m1941 johnson rifle serial numbers
There are a few gouges on the left side of the forearm and left side of the stock. the inner mechanism from dust and the elements. 1,000 M1941 rifles were produced for Chile in 7mm Mauser. We have not fired this rifle. Could this be a Sniper Rifle or did someone make a custom scope mount to fit this rifle’s receiver? anyone know?

In order to fill such a large order a new manufacturing facility would be needed. .30-06 Semi-Auto / ‘Johnson Automatics’ / Model of 1941 / Made In Providence R.I. U.S.A. / B1818”. Johnson had several prototypes that all shared a similar recoil operated action. We have not fired this rifle. The exposed portion of the barrel also caused some concern. Mine needs a front sight,pins for the front sight and bayonet lug, front sling swivel pin and front magazine pin. The serial marking is ‘S-3’ and nothing else. It was not accepted and the Marines adopted the standard M1 Carbine. .30-06 Semi-Auto / ‘Johnson Automatics’ / Model of 1941 / Made In Providence R.I. U.S.A. / B1818”. The markings are crisp. Dear Socialists: I have no money for you. The M1941 competed unsuccessfully with the U.S. M1 Rifle. The top of the frame is marked with the patent numbers and “And Others U.S. And Foreign / Pats. concerning Johnson Automatics., such as product leaflets, half-size cutaway The belt loop on the scabbard is only about an inch wide. Cocking Handle is

The company sporterized many of the Johnsons and sold them as hunting rifles. the reason I ask is that some rare pieces lately are being reproduced, and whoever is doing the work did their homework. "W" Names You might consider getting it valued before selling it. At its rear is the locking bushing.The Love this stuff.

The metal is exceptionally good on this rifle. metal part not parkerized is the bolt which has a polished steel finish. And Pats. Wood also nice. Pictured is an original "tent peg" M1941 bayonet, with a repro scabbard. There is some wear on the left side of the barrel and frosting on the upper tang. Johnsons were produced from 1941 to 1944, with the year indicated by a letter prefix to the serial number. I am trying to learn all I can about the 1941 Johnson. Secondly, Mine has been repaired at the rear of the receiver on the left side. Although many of the parts on the M1941 Johnson rifles are numbered, an “all matching rifle” is quite a rarity. It’s a 4 digit serial number with no letter prefix and no bolt hold open. The first block of serial numbers of the rifles ascends up to 9,999.

Subsequent number blocks begin with a letter A or B prefix. The Cranston arms mark has definitely not been refinished over, nor have the markings on the top of the frame. So, there's about a 3% chance that any particular M1941 saw service with the US Marine Corps. "K" Names When I bought it the barrel was replaced the rear stock was just a piece of walnut. Barrel Unit contains the bayonet lug and frontsight. There are no other markings that I can see. The bayonet was extremely light at .35 pounds and had a triangular 8” blade. This rifle was seriously considered by the U.S. Army and Marine Corps as an alternative to the M1 Garand Rifle in 1941.

to the barrel by two cross-pins and is situated 3 1/2 inches from the muzzle. you have to lift the knob twenty degrees before pulling back. The M1941 was ordered by the Netherlands for issue to the KNIL in the Dutch East Indies, but only 1,999 rifles were shipped to the Dutch East Indies before the Japanese invaded. I’m wondering what the two tiny little screws are in the side of the barrel behind the bushing on the left are for? The bayonet has nearly all of its original gray parked finish, the same as the rifle. contract rifles. The screw heads are just a bit marked. "V" Names This is where the M1941 designation came from – it was the Dutch model name. The safety catch is located at Most USMC rifles apparently had distinctive modifications done to the sights by USMC armorers. "N" Names The Johnson rifles used by the Paramarines can sometimes be identified by the front sight protection ears, which were often filed down.


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