feelings on occasion, but they were the type that if I wanted to be a lawyer, a clown or an actor that they would always encourage me.

I had intended at the start of my interview with Nicole C. Mullen to focus on the CD Sharecropper’s Seed Volume 1, however as we began to talk I realized there was a more important story that needed to be told and that is about the woman who describes being a singer as something that she just does but being a wife, mother, daughter, friend and believer is who she is.

In addition, she has actively men-tored a circle of preteens and teens in the Nashville area. In 2001 Mullen won the Gospel Music Association’s Dove Award for Songwriter of the Year, becoming the first African American ever to do so. She married David Mullen, who has been a youth leader …

After three years, Mullen ran from the house one night while her husband was in the shower.

Lou Carlozo of CCM Magazine praised Mullen for her ability to write lyrics as poetically rich as those by Lauryn Hill, and he saluted her as “a multidimensional artist.” “At a time when Christian pop seems especially formulaic,” he wrote, “Mullen brings to the table a fresh musical approach (country-blues inflected pop) and a flair for writing about time-honored truths in inventive ways.” The Christian ballad “Redeemer,” a huge hit, which she had penned with the Biblical character of Job in mind, distinguished her as the first African-American woman to be awarded Dove’s Song of the Year Award in 2001. In addition to the MLA, Chicago, and APA styles, your school, university, publication, or institution may have its own requirements for citations. Mullen also described violent and loveless sex. Branched Out.

A number of her singles for Frontline—including “Don’t Let Me Go,” “Wish Me Love,” “Show Me,” and “Miracles”—became Christian radio hits. Religion: Christian. And on February 10, 2003, Mullen gave birth to their third child, Josiah.

Among the latter was “Lamb of God,” a soaring ballad celebrating the Nativity, and “Sing, Angels, Sing,” a joyful pop tune with a Caribbean feel. The one on my dad’s side is already in heaven. — Nicole C. Mullen, page 49, My Redeemer Lives. What she's discovered is a closer connection to people, her fans and others. I remember him often praying and thanking the Lord for what he had been given.

That is who I am, singing is what I do. Nicole C. Mullen height, weight & body stats, Nicole C. Mullen’s biography and horoscope. reassurance to troubled young women, while “Black Light” invokes the civil rights struggles of the 1960s.

Additional information was obtained from Word Records publicity materials, June 2003. She also took on vocal acting roles for the Christian video series You! She married David Mullen, who has been a youth leader alongside her. Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. Recognized for its unique blend of funk, R&B, pop, and black gospel—what Mullen categorized as “funkabilly”—the album featured several Christian Contemporary hits, including “Shooby,” her musical Christian manifesto, and “Homemade,” a memoir of Mullen’s childhood experience of being ridiculed by other children for wearing homemade clothing. I would rather have a heart to heart talk with them, find out about them and discover if there is an avenue to introduce the gospel.

If you do that, it may turn out to be a harvest and one that blesses you later. I am grateful and how much more am I called to speak up on behalf of someone else’s freedom. I had some stinkin' thinkin'," Mullen told the Tennessean.

Now, negotiations (may consist of) the organization putting a well in a village, bringing electricity to the village or the building of a school to educate the children of the Trokosi or the women themselves who have never been educated,” says Mullen, noting that the priests are then viewed by other villagers as a hero. Her husband ended up smashing the glass on the floor next to her.

Still, Mullen found her time with the label to be disappointing overall. Kids’s “Serena the Cat” and Veggie Tales’ “Larry Boy Theme Song.” Mullen also appeared in an episode of The Visual Bible for Kids entitled “The Story You Can Believe In.” One of her songs—“On My Knees,” co-written with David Mullen and Michael Oches and performed by Jaci Velasquez—became a huge Christian Contemporary hit, attracting Dove’s award for Song of the Year in 1998.

For Mullen is more than just an African American performer who appeals to both black and white audiences.

Nicole C. Mullen’s birth sign is Capricorn. the story, too.” “I feel called to be a bridge builder,” she continued, “to help others celebrate our differences and our sameness.

Napoleon Coleman Jr., Mullen’s father, joined her on a duet of “The Christmas Song.” Renowned Christian singer/guitarist Phil Keaggy and saxophonist Kirk Whalum were among the guest players on several tracks. They are creative thinkers and appreciate the arts. Nicole C. Mullen might’ve reached a limited audience if its fervent gospel/pop aria “Redeemer” hadn’t become a major hit on Christian radio.

That is my aim and that is my goal.”. Christmas in Black and White, Word, 2002. “A Voice for Racial Harmony,” Today’s Christian Woman, (July 17, 2003). Copyright © 2007 Joe Montague, exclusive rights reserved. You do the best you can do and leave the results up to God. Network USA. Retrieved October 16, 2020 from © 2019 | All rights reserved.

“I wanted to say,” Mullen told James Lloyd of the Dayton Daily News, “’We all need freedom, and freedom comes on the inside first, before it ever gets to the outside.’”. In 1993, she married singer, songwriter and music producer David Mullen. Web—, Resources that God chooses “ordinary people” for great works. “I started making mirrors first and instead of throwing a broken mirror out of my house, I thought maybe I can make it into something else so I decorated it.


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