nen manipulator abilities
The more soldiers are created, the harder they are to manipulate.

)[2] is one of the defining features of the manga Hunter × Hunter by Yoshihiro Togashi. "Burn"*; "Flame" in the Viz translation) is sometimes used in Shingen-ryu kung fu as a precursor to learning the actual Nen. Regular practice can smooth the flow of one's aura. The golem then requires a person to pay the price (me or the target as stated above). [157], The first exercise she has her students perform requires them to rapidly activate Gyo on their eyes and tell her what number she is forming with her In-concealed aura whenever she raises her index finger.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Description: A massive explosion of fire and aura all around me, destroying and incinerating everything within 50 meters.

Nen abilities can manifest in many different ways and they fall into 6 various categories: conjurer, emitter, enhancer, manipulator, transmuter, and specialist. This power system is one of the best in anime and this list will highlight the 10 strongest users of Nen: Shaiapouf has exceptionally strong Nen, even for a chimera ant. Similar to the sheep's wool, this keeps me warm at all times. This makes curse-type abilities much more difficult to remove, to the point that fewer than ten Exorcists in the whole world were deemed capable of lifting a curse left by the deceased. The minimum requirement is to extend one's aura to a radius of more than 2 meters (6.56168 feet) and hold it longer than 1 minute. My eyes turn red and physical strength increases by up to 50% (max with sheep mastery at 10). This form has an initial duration of 15 minutes. It is possible to become one later in life, although it is more likely for Manipulators or Conjurers, which is why this category is placed at the bottom of the Nen chart. [17] Manipulation of the highest class is capable of semi-forcing the Aura Nodes of a non-user to open.[14]. D&D Beyond ... they are a Manipulator (操作系, Sōsakei). This subreddit is dedicated to the Japanese manga and anime series Hunter X Hunter, written by Yoshihiro Togashi and adapted by Nippon Animation and Madhouse. [48] Interestingly, it might have been used on a handcuff designed to restrain a Nen user. The difference is that Transmutation allows the user to mimic the properties of a substance with their aura, whereas Conjuration changes aura into the actual substance. The only confirmed ability of this type is Bill's Erigeron, which uses Enhancement to induce the growth of his target. The terms used for "Vows" and "Limitations" are homophones in Japanese (せいやく. [71], The student positions into a one arm handstand, then they project their aura outwards explosively from the hand that is touching the ground so as to propel themselves into the air. The stricter the Limitation, the stronger the user's resolve, and thus the more their ability is strengthened. [3] Since Ren is a show of power, it can also intimidate other Nen users, as it offers an approximate measure of the user's raw strength;[78] in fact, by "show me your Ren", Hunters generally mean they want to see the fruits of one's training, such as a Nen ability, rather than their Ren per se.

Remember this guy?

[29] Proficient Enhancers who also take good care of their body can make it far more durable than tanks[101] and generate the force of a missile with one blow.

[29], A Nen user's "Level" in a Nen type determines the abilities that Nen user can learn.


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