mcleaks authenticator virus
© 2020 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. In addition, this is most likely illegal. They sold me a non-working alt, that can't join mineplex and other servers. you are getting limited access. In order to function, mcleaks redirects authentication to their own servers, which is "fine" as long as you're using their token system, but becomes a problem as soon as you use your real account details: your data (username, password, email, the entire thing) is sent towards an unknown server which supposedly promotes "free" minecraft accounts (of which most, if not all, are hacked accounts). It says this is not their problem in the ToS page when downloading the authenticator. It's not that hard x), Where to start? to explain to everyone here mcleaks does not steal any minecraft account if you want more information go to their website en check the faq. I found duplicate 'reviews' for the on many sites that check credibility (including this one). dont use unless you dont have a mc account and want to play some singleplayer, Perfect for people who cant afford minecraft. MCLeaks Authenticator v4.4.0 Updated: 27.03.2020 16.400.961 Downloads 668.737 Downloads. Why is everybody flaming about this site? A, it means password and email It managed to slip past my Avast free Antivirus (not that good), but fortunately, I checked on VirusTotal - if you do not know, this is a website that scans any file you doubt with almost every single antivirus in the world.

I only just now am writing this "review" as I've recently stumbled upon that email and decided to check if this scam site had been shut down yet, sadly it's still operational.NONE OF THESE ACCOUNTS ARE GIVEN TO THE SITE, THEY ARE 100% STOLEN FROM LISTS OF ACCOUNTS/PASSWORDS THAT HAVE BEEN COMPROMISED. its not license This is real ONLY trust it if you did not Minecraft Java and wanna buy it. MCLeaks Authenticator is an application by the software company MCLeaks. resets your settings to default. I will 100% confirm that this site steals your account to other people while you use someone else stolen account. It doesn't hack accounts. so, no accounts are being stolen or resold. any part of it) to anyone else. a little. what is sort of disturbing is that the minecraft versions which we download after we use authenticatior may be malicious, Authenticator steals accounts MCLeaks knows this and they dont care. On the other hand if you do have a mojang/minecraft account and you used this program say goodbye to your account. If you wan't to play with your main account again, go inside the MCLEAK AUTHENTICATOR app and set it back to Mojang. The owners of the website are just sad sad 30 yr old men. Sometimes this can be efortful because performing this manually takes some experience related to PCs.

the accounts are stolen from people that use this the "Authenticator" steals your account then puts it on the site dont trust it. Hope you have a great day and this helped clear up everything about mcleaks. *Please read before you act like shit about MCLEAKS* because Eula has a rule of With the MCLeaks Authenticator you can enable support for MCLeaks accounts. the site is meant to be used for alt-accounts, however just has a name that says otherwise.

Authenticator - Install instructions. How you ask? A click on the MCLeaks-Button enables MCLeaks-Mode for you anbd a click on the Mojang-Button

Free mc premium accounts. I've found it is unreliable. We're unable to renew it, sorry. license keys.

"you cannot give license"

what these people are saying about it stealing accounts is blatantly wrong. sort of shadynot authenticated with the launcherit is better to crack minecraft. Like the other person in the comments, if you think I'm a bot or someone trying to give a bad rating to the website, add me on Discord and ask me about it. They are FAKE ACCOUNTS made by MCLEAKS.

I checked de source code of the mc leaks authenticator for myself and found nothing malicious, disturbing or weird. MCLeaks is free, but we require all users to disable their adblocker. If you let the authenticator run the Minecraft Launcher with MCLEAKS authenticated. Everyone is calling the authenticator a… Everyone is calling the authenticator a 'trojan' without actually knowing what that it or what it (the authenticator) does, your anti-virus will probably label it as a trojan because it has malicious capabilities, but, despite that, the authenticator is very upfront about how you shouldn't log into your own account while the 'McLeaks auth.


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