montpellier dishwasher reviews
Product was defective and didn't work after 1 week, and unfortunately out of stock for a replacement model for 12 weeks. For a mid range brand I would recommend. If this is to happen once who is to say it won’t happen again to others. Thanks Stephanie..where do I reply? No customer service at weekends so rang first thing Monday. Compare our results for top dishwasher brands Bosch, Siemens, Miele and more. I must admit that I found the customer service response outstanding. I was however rather annoyed that l had to pay £95 for the collection of the faulty Montpellier Fridge Freezer!But credit where credit due.....our experience was quite straight forward and Montpellier honoured the guarantee. I bought a brand new gas cooker in February 2020 only to find that the oven was never below 300°c unless it was turned off!! Available in freestanding and integrated. Our 15 month old 5kg Montpellier washing machine started making a grinding noise (drum bearing maybe) when the drum starts turning during a wash. Thanks ever so much you did a wonderful job. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Montpellier DW1254K Black Fullsize Dishwasher - **FREE DELIVERY WITHIN ENGLAND AND WALES ONLY (MON-FRIDAY). Garbage.

We’ve just rang to chase and they’ve said the engineers have until the “end of today” to ring to make an appointment. Now in September and still not heard from an engineer!!! Awful customer service, agent on the phone was rude and stated I needed to email customer services. If you feel more comfortable please e-mail us at The call never came. We’ve had to buy a new fridge freezer as we cannot live without one indefinitely! Re-sent it and they got that email. ive contacted many gas engineers who said i may aswell buy a new cooker. Then when you have the right number you go into a loop because they have contracted out warranty repairs and, guess what, you're out of warranty and the process has no facility to deal with out of warranty customers - you're essentially dead to them. Maybe I should just hire a skip. NO company is a joke. Our guarantee was due to expire within a week. So a faulty newish product ( 15 months) and an absolutely useless warranty. I first logged a Service call to fix a brand new Faulty Dual Fuel Cooker back in July 2020. I sent him a video of the issue with the fridge.Later on the 10th I received an email from Stephanie to say; 'The engineer has requested a part which I will order today and have sent to the engineer.

Could you advise which model you have and I can certainly confirm this for you. Need a new dishwasher? Finally I get a respond and then get told they won’t send an engineer until I can provide proof of purchase ! The integrated fridge freezer packed up at the weekend, being only 9 months old, after having set off the smoke & CO2 alarms so it must have burned out!! Read our full review to find out if this Montpellier dishwasher can tackle tough stains. The overall Which? Sep 29, 2020 10 Best Dishwashers of 2020 at Every Budget. The repairs team made every effort to keep me up to date and tried their best to make a quick appointment and rectify the issue. Below you can find all models Montpellier Dishwashers for which we have manuals available. 8 weeks my dishwasher has been broken multiple times I’ve tried to contact someone to get this fixed under warranty but I can’t get hold of a human. We’ve placed the matter with a solicitor. It turns out that Montpelier have not got any service team in Ireland. She spoke to" teresa" who told her what to do ..but its still freezing everything. Best of all she was such a jolly person. I've decided to repair the motor myself. It has a 2 year warranty with Montpelier. Our warranty departments will only cover in warranty service calls. Avoid. From the first use I noticed that the oven door does not close completely on the right side. The Montpellier MAB600R is a retro-looking dishwasher that's considerably cheaper than similar looking models from Smeg.

Anyway my advice is please don't do it. Why can’t you use my details when I registered the warranty? Its now 2 half weeks gone with no news regarding what they are doing. Had to get trading standards involved just for them to try an sort things out. After several email exchanges with 'Dan', who insisted the item must have been 'damaged in transit', and with me insisting there is no visible damage - just a faulty hinge connection - 'Dan' told me 'if you are adamant this should be repaired call them on 01759 487 839.' What a shoddy product. im glad ive seen these reviews people in the same situation whst a crap company honestly, Good Afternoon, Many thanks for leaving a review. It has stopped working after a year. Good Morning, many thanks for leaving us a review, I am sorry to hear you are experiencing an issue with two appliances. Having spoken to Montpellier, I have been told that the item isn’t faulty and that I would need to purchase a new door. Needed a repair on an item I have only had 8 months. Would i buy Montpellier again?? I would like to look into this further for you if I can to see why our service agents have advised they cannot cover the warranty for you.


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