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I am pleased that in the last 25 years attitudes have changed and we are able to do much more on the streets. Image credit: Gareth Gardner. The Frank Peregrine Higher Education Centre was opened in 2006 and extended in 2010. I spend a lot of time observing everything around me and how I can make work that responds to our world. Morag creates specific local responses to each distinct audience that will see and experience the work, using it to create community and build identity. The state-of-the-art facility cost £3.2 million and complements the College's existing Sports Centre. At its peak, I grew to a team of eight people but I realised this was not what I wanted to do.

The Temple of Agape, built for the Festival of Love on London’s Southbank in 2014, created an open, interactive symbol of devotion to love in all its forms. My father was a musician and my mother a textile artist and so our house was full of music and making. Morag Myerscough The award-winning and prolific designer/artist Morag Myerscough ’s mantra is "make happy those who are near and those who are far will come". The landscape has changed.

The college's origins begin in 1890, when the then newly formed Lancashire County Council set up a sub-committee with the remit of making grants available to help local agriculture.

It just might not exist yet but does that matter? That I shouldn't restrict myself. I was nervous back then about appearing like a one-person band (it was not about being a woman) and I wanted to be taken seriously and do large projects and appear to have more people on my team.

The main FFIT Centre consists of a red brick, two-storey building to house the research and teaching facilities that link with the various technologies in the nearby Livestock Innovation Centre and farm. But it will be a structure: colours and flowers. Putting the pen on paper, then something starts happening. Myerscough (UK: /ˈmaɪərskoʊ/ MIRE-skoh, locally /ˈmɑːskrə/ MAH-skrə, US: /ˈmaɪərskaʊf/ MIRE-skowf) is an English surname, which is most common in Lancashire. The college also leases several local farms, including Lee Farm[2] and Lodge Farm,[7] for agricultural research and teaching purposes. Doing things rather than thinking about doing things.

I have an approach to my work that I have developed over many years in response to doing things I have not enjoyed and want to get more fulfilment from what I do. Myerscough College (pronounced as Myers-coe) is a Higher and Further Education college near Bilsborrow on the Fylde in Lancashire, England. I nearly always say yes then spend the following weeks stressing about it. This includes specialist teaching, demonstration and research facilities including a teaching laboratory, soil laboratory, instrumentation room, production development kitchen, as well as a conference room, general teaching rooms, offices, a dining area and changing facilities.


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