myrna dell measurements

Thanks for your feedback, Anonymous.

I think of "the box," too...even in still images. Thanks Irene! :).

Don't have the necessary long line required for chic or elegance!)

I think no matter their actual size, these stunning women always appear larger than life on screen. I do not see that she is so much bigger than most of the actresses mentioned in this article.

I especially imagined Greta Garbo to have been quite tall.

You're right about the changes in sizes--if you go to my Vintage Sizes & Silhouettes permanent page, you'll see this chart and a huge discussion on the evolution of sizing in women's clothing.

Go to a vintage store you can see it. I was in college in the 70's and a size 7 5'4 105 35/22/35 no girdle nothing.

You forgot to put one of the biggest men on there, possibly the tallest, to the point they occasionally lied about his height stating he was shorter!

Monroe's weight seems spot-on though.

And you're absolutely right--one can have similar measurements and different weights.

I also wanted to call more attention to the genius of the costume designers, who make these people seem taller, slimmer, whatever. And the site (independent from my site) says she was listed at 5'5 1/2" on her driver's license; other stats there include a weight of 112, glove size 6 1/4, stocking size 9 and lingerie size 32. Especially the stats of the stars. ;) Women were simply much smaller back then, as any vintage dealer will tell you. I love how much everyone is studying this information.

Always interesting. Marilyn Adele Dunlap was born on March 5, 1924 (for her stage name she took her nickname, Myrna, and shortened her middle name, Adele, to "Dell", which she used as her last name). Understandable enough when fan magazines and Saturday matinees were the only source of information. and are thus pretty meaningless. Many seem like giants onscreen; Joan Crawford is one who regularly elicits gasps from audiences when they hear how petite she really was. That means a gal today may have the same measurements as one of these stars, but weigh more.And, as you agreed with me, these numbers--especially dress sizes--are essentially meaningless.

:), Thanks Christian!

Thanks so much, Discerning Dilletante! Plus, we then believed everything that was said to us by the studios and the stars themselves.

Kimberly: I truly enjoyed this list and it brought to mind how much the studios and their PR departments had control; even over the stars measurements! I don't know if she reached 150 in a film. And you're right to be suspicious--some numbers we know came straight from studio PR (e.g. I would guess her to be 5'3". She was pregnant when she made Some Like It Hot, which explains her amplitude in that film. [7] She also had parts in such films as The Spiral Staircase (1945), The Locket (1946), Step by Step (1946), Fighting Father Dunne (1948), Guns of Hate (1948), The Lost Tribe (1949), Destination Murder (1950), and Reunion in Reno (1951).[8]. I was stunned to see how short Garbo was!

;). I'd add a few inches onto all of Sophia Loren's, she doesn't look skinny, she looks very feminine and I'd say her hips are at least 40" which would be a UK size 14. Maybe 5'2.Saw Raquel Welch at the same party. A pound is still a pound. Later wrote a minor entertainment column. [13] She died from natural causes on February 11, 2011 at her studio apartment one month shy of her 87th birthday. Some results are accurate, others wildly inaccurate, still others verging on the absurd.In December 1949, with the half-century on the horizon, the Associated Press ran a story which predicted that in 2000, the average height of the American woman would be close to, or perhaps over, six feet tall.


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