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The data which had been restored consisted of only a limited amount of accessible information. The missions in TIE Fighter, released in June 1994, are preceded by a galactic map that displays the location of the mission (14). The same holds for the map in Knights of the Old Republic, released Juli 2003. Following the Battle of Malachor V, Revan took his fleet and disappeared into the Unknown Regions under the guise of eliminating the remaining Mandalorians. As a son of a professor of cartography I was surrounded by maps all my life and as a result spatial way of thinking and seeing reality is naturally embedded in who I am.

It is also about maps… Maps of the Galaxy. Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's, The Essential Atlas and Galactic Cartography: Official Discussion, Kamino’s Finest: Captains and Commanders of the Clone Army, The Gathering: 6 Lessons Learned from the Crystal Caves of Ilum, Much to Learn You Still Have: 7 Things You Might Not Know About Togrutas. This week the new Star Wars movie hits movie theatres around the world. It even included a placement for Naboo, which would feature in the then-upcoming new movie, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. After using special grenades to negate the effects of the acid pool, Revan crossed and accessed the Map. Shape Following the dark-side path throughout the game has no effect on the ability to access the Maps other than player interaction with the computer terminal on Kashyyyk, because correctly answering the questions posed by the AI guarding the Star Map will merit Dark Side points.[1][11]. The success of the concept in Gamer was apparent, as it was largely adopted into the first run of The Official Star Wars Fact Files, a notable difference however was the use of a backdrop that resembled an actual galaxy rather than mere contour lines of the galactic regions. Each map shows the paths of the major characters in each of the original Star Wars trilogy films. After traveling deep into the Shadowlands on a mission for Chuundar, the amnesiac Revan encountered knowledge of the device's existence. One thing that stands out is the inclusion of two smaller satellite galaxies.

Thanks to Stefan Pfister for some useful insights when writing this article. [1] Even though Sadow lived millennia after the fall of the Infinite Empire,[9] the Map was located in a room of the burial construct whose access was obstructed by a pool of acid. Check screenshots for more details. The Star Maps were temporarily rendered obsolete, and the location of both the Star Forge and the Lehon system were hidden. West End Games provided several such detailed maps of specific regions or sectors within the galaxy, for use in role-playing adventures and campaigns. Infinite Empire[1]Revan's Sith Empire[1] Furthermore, the maps include an orientation (a galactic compass), which places the uncharted Unknown Regions in the galactic west. Later in the movie, when Padmé Amidala tells Anakin Skywalker they need to go rescue Obi-Wan on Geonosis, a top-down view of the Galaxy map can be seen on the console of her yacht (08). The closest ring around the star contains the pyramid-shaped object, which probably represents the Star Forge. When Obi-Wan Kenobi goes into the Jedi Library to seek out the location of the planet Kamino, we see an in-universe depiction of the galactic map (07). In 3956 BBY, Revan scouted the ruins, finding the Star Map as he had years earlier. This image marked important locations within the Infinite Empire, highlighted to show the true extent of Rakatan influence and dominance. To protect and keep secret their achievement, the retreating Rakata sabotaged the Star Maps and accompanying information droids, attempting to remove all vital information. Once he was given access to the tomb, Revan had to overcome the obstacles of the tomb's defenses as well as fauna that had taken the lair. While early novels didn’t include a lot of new places, the rise of West End Games’ role-playing works brought about a lot of new worlds, trade routes, and even galactic regions. Holographic map[1] If you notice something that’s missing or incorrect on the map, send me an email through the contact form.

However, most of the placements are incorrect. Fantasy Flight Games would also adopt the new star chart system, including the coordinate grid, into their role-playing game that started with Edge of the Empire.

This is probably a map of the Lehon system, with the star representing the system's sun, Abo, and the outer three rings representing the orbits of the 3 closest planets from the sun (Iwar, Meldina, and Taxiode, in order from first to third from the sun). Initially, the Republic, which had been weakened by the Mandalorian Wars, was overwhelmed by the advancing Sith Empire. kofiwidget2.init('Support Me on Ko-fi', '#29abe0', 'J3J0197XZ');kofiwidget2.draw(); Please consider donating to help support the site. Ever since the release of the Star Wars movies, and especially with the start of the former Expanded Universe, people were longing for a map of that galaxy far, far away.|Material+Icons&display=swap,//,//,//, Minecraft | Parookaville 2019 Bills Factory by MinerBuilder & BUBI80, Star Wars - B-Wing Starfighter (with SCHEMATIC), A Space Station - Inspired by the Vaiken SpaceDock from Star Wars, Millennium Falcon - One Chunk Challenge Entry, Star Wars - UT-60D U-Wing Starfighter [with DOWNLOAD], Star Wars: Orion Outpost - A Mini-Adventure Map, Star Wars - Millenium Falcon (with interior), StarWars NR-N99 Persuader-class droid enforcer [With download], The Natural house【cocricot Resourcespacks】, The Island of Vigrid - A 500x500 Fantasy-themed Minecraft Spawn. On others, such as Korriban, the Map was found in the Tomb of Naga Sadow and protected by the tomb's ancient defenses. TM & © Lucasfilm Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Some of the Maps, such as the one on Dantooine, were placed inside temples dedicated to the Star Forge. Dantooine[1]Kashyyyk[1]Korriban[1]Manaan[1]Tatooine[1] You can use this page to browse and explore the galaxy and find links to Wookieepedia articles about the locations. Affiliation Access to the main chamber, which lay straight ahead, was only granted by completing the puzzles found in the two rooms situated to the right and left. Other additions to the Atlas were The History of Xim and the Tion Cluster published in December 2009 as part of the Hyperspace-exlusive Xim Week, and The Knight Errant Gazetteer of November 2010, which detailed the Grumani sector. [1] Most notably, the Maps pointed to the location of the Star Forge, a titanic space station that also served as a high-capacity manufacturing facility capable of turning out war matériel at an astonishing rate. Wookiee Chieftain Freyyr was also unable to access the device. In doing so, the player uses the Star Maps to reacquire and retake the Star Forge from Darth Malak. Today we’re bring the best of these maps to you in the chronological order.

The map will at first open normally, but then the outlines and most of the schematics disappear and six hovering points with various pre-Aurebesh letters flickering above them stay. While sourcebooks have been the main source for galaxy maps for most people, some video games include maps as well, some even pre-dating the above-mentioned charts. The New Essential Chronology, released in October 2005, combined the little planet icons of Fact Files with the more clearly readable contour lines, and was one of the first to include the planets of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. For example, the Maps on Dantooine and Kashyyyk were protected by defense droids and computer systems, which mentally and physically tested those who sought their secrets. The highly detailed maps of the galaxy were made by Hungarian artist Modi, who had previously gained fame with his fan-made star charts and was invited to work on Atlas. [1], Upon their visit to each planet, Revan and Malak had to face different challenges to acquire the Map information. You can learn more about the Star Wars maps here.

Required fields are marked *. The first galaxy maps onscreen are seen later in May 2002, with the release of Star Wars: Attack of the Clones.

STAR WARS: THE FINAL by ATLASITOS. Future publications in this series of books would continue to use the circular galaxy, including Complete Locations. The image is very close to the one that was later used in the Jedi Library in Episode II, even including the satellite galaxies.


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