my house essay in english

However, not all homes are fixed. I admire the beauty of my house. They add to the beauty and grace of the house. concepts cleared in less than 3 steps. Even I never knew how precious my house was up until one incident that changed my outlook. My house is colored in brown and beige color and it stands out in our locality. As someone who has shifted houses multiple times in several years, it can be difficult to develop a strong attachment to a house. Our experts are available 24x7. It is near the living room. The vintage vibes make it even more beautiful. My House.

Checkout English Summary's free educational tools and dictionaries. A good example would be the Dharavi slum in Mumbai, which is known as one of the biggest slums in the entire world. Only then will you realize what a great blessing it is to have a house. Ultimate Companion for UPSC Civil Services Aspirants, March 8, 2020 by Editorial Team Leave a Comment. It is the place where I spend the most time with. It is large enough for all of us. Especially in a country like India, where the majority of the population lives below the poverty line. Most homes tend to be in the form of buildings- these are either houses or apartments. My home is the most important place in my life. A home is a place surrounded by the people one loves. From there we have a beautiful view of a park and a playground. The floor of my house is fully marbled. The bathroom is also large, airy and tiled It has a shower. Whenever my friends come over to my house, they click a lot of pictures. There is also a big veranda. As I live in the heart of my city, it is often bustling with crowds of busy people trying to get to work, get back home, or spend some time with their friends and family. If you have not realized it yet, you can go and ask any person who doesn’t have a house. Now learn Live with India's best teachers. The one who owns a bungalow wants a palace.

It has four rooms, one kitchen, two bathrooms, and a patio. 20 lines 'My Home' Essay for Class 1 , 2| Pointwise. The basic utility of a house is, “the house of every man is to him, his castle and fortress, as well for his defense against injury and violence and for his … Their stories are often documented in media, such as in movies like Parasite, which addresses the gap between rich and poor and how desperate the poor are for basic necessities, such as a home. People live in many different kinds of houses. As for me, I usually live in an apartment on the top floor of a building in the middle of the city. This is influenced mainly by the kind of resources the place has available. Its front look is my most familiar sight in my eye. The balcony is also an excellent viewing spot to stand and stare at the sun dip below a sea of tall buildings. BPSC 2021: Exam Date, Application, Eligibility, Syllabus, Pattern, IPS Salary 2021: IPS Officer Salary after 7th Pay Commission, GATE 2021: Exam Date, Application, Eligibility, Syllabus, Pattern, UPSEE 2021: Exam Date, Application Form, Eligibility, Syllabus, Mizoram PSC 2021: Eligibility Criteria, Exam Pattern, Syllabus, NEET 2021: Application, Exam Date, Eligibility, Syllabus, Pattern, Manipur PSC 2021: Application, Eligibility, Syllabus, Exam Pattern, Goa Public Service Commission (Goa PSC) 2021: Apply Online, Kerala PSC 2021: Exam Dates, Application, Eligibility, Syllabus, JEE Main 2021: Exam Date, Registration, Eligibility, Syllabus, Pattern. Definations. To own a house here is no less than a luxury, one which I thankfully have. Even my relatives love the interior of the house which is a mix of modern and vintage architecture. It is in a big and modern colony of the city. I am blessed to be protected by four walls and a roof. I always dream of a wooden house in the hilly areas. Later we found out that she never really had a house.

Your email address will not be published. We live in a three-room flat on the ground floor. Having a house is an underrated blessing. It is my parent’s hard work that has given us this blessing.

I consider my home to be a wonderful place to relax and wind down after a long day of work. Some people do not have homes of their own due to financial as well as personal reasons and instead live in larger houses with others in the same situation. The kitchen of my house is large and comfortable. My apartment has three bedrooms – one for me and my brother, another for guests, and a third for my parents. Your email address will not be published. On the other hand, she used to do extra work. One of its doors opens in a large balcony. It is truly an underrated blessing which is overlooked by others. Some are fortunate enough to have amenities while some aren’t. The drawing and dining rooms are tastefully decorated.

My father bought it ten years ago. We must value our homes before it gets too late. To own a house here is no less than a luxury, one which I thankfully have. Homes are places that provide an area to sleep, eat, and maintain personal hygiene comfortably. They provide us with shade and sweet fruits.

Similarly, people who can barely afford a home for themselves and their families tend to live in shacks, which, when clumped together, form slums. As I live in the heart of my city, it is often bustling with crowds of busy people trying to get to work, get back home, or spend some time with their friends and family. We are just four persons in the family. This incident made me realize how I took my house for granted. There is a large drawing room.


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