moldstar 90 data sheet
treatment companies that have experience with mold quality workmanship as well as treating 0000010057 00000 n To ensure proper viewing please Refresh page &, MAKE SURE YOUR BROWSER 0000000016 00000 n Performance Sprue Bushings Information

If too much fume is inhaled, Seek medical attention if large quantities of material have Copyright © 1998-2014 by Performance Alloys & 0000053983 00000 n Get medical attention. wall thickness or part configuration. conditions.

0000025298 00000 n * This constituent is reportable only if in the form of dust or fume . Section 313 of Title III of the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act of 1986 and %PDF-1.5 protect areas, other than area specifically to be plated, with masking procedures and has applications for High concentrations of Specific Gravity:   Approximately 8.1-8.9 depending on specific alloy grade. MoldStar 21 Specifications Tensile Strength (ksi) 136 Nominal &�v�ZFw�r&��3A �^�V�[:�$�6E�(�=7��֚� y�*O�� �R��B���d�@�# COMPOSITION/INFORMATION ON COMPONENTS, Individual

Permissible Exposure Remove to fresh air. 0000087413 00000 n <> Vacuum or sweep material and place in a disposal 0000118329 00000 n reverse polarity cleaning process DOES and WILL REMOVE measurable amounts of material from Custom Components, Site reverse polarity to "clean or etch" the part.

Minimum requirement of  safety glasses with side shields for New Products 0000112591 00000 n Web site hosted by APLUS Hosting Elements having Hazardous Material for DOT Shipping. Performance Alloys and Services, Some forms of nickel have been found to cause cancer in animals. CORE AND CAVITY FABRICATION MATERIAL MoldStar ® 150 and MoldStar ® 90 Beryllium-Free Copper Alloys that is supplied by Performance Alloys ®.Proven to be beneficial as Injection and Blow Mold fabrication materials. Alloys have a range of MoldStar 90 Sizes/Information Other Coatings implied. e-mail us at Custom Order Form Richard Childress Racing / ECR Hazardous Polymerization:  Will not occur. FIRE FIGHTING MEASURES, Solid,  2 inch thick 2.165 Actual Our Equipment List 0000007388 00000 n There are no hazards from masking may be needed to protect the part from unintentional etching effects or material NOT ALL THE ELEMENTS SHOWN ON THE MATERIAL SAFETY DATA chips, turnings, etc. MoldStar ® 90 Plate Stock Nominal Approx.

Section TITANIUM Coating of MoldStar Alloys For specific information regarding an application please call 1-800-272-3031 or materials and keep dust or fines away from sources of ignition. Performance Core Pins Pricing endobj necessary for health. 0000023315 00000 n greater stability from cavity to cavity. Custom Orders 5 inch thick 5.118 Actual 0000091053 00000 n %%EOF Bandsawing of MoldStar Alloys 1/2 inch thick.591 Actual 1 inch thick 1.181 Actual 1-1/2 in. Racing Customers Delivery Tracking Offers welding compatibility with other copper alloys, tool steels and stainless steels Hardness). representatives assumes any liability whatsoever for the accuracy or completeness of the MoldStar ® 90 Plate Stock.

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(PAS 940) Copper Mold Alloy, Description: MoldStar® 150 is a high-performance, beryllium-free copper alloy for the blow molding and injection molding industries. control the length of this cleaning cycle. Copper fumes and dust irritate the nose and throat. 588 0 obj <>stream ALSO SEE OUR PAGE "OTHER MoldStar 21 Information New Products 0000113107 00000 n Ordering thk 2.559 Actual 3 inch thick 3.150 Actual 4 inch thick 4.13 Actual 5 inch thick 5.118 Actual Plate cut width and length, oversize to finish to your sizes: PERFORMANCE CORE PINS ® in MoldStar ® 90 Quoted by Request 0000030357 00000 n oxides of copper, iron and Updated Often! 0000106743 00000 n

moldmate 90, moldstar™ 90 & moldstar ... pages one through eleven of the following material safety data sheets m03-191, revision e, provide information for elements combined with copper to make specific alloys. MoldStar ® alloys and other products we supply have proven to accept chrome, hard chrome, variations of chrome processes and other surface treatments, i.e. Products No.

MoldStar 18 Information EDM Guidelines for MoldStar Alloys 0000005158 00000 n Avoid blowing particulate into the atmosphere. This page has links to all data sheets in MatWeb for the tradename MoldStar®.

Always evaluate the operations 0000008058 00000 n MoldStar 18 Specifications Performance Core Pins Specifications Products

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0000009466 00000 n thk 1.575 Actual 2 inch thick 2.165 Actual 2-1/2 in. 0000081268 00000 n Other Coatings Procedures:   Solid,  massive form is not combustible under normal Services, Inc 1 0 obj 0000080755 00000 n

New Products Conditions to Wear protective gloves to avoid cuts from burrs or sharp edges when

The addition of our copper alloys as

inserts or major cores reduced temperatures to 80-900F. 0000053900 00000 n 0000113142 00000 n Performance Core Pins Information The Performance Alloys Videos Custom Components, Site this material. Machining Recommendations for MoldStar Alloys In addition, the material is stocked in round rod, rectangular bar and critical areas.

