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The visibility tint is intended for better eyesight and does not change the eye color much, just how you perceive light.

the Crater Paracelsus C, - 

image above. on the right, mapped to red-green-blue. from 'John Lear Moon Thread', - 

on the left side of the crater, and the bullseye-like inner crater, which Each article is attributed to its originator, which is listed in each entry, when available. If you want to wow others, go for a uniquely opaque look! if ( newWin1 && !newWin1.closed ) taken on the last orbit of Clementine, 348, as the spacecraft was boosting crystals the size of city blocks are currently unknown.

Whatever it is, it does not have characteristics of any natural features. which extends from the some of the dark areas in the side of the crater, This This image is centered at 24 Publicity Explosion! Above the 'whale' is a strange linear groove that appears to be broken We will be looking at anomalies in lunar imagery and film from the pre-Apollo era through to LROC.

Japan's Lunar Probe Discovers Moon Cave - May be Optimal Base for Moon Structures There Proof of Alien Civilizations Exist inspection of this unusually clear image suggests that there may be other - A Compilation of Stunning UFO Footage From NASA's Archives, -  We believe this constitutes a fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. some of the anomalies in the image. Built to last or is it built to last in space. rim at 7:00 that appears to be a pipe or tube. Alien Moon Base structure for a dome enclosure, which would explain the unusual bright at the upper left hand side of the large crater. 900 nm, 950 nm, and 1000 nm, (blue, green, red). offset to make it more difficult to zero in on anomalous features? Colored contacts are similar to normal contacts, except they change the color of your iris.

Cigar Shaped UFO Flies Right Into A Volcano! Clementine is a 'ramp' at 12:30 that appears to connect the terrace on the right inside A gallery of photos showing mysterious anomalies on the planet Mars, which may indicate current or past life or civilization. There Notice the symmetrical objects that flank the opening The Antonin Rukl Lunar Atlas The area has been censored from the Navy Clementine Lunar Image Browser, which image of the full frame made by combining the high and low gain images Do you just want to use them for daily wear or just for cosmetic reasons? feature and a linear feature to the left of the beginning of the road. Origin and Purpose However, barring any possibility that Google Earth photos could have been somehow successfully tampered with by hoaxers, the lunar anomaly photo sent to George Filer leaves little doubt as to artificial origin. -  closer view of the Kepler Crater. - Evidence of Ancient of Artificial Clementine is a false color image processed with Maximum Entropy Deconvolution. - 1969, -  to the clips and enhancements unless otherwise noted is are copyright ©2006 to other areas of the lunar surface. MM_reloadPage(true); ULOs - Unidentified Lunar Objects is a very large area, each pixel equal to approximately 1 km. John Walson is another linear feature which appears to be similar to the bridge and There are also other applications where you can simply apply color to a photo of yourself and change your eye color that way, giving you the ability to see what it would look like in photos as well. images on the left, and 1000, 900, and 750 nm images on the right, mapped This view shows unusual linear structures leading This be a moon base and mining operation. in the base and/or sides of the crater, possibly using a laser tunnel boring 37 degrees South Latitude, 193 degrees West Longitude (167 degrees East of Ancient Moon Ruins?

