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Mississippi Grind mentioned the Hawkeyes (my alma mater) and starts in Iowa (my home state). It's available now on DirectTV. He hits rock bottom, has an insane fantasy of winning and eventually dies but the movie continues on with what he was chasing. "We were a little concerned that he shouldn't be on a winning streak," says Fleck. The film was released by A24 on September 25, 2015. The fellow they talked to at the gamblers den in Memphis said it best about men not supposed to be alone. I saw the beating as a form of punishment after failing to help Gerry. First movie when I actually was able to get a smelling sensation through the acting, Ben Mendelssohn is awesome! And, without giving anything away, I feel like it really sticks the landing. Reynolds steps out at Sundance as a new dad. MISSISSIPPI GRIND (2015, Boden & Fleck, ***) CALIFORNIA SPLIT remake carried by ace performances through more endings than LORD OF THE RINGS — … #Sundance, Every gen gets the ‘California Split’ it deserves; we must have done something amazing to get ‘Mississippi Grind’. The AtZ Show 88,037 views.

Mississippi Grind mentioned the Hawkeyes (my alma mater) and starts in Iowa (my home state). I'm not on board with this theory, especially the dying thing BUT you're suggestion made me rewatch it and think a lot more about it. The two set off on a road trip through the South with visions of winning back what’s been lost.

If you can't tell, I was a fan on this film and the emotional grind it puts you through. Ryan Reynolds character isn't real. Four aces, almost perfect. It's doubtful those are to the date, so give or take some months on either and the difference in age could match the time Gerry was married. Especially considering it's obvious they typically lie the majority of their lives. It came across to me that Reynold's character hasn't really found any true meaning to his life so he kinda gets off on acting all cool and "in control" so he helps Gerry because he knows Gerry completely looks up to him. Super character driven, but it was a bit slower pace that I think a lot of people wanted to see. This was my wife's theory 5 minutes after Reynold's was introduced.

Mississippi Grind (Boden/Fleck): 60. This meant six weeks in smoky gambling establishments and on the road with Mendelsohn in a similar hatchback — which allowed a camera operator in the back to shoot road scenes for the low-budget feature. Mississippi Grind (2015) - A film that explores the friendship of two compulsive gamblers as they search for poker games on a road trip.

are registered trademarks / copyright their respective rights holders. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Gerry has a compulsion for gambling which tempts him to put his family through some seemingly unforgivable situations (his addiction got so bad that he removed himself from his daughter’s life, got divorced, and even goes as far as attempting to steal poker money from his wife during an attempt at reconciliation) but to say he is evil is pushing it. Despite Boden and Fleck’s narrative embellishments, Mississippi Grind is still very much a movie about lovable losers, leaning hard on the charisma of its two stars.Mendelsohn plays Gerry as a stringy, sweaty hunk of pure desperation, while Reynolds, as the ostensibly more stable partner, demonstrates yet again that he’s much more than a ridiculously pretty face. DIRECTORS/SCREENWRITERS: Ryan Fleck, Anna Boden Interviews with leading film and TV creators about their process and craft. Him leaving near the end symbolizes him finally letting go of the gambling itch, ending his search for his lucky leprechaun that will change his life. But i just saw the movie last night and I have a theory that I don't think's been discussed yet. Funny, he could help other from choking, but he couldn't help himself. — Alison Willmore (@alisonwillmore) January 25, 2015, MISSISSIPPI GRIND: a sweet, shambling & *super* enjoyable Payne-esque buddy film about gambling with loneliness. I am at my second Sundance Film Festival.These are my reviews. "But it's fascinating, nonetheless. Yes, the movie is somewhat predictable and even ends on an expected note, but like Curtis consistently says throughout Mississippi Grind, it’s about the journey and not the destination. It’s hard to remember this ridiculously handsome actor’s talents being put to more effective use.

Ryan Reynolds finds the setting of 'Mississippi Grind' to be 'the greatest show on Earth.' Sign up for our Email Newsletters here. I liked it enough to watch it twice, which is really rare. Mississippi Grind, 2015.

"People are there either grinding out a living (playing) at the poker table or just sitting at the slot machines, using their paychecks. I found this to be the greatest show on Earth.". Reynolds was hooked immediately on the resulting screenplay and signed on. Two career gamblers strike up a friendship on their way to a poker tournament. Gamblers call playing for a living as doing the grind.

From 2/3 to the end, the movie gets really confusing. Super Dark Times Ending Theory Explained - Duration: 11:03. My question is how does Curtis get by with no job?

