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Some other tips and warnings for usage: Do not take truffles if you are feeling worried, stressed out. ). Respiratory activity of the packed living products using oxygen and producing carbon dioxide, drives the changes in gas levels. Gift cards can be easily purchased on our website and are available in the following amounts: €10, €25, €50 and €100. A medium trip is 10 grams and a strong trip starts from 15 grams and up. Every thing you need to set up your home mycology lab! Vacuum sealed and premium quality. There are several ways to pay for your order.We ship out after payment has been received. Conclusion: when you take magic truffles be in good health and do not use other substances in combination with the effects of magic truffles. Unlike cooking truffles, which are fragile and require really particular environmental conditions to grow, psychedelic truffles can be farmed and harvested in synthetic environments. We recommend to be 21 years or older for having truffles. Our Magic Truffles are bred under professional circumstances and are freshly vacuum packed per 15 gramm. 18+ Enter Under 18. }; Some people have higher tolerances and need more. A good substrate is essential for growing magic truffles. These gas levels block from normal air and are called modified atmosphere conditions. Age Check. FDA has granted approval to test psilocybin in patients with treatment-resistant depression. Do not use truffles if you do not have the time to do it. Colorado Based Buy Magic Mushrooms and truffles USA also called Philosopher’s Stones. For beginners, it is widely recommended to take about 5 grams of fresh magic truffles. Most Crypto Currency Possible at checkout. Magic Truffles strength varies by strain and tolerance. Unopened magic truffles: in the fridge, at 4° Celsius. As mentioned already, the effects are various for everybody, however what we often speak with users is that they normally feel content and typically burst into fits of laughter. Depending on the type you consume, your trip may last from three to six hours. Tell them you send documents or something. Do NOT tell the Postoffice you are sending cash. We recently created a new online shopping system, and realize it could cause some confusion for shoppers who created an account in the old system. It makes it safe to transport, and most importantly prevents contamination of the truffles. Regularly drink water or juice during the trip. If you do not accept optional cookies below, your experience may be affected. item.setStyle({height:maxHeight2[Math.floor(count/4)] + 'px'}); These do not need to be stored in the fridge, and stay potent for several months. Buy Magic Truffles has an extensive assortment of 5 Magic Truffles varieties (sclerotia). When you place an order, and choose for the shipping method, you will see what the indicative delivery time will be after shipment. We adhere to preventative measures…. That way, all the active substances are absorbed by your body. We stock only the best magic Mushroom. var count2 = 0; © - KvK-number: 65990838 - Tax-number: NL856346858B01, FDA has granted approval to test psilocybin in patients with treatment-resistant depression, Gontinic B.V., Noorddijk 3, 2391 CE, Hazerswoude-Dorp, The Netherlands, Subscribe to our newsletter and receive the latest offers, discounts and updates. (read more on the Legal page), for creative & spiritual enhancement ✨ or anti-depressant (says science). Folks, we are delighted to announce the launch of our new Buy Magic Truffles website. A medium trip is 10 grams and a strong trip starts from 15 grams and up. These psychedelic truffles are known as magic truffles, or psychedelic truffles. if ( item.getHeight() > maxHeight[Math.floor(count/4)] ) var count = 0; Questions if we can make an exception will not be answered. For payment with credit cards we’ll have to charge, extra on top of the order, to cover their fees, Most Crypto Currency Possible at checkout. Magic Truffles are also known as Sclerotia Atlantis or Philosopher's Stones. Easily grow your magic mushrooms with these quality magic mushroom grow kits. The aim of the study is to find what the effects of microdosing are on cognition, mood and creativity. Our webshop offers mild truffles like MEXICANA for relaxing trips and for beginners. Drunk trippers do stupid things! If so, take about 7 to 10 grams. abides to the Dutch law and we do not sell products that are banned in this country. Magic truffles are a product of nature, so the amount of the active substance (psilocybin) is not exactly the same for every portion. We ship our products to countries in the European Untion. In two blogs we take you through the basics of microdosing Magic Truffles. Delivery was quick and packaging was discreet. This can be so unexpected to the (often inexperienced) user that they get caught in a spiral of negative thinking. On that note, safe and fun tripping! Don’t use truffles if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or under 18 years of age. A: No. Let that be your only glass of alcohol! We highly advise against freezing your magic truffles, because it loses a lot of potency and consistency. This means you can order all of the magic truffles that you want to use to your heart’s content! Magic Truffles or Sclerotium are psilocybin fungus grown underground and share the same effects/ingredients as magic mushrooms. We recently created a new online shopping system, and realize it could cause some confusion for shoppers who created an account in the old system.


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