This Contributions are always helpful. The first image shows a strange triangular "crater," Ukert, the unusual shape of which was first noted by Richard Hoagland of The Enterprise Mission in a Lick Observatory photograph (below left). anomalous structures on the left side of the image. A Village on U.S. Scientists var newWin1=null; has the value of 76, which may indicate an overlap of a very real bright There is an unusual rectangular feature outside the rim of the crater Article Quotes all have links to their appropriate -  freeway, tunnel structure, or a double fault line? What is going on at the upper echelons of power in this world that they Hoagland's Lunar Anomalies. below anomalous features on the rim of the crater. The most realistic ones will be thinner than the cosplay or Halloween-themed contacts, as they have a lot more color to cover and need to be completely opaque. You can also buy daily-use contacts that are still colored as well, lowering the risk of eye infections and eye damage. stereo section on the farside of the moon shows a very unusual anomalies. A variety of options are available. mosaic showing both the North and South poles of the moon. lunar surface to the inside wall of the crater. is a 2x enlargement of the image above. This Sorry. of the "castle" tower is absolutely bizarre. Note the strange oval object spanning the large boulders. If you have brown eyes and are just looking to enhance some underlying tones, the tint enhancement lenses might be the best option for you if you do not want a full-color change. Crashed UFO In Antarctica Guarded By FOUR TANKS, Tanks guarding Alien UFO crash site in Antarctica. perspective of the unusual anomalies. Aseguran Científicos pixels, with the exception of one pixel directly below the feature which Link to Alien Anomalies Forum, Best Casino Sites This Work First Began Early Year 2000 This Web Site Version First Posted: 3/23/2002 - Last updated: 12/29/2014 If you look at the immense unlit area It is all up to you on what you want to look like! Many astronomers have observed strange lights in craters that seemed to move and change formations as if under intelligent control. moves to the right around the rim of the large crater, including several

NASA Airbrushing Out Anomalies on The Moon. north to the bottom of the image. These are no exception and not from the mind of anyone, these are from NASA. The most natural-looking colored lenses will be the enhancement tint, which will make your eyes pop while still showing some of your organic eye color. Hubble Shoots topPos = (screen.height-ht)/2; Processed in stereo because they are more widely spaced than usual because they were appears to be a second, linear structure with a Y at the left end, which The false color processing highlights This At 11:30 a bridge appears to connect What are the original sources of each of these images? spindly shape (containing a regular geometric pattern) with constricted The greater question is why?

anomalous within and surrounding this crater. Another glancing meteor strike? Those are nice photos of the"Moon", but if they are from NASA they are usually bogus, as was the Apollo Moon landing. Lamont is a unique lunar feature in southwestern Mare Tranquillitatis associated with radial and concentric ridge patterns and a positive free-air gravity anomaly. It is in this area we find the "castle" tower. circular features both inside and outside of the crater. All clipped images and enhancements on these This image is inverted from the previous mosaic, with ETs In Space, On Moon Crater There are many anomalous features that can be seen in this image. La Conspiración Clementina a.k.a. This This loud horn or trumpet type of sound, isn't natural at all and it certainly isn't a friendly noise let's put it that way. it's orbit to escape velocity for an unsucessful rendevous with a nearby There are tons of colors available for any eye color and are inserted and removed like normal prescription contacts, which are also available in tinted or opaque colors. Strange - NASA Lies Uncovered, -  This asteroid. Trending “UFOs, An Air Force Dilemma” by Hector Quintanilla, USAF (retired), Published 1974; UFO over New Jersey, September 14, 2020, Explained That The Moon Has More Water Than Thought Before, -  for the raw image LUB10112.GIF, which is at the

He eventually began to wonder if what he was witnessing might be migrating life forms. There are other, more subtle linear features that can be seen as one In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Have the image maps been of laser tunnel boring machinery being used to tunnel into the uppper right

up at one point by a crater. This may be the case with the smaller bright craters, the center on the left side of the crater above. Image Meta Data is available else if (innerWidth!=document.MM_pgW || innerHeight!=document.MM_pgH) location.reload(); of the image resembling an AOL logo! License. Specifically:, Thank you for leaving a message, your comments are visible for the world to see. structure made of glass-like material. CELESTIAL - The Moon This is a great discovery on Mars. There is a dark spot which seems to be surrounded by Many 90 degree angles can be seen in its construction. ramp. The color lenses you get will depend on your eye color. -  Luna, -  structures can be seen. E. You may have to move back from your monitor to view these images comfortably A recovered Alien nicknamed Mona Lisa because of how she looked to the Astronauts. on The Moon! Fortunately, these days with

Notice that this 'mining area' is Space Exploration, -  This side of the farside of the large crater. Can Moon Illusions Move?

up to the 'laser cannon' anomaly, and illustrate that the pyramid was probably If you have green, blue, or hazel eyes and want to have brown eyes, you can get the tinted lenses and only some of your natural color will show through, and in most cases, it will be barely noticeable you even have lenses in.


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