new audi a3 brochure 2020
Official Audi new and used cars. Commercialisation durant le 4ème trimestre 2020. Check out our.

Dans un monde qui évolue rapidement, vous avez besoin d'un compagnon qui soit toujours prêt à relever de nouveaux défis. Des ailes plus expressives, une ligne latérale continue, une nouvelle calandre singleframe... des détails qui signent une allure unique, plus athlétique que jamais.

Initial engine line-up is fairly limited. S line trim will cost you £299 a month over four years (with a £4850.74 deposit), while the same car with the 35 TDI engine is available for £329/month. On the road.

First Point St.Leonards Road, Allington, Maidstone, Kent, England ME16 0LS | Registered in England and Wales No. We want to know. We need your help with our latest Satisfaction Index, so that we can help others make a smarter car buying decision. We’ve tested a heartland UK spec for this review: an A3 Sportback 35 TFSI manual in S-line trim. This is a digital display where you'd ordinarily find dials behind the steering wheel, plus it can be customised to show whatever you wish to prioritise (navigation, for example).

Indeed, while auto cars are usually thirstier than manuals, here the official fuel economy and CO2 emissions are virtually identical to those of the six-speed manual. Jantes en alliage léger, style Flag 5 branches, Gris Platine, tournant, Jantes en alliage léger, 5 branches en Y, Gris Graphite, tournées brillantes, Jantes en alliage léger Audi Sport, structure 5 bras en Y, Gris Titane Mat, tournées brillant, Jantes en aluminium coulé Audi Sport 5 branches en V en étoile, finition titane mat, polies brillant, WLTP*: 6,4–4,2 l/100km (NEDC**: 5,1–3,5 l/100 km), WLTP*: 146–111 g/km (NEDC**: 116–92 g/km). The BMW 1 Series starts from £24,475, while the A-Class is priced from £23,755. But that’s not the image it projects to the world, is it? When you’ve finished looking through the brochure of your model of choice, feel free to contact your local Group 1 Audi centre to arrange a test drive to find out even more about it. In terms of handling, the latest A3 remains surprisingly composed during cornering, although the steering doesn't provide quite as much feedback as the Mercedes-Benz A-Class. For all the latest reviews, advice and new car deals, sign up to the What Car? A premium alternative to the Volkswagen Golf - with which it shares a platform - the fourth-generation A3 has made its digital debut following the cancellation of the Geneva Motor Show. The height has remained the same but the seats are positioned slightly lower, contributing to improved space for passengers.


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