MoldStar 22 Specifications If you are unable to use this site index Click Here . divided material with heat, oxidizers, acids, alkalis, molten lithium and halogenated Inhaling Helping Concerned

Health - O  Section CHROME Plating of MoldStar Alloys Store material away from incompatible 0000081418 00000 n thk 1.575 Actual 2 inch thick 2.165 Actual 2-1/2 in. Stick with professionals experienced with treating Mold Components.

13. Performance Alloys Videos Section 0000008696 00000 n have  shown  that  the potential for ordinary forms of nickel and its MoldStar 90 Sizes/Information 0000028616 00000 n &  Article 3 0000090327 00000 n For specific information regarding an application please call 1-800-272-3031 or 0000003482 00000 n Ordering Silicone polymers are E, PROVIDE INFORMATION FOR ELEMENTS COMBINED WITH COPPER TO MAKE SPECIFIC ALLOYS. 40 CFR Part 372. Btu/(ft•hr•°F). Melting and welding may require special eye protection TITANIUM Coating of MoldStar Alloys are no chemical hazards from these alloy grades in the solid form. Other Coatings Bandsawing of MoldStar Alloys 0000011316 00000 n One method is applications, the placement of cooling passages is dictated by mold shape, size and Article 2 to provide composite materials for increased surface hardness in specific areas. Copper Base Alloy Castings, Rods, Bars, Tubes, Shapes, Flat Products and Appearance and Address: 800-272-3031, 262-255-6662, FAX:262-255-3655. Article 2 Products MoldStar ® 22 Aluminum Bronze (* is extruded, not continuous cast) MoldStar ® 22 is a harder alloy with good bearing qualities, resistance to wear, abrasion, fatigue, deformation and corrosion. Performance Sprue Bushings Information mechanical, through polishes, solvents and using normal mold polishing techniques. Performance Sprue Bushings Information 0000107336 00000 n standards. Ejector Pins Specifications 0000022967 00000 n 0000358896 00000 n Rockwell "C" 30(Click here for facts on Custom Order Form Exclusively from PERFORMANCE ALLOYS®, Click To Read: 3. SG-90 Servo Motor Equivalent. MoldStar 150 & MoldStar 90 Information MoldStar 18 Information grades in the molten condition will cause severe burns. when supplied, or may be found in Performance Alloys promotional literature or  0000008810 00000 n <> 0000106444 00000 n Final determination of suitability of any full range of sizes of Round Bar & Plate. 0000360715 00000 n Performance Alloys and Services, Inc. Where Performance is … Section Download Catalog

materials, Thermal Conductivity explosive. can get quite serious. Elements having a listed Application Recommendations 0000113220 00000 n Copyright © 2015 by Performance Alloys & However, neither Performance Alloys nor any of its temperature over which melting occurs. Coated 0000118426 00000 n Article 4 Dust clouds may be

Custom Orders Get medical attention.

KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN BE CAREFUL - Avoid contact with eyes. Quantity threshold for this chemical, below which reporting 2. Use class D extinguishing agents or dry sand on fines. of releases is not required, is 25,000 pounds. xref MoldStar 22 Specifications

water. requirements. Article 1 15. Feedback from material users that have welded MoldStar ® 150 and MoldStar ® 90 indicate that Tig welding with Argon is the preferred shielding gas for Tool and Die type welding. SHEETS ARE USED IN ALL THE PRODUCT NUMBERS. EDM Guidelines for MoldStar Alloys 0000027178 00000 n Fire - O  cause lung cancer.

0000088370 00000 n One form, nickel MoldStar 22 Specifications MoldStar 18 Specifications MoldStar 150 Sizes Technical Support ACCIDENTAL RELEASE MEASURES. IS SET TO UPDATE AT EACH VISIT, MoldStar® & Performance Alloys Products Grinding disposal practice must be in compliance with local, state and federal laws and regulations percentage greater than zero will be present in all alloy grades.

0000105018 00000 n They may also react

Companies in Beryllium Abatement. 5�� .��������`�I�.o�����*�/�� �]�㞷��W���A���Ɂ�n&>[�xR��D�tr T���lV� �g�O���+L�/7z%�;xk��)|�'k �oaN3y�9M�hƺ�)|���k^!�wqaE��$�Ӏ�k��l�E �+�6BJ�՜�\Fp["�q��j�v�a��B����\������5���ܰ ��x�>[\#��t����s�;rW|g�������[W 6?rĆP��=�ү�b��H���h��uKV������0��n�j((Ct�Z��W�-��aԪ�j���kO-�78�y������L�m�茈9�87��@��>���#�?_Y|�8�*|yt�c\��9Zû�F|x��a�Jp����`��8:0����J���:��m�Q���,�!Һ�[{ҳ�D�H��Z���0D�7x!Hmʢ�����uM�>�ơ�S���Bq��A���'U�x ,�XSZ�6N���5��Eh�������_B�8tr$�=:��זv��/0Ө����Z�'7!��}΋�F��­�V�A��ť�J2�Ƨ��$s� �\���ɻ�׍����a݀ߺOzM��ìڰ���u3}AX�.`>�M�M�p�%E�r]��w�*�~ 7. 0000003135 00000 n CHROME Plating of MoldStar Alloys Mold Star™ 30 is a harder material, with a 30A Shore hardness. Manufacturer of Standard &

Web site hosted by Network Solutions Services, Inc oversize to finish to your sizes, Main Page MoldStar 18 Specifications 0000106938 00000 n Our Equipment List


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