marlin 60 accuracy
Maybe that’s why it was so inaccurate, I don’t know. ihCustomizations(); Mine shoots any and every thing. I only shot them as a kid with a BB gun or rather I shot at them.

Not that it’s perfect, though some might take that stance.

but never will i drink the 10/22 kool-aid.

(What with .22 still being scarce in my neck of the woods and my usual range closed for fire danger, I haven’t been out much lately.). But there are a few things that set these two guns apart. One of my favorite guns. The Best Duck Calls to Buy on Amazon Today. A couple hundred bucks is a great price for a rifle, especially considering how much fun they are, but it starts to add up when you get five or ten of the damn things…. A quick-handling varmint killer. I love the old Marlin 60s and the store brand knock offs, to those who think they are trash, send them to me.

Now that’s a darn good, down-to-earth review of a darn good, down-to-earth gun. The result is that when the slide blows back, your point of aim moves far more up and to the right than one might expect with a .22. It’s head shot dozens of squirrels, grouse, snakes, coyotes, and crows.

I know the guy at the store who cleaned it when they bought it so I’ll probably never have to do that myself…looks pretty new, no dings or rust. I've used a 60 at an Appleseed. Model 60SB Walnut-finish laminate stock and stainless steel, 3. Whether you talk with people who have enjoyed a version of the Model 60 for years or use this rifle as a benchmark to … Brings back good feelings just sitting there. callback(); But only the Model 60 is still in production. The Marlin 60 and Marlin 795 are both very accurate due to the Marlin patented Microgroove rifling that has 5 grooves for every 1/10th of an inch bore diameter. It still is and I still have it. But there’s something about the Marlin. I can’t remember if it’s branded as a Ted Stevens or Glenfield, but it’s essentially the same gun with a scope mount.

This rifling, with its precision-crowned muzzle, gave the Model 60 an inherent, enhanced accuracy over competing rifles, which used traditional deep grooved rifling, because the bullet was not as severely deformed while traveling down the barrel, and downrange. Supplied with sling swivels. ]/g, ""); Find out which ammo it likes best, and you’re good to go. This rifle sets the accuracy standard its budget-priced brethren hope to reach. Even had the old girl reblued. The gunmaker got it right fairly early on.

Here is a list of the positive attributes of this Marlin 22 rifle. Had everyone at the range so impressed. But that Marlin sure would. Marlin 795: The Marlin 795 was introduced to the shooting world in the year 1997. A small group will miss the rifle that refuses to work if it’s clean and I’ll still have mine to pass on as the first time rifle for my gandson. The barrels in the older models are better steel and do not heat up like the new models. This one is an older Sears model, so it’s not called a “Marlin”. for my 21st birthday. I turly hope the so-called Freedom Group does not screw up this rifle. I’d like to see you load a box mag that fast (14 rounds in 30 seconds).

Marlin 60: The Marlin 60 has been around for many years.

She had a blast, and was proud of her efforts that day.

A few years ago I took it to Appleseed and qualified rifleman between a bunch of Sigs and Rugers. I then had her do everything from that point on.

According to the Marlin Firearms website, the company has sold more than 11 million Model 60 rifles since the manufacturer introduced this version 54 years ago. I pick them up any time I can. Further enhancing the rifle was Marlin’s MicroGroove rifling. The Marlin will do less than 1/2″ at 50 yards, if I can hold it steady. It’s inexpensive and stone reliaible: how many kids were introduced too shooting by this basic rifle? Not every new tweak to the Marlin Model 60 was met with narrowing of eyes and furrowing of brows. With a little practice I found that I could instinctively stage the long trigger pull: get on target, pull the trigger halfway, breathe out, let the sights settle onto the bull’s-eye…and then bang. i know bolt guns usually shoot 1/2 inch groups at 50 yards.

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