my custom puppet

Many ventriloquists have and use the same puppet. While these puppets are great fun for family caricatures, they can also be used as spokesman or spokeswoman in commercial work or in film or TV programming.

No Credit Card or Paypal Payments accepted. They will then customize them indivdually when adding fabric, features and clothing. Other folks just want a cool puppet. It's a very exciting process!

Who wants a custom puppet? Since a specific design or look is not necessary, the time I put into a quality puppet build is about 20-40 hours. Usually, the more expensive build is worth the extra cost, but depending on your needs, you may be just as happy with the lower cost puppet and still have an outstanding, quality puppet that will last many, many years. For this reason, most professional builders want Antron fleece. This is a portrait puppet of the owner of the car dealership we did the commercials for. Our new website is on it's way! Possum Woods Puppets is the name of both my puppet building business and our puppet team. One of my favorite puppets when performing ventriloquism is my Axtell Possum puppet, but it is not a custom puppet. I now create puppets with moving mouths.

Each of their puppets is unique and one of a kind. Ever wanted a mini me or wanted to give an unforgettable gift. Polyfoam is a very inexpensive alternative but will make an excellent puppet.

It is his intellectual property. © Chaparral Ent. blinking eyelids, moving eyes, raising eyebrows.

Professional ventriloquists and puppeteers often want a custom puppet. and Finished Latex Puppet. Jack Houston's ImagineLand. Decide which hair color , hair style , skin color , nose color , and facial hair options you want your custom Little People™ puppet to have. People puppets (sometimes called portrait puppets) can be just that! I have been building puppets since 2015 and started this blog to share what I have learned, both from tutorials and from trial and error.

We may have plans to build a puppet similar to your suggestion already. When your puppet will be ready we will send you pictures of the puppet. Nutty Puppets has some amazing custom puppets. What is a custom puppet? We can match your existing character art or design it for you from a description. Polyester fleece can be used and will cut the cost considerably. You cannot reproduce the picture without compensating the photographer. Deadline * Letting us know when you need our custom puppet or mascot can help us give you a more accurate quote. If the puppet will be used in shows, commercials or other public and commercial purposes, be sure you actually own the character. Also we accept orders for sketches of puppet design and custom … Stay up to date with us on Facebook and Instagram! You want something new and exciting for your production. Possum Woods Puppets and is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for website owners to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,, and any other website that may be affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program. Antron fleece, the fleece used on Muppets and most top-notch puppets costs $40-65 per yard if purchased pre-dyed. In this article, I will focus primarily on the Muppet-style, foam arm and rod puppet. These are simple patterns for hand puppets. We create likenesses of people or animals from photographs, build character puppets based on illustrations and design puppets to spec. However if you us us to make an exclusive custom puppet for you, it will be uniquely different from our other puppets but still have that "Steve Axtell style".

The average puppet will require about 2 yard of fleece. Animations, blinking eyelids or animatronics are extra.

Children love puppets and they love making things. But you will not be the only person with that puppet. Ever wanted a mini me or wanted to give an unforgettable gift. I have been performing with puppets for 14 years. The materials cost a builder $50 to $200 for foam, fleece and costuming. A custom puppet will cost you anywhere from $500 to 1500. Instructions for customizing your own Little People™ Boy Puppet: First, review the photos and text located in the main "Description" tab found below. Reticulated foam is a light weight foam. EXCLUSIVE CUSTOM PUPPET - We can make an incredible custom designed character for you (cost is depending on size, complexity & rush fees) this will exclusive rights. Do you want a look-a-like puppet? Some puppet builders use the same pattern for all their puppets and they can “mass produce” their puppets, making several heads and bodies at once. Free Puppet Patterns to use, but please share a link to this page, not the patterns. Terry Fator We can also make a matching puppet that is radio controlled or animatronic that you can program and run an automatic performance. As an Amazon Associate [I or we] earn from qualifying purchases. Although the fabric store fleece looks good, often it is harder to hide seams when sewing the fabric. What Are The Best Types Of Puppets To Make With Children? Check out some of the people puppets I’ve designed below. Be sure to check our other articles and patterns. Dennis is the author of “Turning Puppets Into Profit: How To Build A Successful Puppet Business,” teaching puppet builders and puppeteers how to make money with their interest in puppets. Do you want a half body or a full body with legs? These Custom Puppets are Look Alike Caricature Hand Puppets. It can also mean a puppet specifically commissioned to have a certain look or style or specific features such as blinking eyes. and let's get started!

I am an author, educator, and puppet maker & performer. If you actually saw the materials cost and watched everything that went into the build, you would likely see why the one would be more expensive. Steve is also a TV puppeteer and Ventriloquist, as well as a designer & understands your need for custom puppet characters! A custom puppet represents hours of intense hand labor. Note Custom Orders over $1000 need to be paid by ACH, Check or Wire Transfer Only.

Even at a modest $20/hour, that puts the value of the labor put into a custom puppet at $800 and up. You may draw the picture. It is half as much to buy white and dye your own, but then you add hours to the process. Axtell reserves the right to photograph and publicize the process of making all custom puppets. We can build your custom puppet to have our famous latex skin look, or from soft foam and fleece fabrics.. .we can make your character a full body ventriloquist puppet, or half body stage & TV puppet with wrist rods or live hands like a glove, and we can build animations such as blinking eyelids, moving eyes, raising eyebrows, etc. Two builders could build the same puppet and their prices could be several hundreds of dollars apart. If you selected other, please let us know how you intend to use your custom puppet or mascot. Animations such as moving eyelids, eyes, eyebrows, ears, arms, etc are extra. It may be your original idea, but the builder owns the design and you cannot have it reproduced by someone else. Express builds are between 5-8 days. You will want to be free to use the puppet without needing to worry about intellectual property laws. Steve Axtell & his talented crew are excited about every project they work on! Send a drawing or photo by Email to Steve Axtell

So the question is "what are the best and easiest puppets for children to make?" For most shows, this is not a real problem, after all, folks are not watching that many ventriloquists.


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