lunar motorhomes reviews
As an engineer and into DIY this has not been a problem but on a new van unacceptable. Even if there are no new models manufactured by the company, you will still come across a multitude of used caravans bearing the Lunar branding. © 2020 Trustpilot A/S. The outside access also gives very useful access to additional under-floor storage in the void of the double skin floor. All rights reserved. Stay away reporting to trading standards £34,000. I'm so happy best news this year. If they want to get their name back after being bankrupt the company must try harder and not treat former recent purchasers as nobodies who do not matter!!. Lexon, Lunar's mid-priced range, has undergone a lot of detail change for 2018. Read Full Review, " : Home Here at Practical Motorhome we want to make sure you get a great deal on your next vehicle, so we’ve teamed up with selected partners to bring you hand-picked product information from a relevant supplier. There’s no externally accessed storage, so your mains cables, ramps and other grimy items will need to be stowed inside. They couldn’t even do that for us. " " And when they don’t line up the pop open at the speed of sound and sharp heavy metal handles cause some serious damage as they land on your feet - a serious health hazard and the cause of many injuries which take the overall experience from 9/10 to 1/10 - imagine going to a 5* hotel and leaving injured due to incredibly badly designed furniture - You would not return. Company bought out of administration by Lunar automotive which (not surprisingly) declined to accept responsibility for the earlier payment and non delivery. The double skin flooring whilst problematical in some circumstances ( see above ) is great insulation in cold conditions. With the best range of second hand Lunar motorhomes across the UK, find the right motorhome for you. Purchased a lunar 574 quasar brand new from Robinson’s of chesterfield just before the company (lunar) went into administration last year. Customer service kept promising delivery "soon" then "next week". A quick scan over the talk about Lunar Caravans in various forums and other places online though, may put you off investing in one of their highly regarded tourers. 29-02-2016 VS_Admin (Colonial) Rating Thread / Thread Starter: Last Post … The gas bottle locker will take a 6kg and a 13kg bottle although in practice it is more likely that two 6kg bottles would be carried. This can be more of a problem if, as happened to us, the leak arises in a joint hidden within the double skin flooring. That’s right, the same year the first ever manned moon landing. Sarah Wakely, Editor, Practical Motorhome. As long as a caravan falls within your budget, meets your needs and is in safe working and habitable condition, you will have a wonderful experience caravanning with a Lunar. Bought our alaria from Campbells of Preston. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The dinette beds are fine – a single and a double that are comparable in soze with most rivals – but the overcab bed is let down by having poor headroom. Good value Nicely finished Well specced Supportive seats, Limited kitchen work area There are no external storage areas It feels basic. Generally, if well executed, the end-corner washroom layout opens up the opportunity for five berths – but the Lunar’s layout is compromised.


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