Throughout the movie, the two rarely interact with other characters simultaneously. I just don't get Ryan's character's motivations. I thought he got beat up because he had that money on him and he was trying to get it taken away so he couldn't give it to her. If you can't tell, I was a fan on this film and the emotional grind it puts you through. Like you said it made a lot of sense up until the reveal of his backstory. Just based on the poster alone, I thought this was a rip off of Altman's California Split, which is great. Review: Four aces is an almost unbeatable poker hand. "It was dog tracks, little casinos, one after the other, for sure the (gambling) underbelly," says Reynolds. All rights reserved. He was everything Gerry wished he could be but he was equally miserable and alone. I want to be a deadbeat loser with him #Sundance, — Jordan Hoffman (@jhoffman) January 25, 2015. I don't know. Even though I don't fully subscribe to your theory, and I know you were just spitballing, your thoughts helped me enjoy the movie more. I saw eight films at my first Sundance Festival: THE DIARY OF A TEENAGE GIRL, BROOKLYN, IT FOLLOWS, SLEEPING WITH OTHER PEOPLE, THE BRONZE, MISSISSIPPI GRIND, RESULTS, and KNOCK KNOCK. And while the tone is relaxed and playful, the underlying sadness comes through, perhaps most poignantly in Reynolds’ Curtis, in moments when his effortless charisma and unflappable confidence don’t quite hide the needling glimmers of self-frustration or loneliness. I came to this sub reddit just because I suggested that Ryan Reynolds is not real and my brother and i are being tormented with tat thought ever since.

", A gambler down on his luck teams up with a younger poker player in the hopes of turning his financial troubles around. No truck-stop mementos were required to remember the process. Written and Directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck. If you like Mendhelson in this, try Bloodline. Down on his luck and suspended only mere inches above rock-bottom, Gerry (Ben Mendelsohn) confesses to Curtis (Ryan Reynolds), his road buddy and lucky charm for success, that he isn’t a good person, and while it is heartbreaking to watch someone come to that self-realization, it stings more because it isn’t necessarily true. P.S.

Some comments below looking for the 6th sense outcome out of nowhere I don't understand. We are living in the Age of Ben Mendelsohn. It’s been five years since Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden’s last film (“It’s Kind of a Funny Story”), far too long for a pair of filmmakers with such a clear sense of human nature and keen ability to get career-best work from their actors. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. There was no great revelation. So thank you. I think Reynold's character represented the "grass is always greener" scenario to Gerry. Okay okay, so i know this is an old post.

It's uplifting and depressing, just like gambling. "But, sure enough, Ben not only lost all that money, he owed pretty much anyone in the poker room money by the time we started shooting.

I thought it was interesting that Gerry told Curtis he wanted to reconcile with his ex and while Gerry was robbing his wife, it was Curtis who made the attempt to reconcile with Simone. Mississippi Grind.

Ultimately, “Mississippi Grind” provides a venerable acting showcase to a pair of under-appreciated actors, but could have used more impetus in its execution. This movie is about two down-on-their-luck gamblers with a dream to make it big in Mississippi and Louisiana. (There's a bit of a fuzzy line.) Read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy / Cookie Disclaimer.

He goes along for the ride with Gerry seemingly for the thrill of it all (he’s very laid-back, charismatic, friendly, and not really concerned about winning) but has his own personal demons as well. Reynolds was able to perfect his card-table gab and Mendelsohn showed immediate success at the tables, to the point that the directors were worried about it affecting his losing character. The whole getting beat up thing was strange but maybe just a reflection again of this idea that he hasn't found meaning therefore money doesn't matter to him in the slightest. MISSISSIPPI GRIND: A rambling, Southern-tinged CALIFORNIA SPLIT update that’s a great time until its half-dozen endings.

This is Jeff Bayer, and I don't update this site very often. Much will be said about the performance of Ben Mendelsohn for making this tragically depressed character come alive, but Ryan Reynolds also turns in a career performance. Almost like a gambling degens heaven, where he just can't lose. The one exception being Reynold's love interest, who i also imagine is fake. And why he wanted to get beat up in the basketball court?

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This Article is related to: Reviews and tagged Anna Boden, Ben Mendelsohn, Mississippi Grind, Reviews, Ryan Fleck, Ryan Fleck & Anna Boden, Ryan Reynolds, Sundance 2015. Naturally, because this is a buddy road trip movie, there does come a point where the two leads go their separate ways, but it works thanks to feeling natural. MISSISSIPPI GRIND: Great performances carry uneven film. Entertaining right to the end, but it feigns grittiness only to settle for Hollywood bullshit. It would have been so much more fulfilling for me to see some more poker, some more interesting hands, some more reason to believe this guy can play, dicaprio in rounders eg. Plus, there is plenty of fun stories that Curtis tells about his colorful, traveling past. Stakes just aren’t quite there narratively but Mendelsohn makes it worth the trip. The theory sorta breaks down in the last 2/3rds of the film, where the Reynold's character gets more of a backstory. i love playing poker would this movie satisfy me ? It is a road trip with mixed fortunes where friendship is severely tested. There are many occasions where Gerry and Curtis interact with other people simultaneously... Why doesn't the film just delve more deeply into the core subject? Read more. Plot. "The movie itself is our scrapbook," says Fleck.

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